Cointiply Cointivity - Boost Your Earnings!

Cointiply Cointivity - Boost Your Earnings!

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No doubt Cointiply is one of the best faucet website out there. Claiming the faucet is only scratching the surface of the iceberg, there's so much more you can do on Cointiply. If you are serious about stacking Satoshi through faucet websites however, surveys is where the money is.

Cointiply not only offers a wide variety of surveys from several providers but also a built in feature to substantially increase your survey earnings. This feature is Cointivity. But just how Cointivity works? And what can you expect from it? Cointivity, Cointipoints, levels, all connect here. Hopefully this little guide here can shed some light and multiply your survey earnings.


Your Cointivity Profile

On your Cointiply home page, you'll find your Cointivity profile at the top of the menu list on left side of the page. Once you click on that menu, you'll see a few selections appearing (Inventory & Pods, etc...) and your full Cointivity profile will be displayed on the right.

coin profile

You Cointivity profile, which should look like this (below), displays a mix of information about your Cointiply/Cointivity level, your daily and overall rank, as well as a lot of information regarding your boost options to increase your earnings. Let's dissect this a little bit.


  • 1. The current level (67 in my case here) and the number of Cointipoints (more on that just below) you need to reach the next level.
  • 2. The current Cointipoints balance. Here I have 4,495.1 Cointipoints left, out of 112,535 I had accumulated.
  • 3. The Ranks. The daily rank is used for the top earners of the day. The overall rank is the forever rank. You can get rewards if your finish at the very top of the daily ranking. You can click on "View Cointivity Leaderboard" (just above) to see more details. The top daily spots are always trusted by users finishing big offers (reaching a certain level of games, etc...). You have virtually no chances of finishing in the top 10 by only doing surveys and standard offers, even if you spend all day doing so. The coin rewards are not extraordinary anyway, they should be more distributed with lower ranks in my opinion.
  • 4. The total active consumable boosts. These boosts are not permanent, you see what is active at the moment (nothing in my case here).
  • 5. The total active permanent boosts, or equipped items boost. These boosts are always active, I have +9% at the moment (the max would be 4x4=16%).
  • 6. The current cumulative boosts, total of consumable and equipped items boost.
  • 7. The amount of extra coins earned thanks to your boosts today. At the end of each day you should see that amount being "deposited" in your Cointiply account (you can check that in your activity feed).
  • 8. The equipped items section. Each slots is unlocked at a different level. The 4th and last slot opens at level 71. For that reason, the level 71 is the highest level you really want to reach. Above that, I'm not aware of any additional benefits. The bonus granted by the equipped items last forever or until you change/discard them. Only one rare equipped item gives +4%, making +16% the max boost you can accumulate from equipped items.
  • 9. The consumable items section. You can use up to 8 consumable items at the same time. You need to reach level 67 to unlock the 8th slot. The benefits offer by consumable items vary a lot. Items give a boost from +1% to 7% and the boost lasts from 1h to 90h. The consumable items giving the most benefits are obtain by completing collections (see below).


The Cointipoints

Cointipoints are earned as you earn Cointiply coins. While the coins have a $, and ultimately a BTC or DOGE value, the Cointipoints only exist for Cointivity (as far as I know). 10 Coins = 1 Cointipoints. Every time you earn coins you immediately earn the equivalent in Cointipoints. So what are they good for?

As far as I can tell they only have one utility: buying pods. Although your earn them at the same time, they are two distinct "coin pots". Spending your coins, in the form of a withdraw or by donating to the Rain Pool, won't affect your stash of Cointipoints. Buying pods with your Cointipoints won't affect your amount of coins.


The Pods

Buying pods is the only way to acquired items. They are 3 types of pods, Common pods, Uncommon pods and Rare pods to chose from. Depending on the pods you buy you have different odds of obtaining common, uncommon and rare items. You always get 3 items per pods.


Common pods cost 1,000 coins or 2,250 Cointipoints. Odds to find items: 89% Common, 10% Uncommon and 1% Rare.

Uncommon pods cost 5,000 coins or 5,000 Cointipoints. Odds to find items: 67% Common, 28% Uncommon and 5% Rare.

Rare pods cost 10,000 or 9,000 Cointipoints. Odds to find items: 45% Common, 45% Common and 10% Rare.

These differential values for each pods threw me off at first, and I didn't know using Cointipoints was different from using your coins. With 10 coins = 1 Cointipoints, you can see that the value proposition varies with the rarity of the pods. It's more cost-effective to buy Common pods with coins and it's "better" to spend Cointipoints on Rare pods. It doesn't make any difference for Uncommon pods.

To purchase a pod, click on the pink button "BUY NOW" with the currency you want to use. A little animation will reveal the items your pod.

You get 3 items per pod, but just how often do you get equippable vs consumable items? Good question! I don't know if they are official odds out there, but in my experience I get 1 equippable item every 3 to 5 pods - every ~12 items you get, 1 is an equippable item.

What type of pods should you buy and how to get your inventory started is discussed below.


Equippable and Consumable Items

Whether they are in your collection or equipped, equippable items never expire. When equipped, they will boost your earnings at all time. Sounds obvious but you should always equipped the best equippable items you have in your inventory. Click the little lightning grey button on the top left corner of the item and confirm you want to use/equip it. When/if you buy a better equippable item, click on the "X" (top right) of the equipped item you want to release, then equip with a new one. It will cost 10 Cointipoints to remove an equipped item.

