Interested in development and in particular finding great use cases for blockchain technology. I'm an early ambassador to projects like BRAVE browser and the BAT token, Electroneum mobile miner, and Publisher0x. ETN Referral Code: D7CACF Pi: mattydevine

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BlockFi - Different strategies used to negate risk

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As I continue to associate more BTC holdings into my BlockFi interest account(BIA) I decided to delve a little deeper into how they negate some of the risk in their business model. For those new to the BlockFi platform the primary business model is o...

BlockFi - my first month with a Bitcoin interest earning acount

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Perhaps some of you have seen the BlockFi advertisement being promoted through the Brave Browser recently. I was curious and I wanted to share my experience after signing up in December of 2019. In December when I signed up, BlockFi offered interest...

Electroneum - Anytask (beta update) A Freelance Economy Powered by ETN Coming Q1 2020

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  Launching soon - January, 2020*   Electroneum are nearly set to Launch The freelance economy platform is nearly out of the beta stage and is set to launch Q1 January. Electroneum's PR Manager - Olivier Acuña, has been responding to mu...

Electroneum - Free cryptocoins from the cloud Electroneum mobile miner (ios, android)

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Electroneum have a cloud based mobile miner for iOS and Android available now. Mobile Mining is simulated on your phone and actually done in the cloud. No CPU power or battery from your phone are consumed. Sign in once every 7 days to extend the mine...