1 Year of Crypto Faucet - This Is How Much I Made

Hello crypto faucet aficionados!


Here we are, one full year of crypto faucet. Twelve months ago I embarked on my journey to stacking as many sats as possible coming from "free" sources. In September 2020, I started with the goal to reach One Million Satoshi. I thought this would last me for a while but less than two months later I reached that milestone, much faster than anticipated.

I decided then to raise the barre, way higher! I set a 1,000x bigger goal with One Billion Satoshi. I knew this new goal would keep me busy for much longer (forever?). I'll probably never reach that goal at all, and with Bitcoin rising from $10,000 to $60,000 between October and April, stacking sats just got 6x harder. This is not so much about the goal itself but more about the journey and the "keep stacking sats" mindset. In that regard, I'm very happy with where this took me.


I was not sure if I would be still grinding sats after 1 year, or if I would get bored, or if the rise and fall of Bitcoin price would affect my morale. The truth is, I stacked harder as months passed! I got better at it and the big correction of the crypto market from May to August was actually an additional motivation to stack even more.

Enough talking, let's take a look at the numbers.


One Year In Numbers

Let's get right to it, after a year of stacking sats on crypto faucets, I earned $1,563.81 or 4.96M Satoshi.

You may have seen a slightly larger numbers on my Tweeter feeds - 5.54M sats as of September 7th - that's because this number includes non-faucet earnings such as Coinbase "free coins" for learning about XYZ crypto which convert to BTC right away.

As anticipated at the beginning of this journey, these 4.96M sats are worth more now than the $1,563.81 at time of collection. As of September 7th, the sats I earned are worth about $2,330. That's a just shy of a 50% value increase of the value.

I earned these using Cointiply, Coinpot (not active anymore), FireFaucet and SatoshiHero. Cointiply is by far the faucet I used and use the most.


Other key/interesting numbers:

  • $1,295.59 were earned with Cointiply while $182.45 were earned on Coinpot and $82.77 were earned between FireFaucet and SatoshiHero.
  • I collected my first 50,970 sats on September 20th, 2020 on Cointiply. Bitcoin was valued at $10,800. These $5,50 I earned back then are now worth close to 5x more. I'm still betting they will be worth 20x more in a not-so-distant future.
  • Through this past year I stacked sats at an average price of $30,597/Bitcoin.
  • My "most expensive withdraw" was made in mid-April, I withdrew 35,008 sats when Bitcoin was worth $63,814.
  • I only earned $29.96 for my first month. This past July, my best month, I earned $251.45 partially thanks to the big eToro offer I completed that month.
  • On average, I earned $129 per month (not counting this ongoing September) from the different crypto faucets I used.

A few graphs to illustrate these past 12 months:

My monthly income in $. You can see the progression from under $50 in September 2020 to ~$200 this summer. That trend reflects my progression on Cointiply with the availability of more consumable and equippable boost items. In April 2020, Playtime was also released on Cointiply and clearly boost my earnings. 


Similar to the graph above, my monthly income in Satoshi. As Bitcoin was "cheaper" the first part of this past year, I stacked more sats although the $ amount was lower. In the end I just want to satck as many sats as possible, never mind the $ value. I actually pushed to stack even more when the $30,000 correction occurred in May.


Last graph, the aggregated $ and sats gains over these pat 12 months.


Overall, the stream of sats and $ was constant. No secret, it was directly proportionate to the amount of time I spent on faucets, mostly completing surveys since this is where the money is.

Let's reflect now on the different eras and faucets used this past year...


The Coinpot Era

Along side Cointiply, Coinpot was the first crypto faucet I landed on. The site was simple and effective with a great reward program. In retrospect Coinpot was probably easier to use than Cointiply. Although payments were slow at time I never had any issues, even during the stressful period surrounding Coinpot's end.


Coinpot had 7 associated faucets, collecting in BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH and Doge. Each faucet could be claimed as often as every 5 minutes and each claim also rewarded you with a certain amount of Coinpot Tokens. All of which could be exchanged for your crypto of choice at will. There was no downtime with Coinpot!

A key feature of Coinpot was its VIP Reward program, offering high double-digit yearly interests on your Coinpot Token stash. In November 2020 I made it a goal to reach Gold Reward Level. Once the level reached the plan was to capitalize on the high interests rates and added perks. That was a solid long term plan and Bitcoin price was beating record high every week in that time period. Every was working great, until the unexpected happened.


You can't make the story up. In January, 3 weeks after I reached Gold Level Coinpot announced that they were going to shut down their activities definitively! Every one had one month to convert and withdraw everything. What a bummer! Luckily, and with the price of Bitcoin soaring passed $40,000 for the first time, I was able to take advantage of surveys paying high and in Satoshi before Coinpot shut down for good.

