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I am a newbe inde blockchain dev. Discovered Bitcoin in early 2017. A love nature and technology

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How to Cheaply, Easily, & Quickly Send Blockchain Love to No-coiner Family & Friends

25 Aug 2020 BlockchainAuthor

27 August 2020
Hi, Dolphin Incoming! hehe To beginning, I started getting more into NFTs and blockchain games winter 2018. I don't have the biggest bags so I started smoothly with Axie inifinity. I also played a bit of prospector on EOS and WAX :) At the moment my collection is just starting to look like one, with a couple more unique NFTs there. If I get a KOG, since Pog is very much of my generation ;) I'm from the 90s I'd most likely keep it, see how the game evolve. Get more or Keep as a collectible until second edition come out. Thank you for this nice write up! Regards

LoK - BurgerLand - Terms & Conditions

16 Jul 2020 Burger

31 July 2020
Nice move! I love the burger theme, yummy ;)

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The ALTING partake!

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As the wanderer gets at ease in the Great Hall, an ale in his hand...   Dear LOKers! The North has an announcement for all. We, the Northern Sagas, presents to you our growth faction, whom will be named [GoLF] Northern Skola and WE ARE PLEASED of im...

LoK - [GHUB] BurgerLand dividends update - Day 50

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Beloved [GHUB]BurgerLand Kings and Queens, Regarding transparancy of Burgerland Crypto Dividends, regular updates about DAI total and RSS total will be given on this blog. BurgerLands is the first play 2 earn initiative of $Burger [BRGR] - read more...

How to Cheaply, Easily, & Quickly Send Blockchain Love to No-coiner Family & Friends

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WAX Makes it as Intuitive and Simple as Sending an Email Spreading love is so easy Because you’re reading this on P-0x, you’re already a collector of cryptocurrencies. At the time of publication, the site pays all active members in $BAT, $ETH, and $...

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$Burger is an innovative community token with play 2 earn gaming at the forefront. Currently backed by the first project BurgerLands, dividend-earning digital lands in the League of Kingdoms game (LoK) that are actively being maintained and developed...

Financial sovereignty in the New World Order: Now is your last chance.

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Dear readers, In this article, I will make a case as to why Bitcoin is now your last chance to opt-out of the broken crony capitalism system that you are stuck in since birth. Prior to reading my article and my analysis of the upcoming new world orde...

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The crypto community had high hopes for a third bitcoin halving, which, according to some experts, was supposed to raise the price of bitcoin above $ 10,000. But this did not happen. Immediately after dividing in two, the BTC rolled back and is now t...

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