I really wished Coinpot was still around. Before leaving, Coinpot creators mentioned that they might be back with something else, I guess we have to wait and see.


FireFaucet & SatoshiHero On The Side

Before reviewing Cointiply, let's talked about FireFaucet and SatoshiHero. After Coinpot shut down, I was looking for another faucet to supplement what I was doing with Cointiply. There are plenty of other crypto faucets out there, almost always providing the same things, only different in the crypto payouts thye offer.



I read a couple of positive reviews and decided to get on with FireFaucet in January 2021. This faucet is slick, effective and offer you to earn in no less than 12 crypto nowadays. I wrote a guide for FireFaucet should you be interested in knowing more and joining.


To the exception of a little push I made initially and during my "FireFaucet only day" FireFaucet is only living in the shadow of my activities on Cointiply. At time of writing, I have only earned $67.5 with FireFaucet. At the moment I limit my daily routine with FireFaucet to claiming the daily bonus, a few faucets here and there, and completing enough surveys to earn 3,000 ACP and claim the 3 survey daily task bonuses. Most of the time, using TheoremReach and getting disqualified once or twice from big surveys is enough to reach 3,000 ACP and pocket 700 additional ACP and $0.013.


In the end, as I demonstrated in my Cointiply-FireFaucet head-to-head comparison article, Cointiply has a clear advantage in terms of hourly earnings. Unless they revamp their fidelity/reward system FireFaucet is likely to keep being a secondary faucet for the foreseeable future.



SatoshiHero is the second faucet is tried soon after Coinpot went down. This faucet has nothing special to offer when compared to Cointiply and FireFaucet, not loyalty or fidelity rewards, no extra bonuses, only one crypto supported (Bitcoin), just a simple faucet and the typical offers/surveys you find everywhere. But SatoshiHero has nonetheless one advantage worth considering - all earnings are directly payed Bitcoin, no $ or points. This little difference means that you never miss out on Bitcoin price action, especially in this 2020-2021 overall bull market.


I did a few surveys back in April, when Bitcoin price was at his highest and when I wrote my review of SatoshiHero. Earning sats from surveys is more advantageous when Bitcoin is ~$50-60k than at $30k. Now that Bitcoin is coming back to its all time high (and will probably rise higher in the coming months) I will certainly reconsider this faucet. At $60k/BTC, a 1,000 sats survey is worth a 6,000 coins survey on Cointiply. If BTC moves even higher, in the $100k/BTC, completing surveys on SatoshiHero might become the best thing to do, providing survey rewards don't adjust of course. I only made one withdraw of 30,000 sats so far.

As for now, I'm only claiming the faucet a few times a day. Although SatoshiHero faucet pays rather well (and pays even better with a higher Bitcoin price) this is not much, but it doesn't hurt to keep stacking something that appreciates in value as time goes.


Cointiply For The Win!

Cointiply was the first crypto faucet I joined and is still my uncontested front runner. It started slowly a year ago but I ground it to the top a year later. In 12 months I earned almost $1.3k or about 426,000 Satoshi. These sats are now worth over $2,000. It doesn't seem much but it's only a beginning. As stated at the beginning of this journey I'm banking on Bitcoin reaching $1M in a near future. At this value, the sats I earned here would be worth over $42k. For a few hours per weeks of completing surveys? Yes man!



Here is a quick factual and number summary of my past year with Cointiply:

1) I reached level 71 (in about 3 months, it can be done much faster) and unlocked all the slots for equippable and consumable items, offering more ways to boost my earnings. I frequently use boost items and it really makes a difference when I go on a survey rampage, use Playtime or redeem a large amount of Hideout.tv points. At that level or higher, it means I can enjoy maximum earnings at all time. With a +35% boost on and a good survey run, making $8-$12 per hour is well within reason.

2) I tried most, if not all, features to earn coins. I tried them all and I always come back to surveys as the best way to stack sats when all is said and done. One-time offers, such the as the eToro offer for $82, can pay big and Playtime is a must to boost your overall earnings, but nothing beat the consistency of good old (boring) surveys. I detailed everything in "A Comprehensive Guide To Cointiply - All You Need To Know To Maximize Your Earnings".

3) I finished 1st of the daily leaderboard, once. Not surprisingly that was when I completed the eToro offer and pocketed over 82k Cointipoints in the process. Unfortunately the daily leaderboard only rewards the top 10 finishers and it's virtually impossible to get in without completing at least one big featured offers, and the coin rewards are actually not even great anyway.

4) I'm currently level 90, I made it in just about 12 months. After level 71 there's nothing else to unlock, at least at the moment. Increasing your levels is only a reflection of how much you've earned on Cointiply. With this I also entered the top 100 all-time earners a few weeks ago. This is only an honorific ranking as there's no reward or "VIP status" associated with the all-time ranking. Maybe something to change here?

5) I have bought hundreds of pods, got 3x that amount of boost items and probably opened over 100 of rare items. Sadly, I never got a Retscan (the +4% equippable item). I got several copies of other rare items but I never got the holy grail of equippable items. Disappointing. 

6) I have made 59 withdraws over these past 12 months with Cointiply, usually every $15-20 I earned. I never had any issue and my sats where transferred to my wallet within 24h or faster in almost all instances.


Overall Cointiply continues to be my crypto faucet of choice. High paying offers and earning boosts simply make Cointiply the uncontested leader of the crypto faucets in my humble opinion. Cointiply updates itself quiet regularly with new offers, features, seasonal specials, contests, rewards and new crypto supported! Sure it's grinding pennies and it takes time and hard work but after a year of "experimenting" with Cointiply it really was a success for me. Strong of my experience, I wrote dozens of articles about Cointiply punctuated with, I believe, one of the most thorough guide out there.


What's Next?

Many things happened during my first year in the crypto faucet world. For once, I stuck to it and kept stacking day after day, week after week for 12 months straight. I'm to a point where I can extract the most value from my faucets, Cointiply first and foremost, and I know them inside out. My gains were very minimal at the beginning, but I'm easily earning 2-3x more now.

So what new goals can I set for myself, beside stacking more sats?



One Billion Satoshi...

I'll start with a goal I (re)set for myself when I started this journey - earning 1 billion Satoshi! OK, I'm not going to reach this anytime soon, especially with Bitcoin price action. Still, because it's almost an unfeasible goal it will keep me going for years and years, and that's the point!

I see Bitcoin hitting $1,000,000 in a not-so-distant future. At that price tag, what I earned this year will be worth ~$42k. If I can stack about the same amount year after year, when Bitcoin hits $1M I'll probably be sitting on close to $0.5M! That put things in perspective.

Can make it to 1 full Bitcoin? Even that is likely to take forever only grinding crypto faucets. Nevertheless that sounds like an exciting challenge to me!


Level 100 On Cointiply

This is more for the fun of it and just to be at the very top of Cointiply all-time earners. I took me about a year to reach level 90, some get there faster, many give up long before. I just kept going, I believe in the long-term goal. If you check the all-time leaderboard only 15 users made it to level 100 and above. It really takes commitment, and grinding a lot of surveys! I just want to put my name up there, and retire :)

As judged by the amount of Cointipoints needed to reach level 100, this means I would have made almost $3k at that point. So maybe same time next year I'll be celebrating this achievement. 


A Full Day Of Crypto Faucets

I have been wanting to try that one for a while now. How much could I make if I spend a full day stacking sats from crypto faucets? By full day I mean 6-8h at least of doing just that. Using all the features available - surveys (a lots of), Playtime, videos, multitasking and "multi-devicing". Although the action would likely mostly happen on Cointiply, I also imagine jumping from one faucet to another as the availability of high paying surveys fluctuate.

I haven't had the chance to do that since I also have a family life, and I can't justify taking a day off (a weekend day most likely) just for "fauceting". But if the opportunity presents itself, I definitely want to give this a shot, just to see how much can be made in an entire day on a crypto faucet. I want to see how much can be made using all features of Cointiply all the time and what being on continuous boosts can do. I really curious to see how much can be made this way in one day!


More Articles

I wrote 50 articles about my journey this past year, mostly describing the ins and outs of the faucets I was exploring. As time goes there's less to discover and try, at least on the faucets I'm currently using. But there's always new updates and challenges that come up. I might be less frequent that it was these past 12 months but I still want to wrote and share my experience. It's never too late, or too early, to start stacking sats!


In conclusion, it was a great experience for me. Simply for the fact that I stuck to it for so long, I'm happy about that simple fact. The $ amount made is unsurprisingly small but for alternative to playing video games I'm very satisfied with it. This $ amount already grew and will keep growing I'm sure.

As for now, when I account for all the sats I collected this year (not just faucets) I earned a little bit over 5.6M Satoshi. Inching closer to 10B everyday.



Thank you for reading and following!




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One Billion Satoshi
One Billion Satoshi

One Million Satoshi was just the first step, and it happened rather quickly. I'm raising the barre by a lot now, I'm going after one billion Satoshi, or 10 Bitcoin (!), by only collecting "free" Satoshi. Follow my journey as I share my experience, tips and tricks I learn along the way. How long will it take me until I stack One Billion Satoshi?

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