Consumable items can only be used once and for all. To use consumable items, click on the "+" button and confirm you want to use it. Consumable items have different time span. Make sure that once activated you'll make the most out of it.

You entire inventory of equippable, consumable and collection items is accessible through the "Inventory & Pods" menu in your Cointivity profile.




Collections add a little spice to the game. All collections are composed of 5 items, only consumable items I believe. The items that belongs to a collection have a special pink tag "Belongs to Collection".

All individual items of collection have their own benefits like any other consumable items. However once you have the 5 items of any given collection, you can now have access to a special consumable item with unmatched benefits - the boost reward is very high and/or the boost lasts much longer, up to 90 hours! One collection gives you access to a very special item allowing you to skip a day and still retain your faucet loyalty bonus. 

You can see your in progress collections in the "Collections" menu of your Cointivity Profile. Below is an example of what I currently have. As you get items for collections, your collections are automatically updated.


Very recently I was able to assemble my first collection. Here is what it looks like:

collec complete

You have now the choice to lock this collection, which will delete all 5 items from you inventory and replace them with the collection reward item, like that:


In this case, the collection item is a really cool +3% boost over a period of 72h! A perfect item to use for a long weekend you know you will be able to put several hours of surveys across multiple days.


Guideline For Buying & Using The Items

Now that you know more about the ins and outs of Cointivity and boost items, what to do with them? What is the best strategy? Should you buy Common Pods or Rare pods? Spending thousands and thousands of coins to buy pods may seem like a waste of coins. It may take up to 20,000 coins to find your first 2 or 3 equippable items, only to get a +4-6% boost on your earnings. In the mid- to long-run however, it will make a huge difference. Of course if you are not into surveys at all, you can stop here. But even if you only do a handful of surveys per week it will be worth it.

As far as I'm concerned, I usually grind 100,000 to 150,000 coins worth of surveys every week. A 5% boost earns me 5,000 to 7,500 coins per week. I have been putting that amount of surveys for about 3 months now, and I currently have a +9% boost on surveys. Do the math, at the end of the year we are easily talking about 500,000 coins. And I'm not counting the consumable items I used once in a while... It is clearly worth the investment in my opinion, but just what is the best way to pull it off? Based on my experience, here is what I recommend:

Let's start with the obvious:

1. You want to climb the levels and get to level 71 as fast as possible to unlock the last equippable item slot.
2. You want to fill the equippable item slots as much as possible
3. As much as possible, you want to complete collections.


Common Pods to Start, Rare Pods Later

Rare items tend to be better than Uncommon ones, and Uncommon items tend to be better than Common ones. While you have much better odds at getting Uncommon and Rare items if you buy the Rare pods, you still get 3 items whether you buy a Common or a Rare pod though. With 10,000 coins, you will be much better off buying Common Pods as your start buffing up your equipment.

With 10 Common Pods, you are likely to get 1, if not 2, equippable items. You will start increasing your survey earnings right away. Several common equippable items give a +2% boost, which is a good average boost. You will also get good uncommon items from time to time as well. Finally, you will fill your inventory with consumable and collection items. This is, in my opinion, the best way to start. 

Only recently I have started buying Rare Pods. I was started to max out my slots and possibilities with common and uncommon items, it was time to chase rare items!. But most of all, I had accumulated enough Cointipoints to finally use them, and buying Rare Pods is where you want to use your Cointipoints.

As for Uncommon Pods, I have to admit I never bought one. If you play it strategically, you will need to get a lot of items for cheap at the beginning, which is where Common Pods are good, and you will be looking for rare items in the long run buying Rare Pods.


Buying With Coins or Cointipoints?

It can be tempting to use your Cointipoints as soon as you have enough to buy a pod. But as discussed above, the coins vs Cointipoints value proposition is not the same depending on the type of pods you buy. You Cointipoints are "worth more" if you buy Rare Pods, and have a "lower value" if you buy Common Pods. Buying Common Pods with Cointipoints is a terrible bargain, you use the equivalent of 22,500 coins for a Common Pod. You have to think longer term, keep grinding and be patient.

By the time you get around level 60, you will have a decent set of equippable items, a nice load of consumable/collection items (unless you used them) and a big stash of Cointipoints. At that level you won't be chasing cheap equippable +1-2% items anymore, you will be looking to finely tune you boosts. To get more +3% equippable items, and maybe the holy grail +4% equippable item, you will need to tap into Rare Pods but if possible without cashing out tens of thousands of coins. Using your Cointipoints here will allow you to buy several Rare Pods and give another boost to your earnings. With more uncommon and rare items, you will also start completing collections and get some of the best consumable items out there.


Use Your Consumable Items All at Once

The best way to use your consumable items is to pack as many as possible in the consumable item slots and go do surveys for as many hours as you can. I'm using my consumable items when I know for sure I will have at least ~1h30 uninterrupted for Cointiply surveys. Of course, the more time you have the better. Many good consumable items last 4-6 hours, so if you can jam pack a survey session of 6h, you will pump your bankroll big time!

In my experience, 1h is the minimal to make it worth it. Here is what I mean by that. When I was still in my "equippable item slot filling phase", I was taking advantage of 1h-2h survey sessions to buy 4 or 5 Common Pods, filling up my consumable item slots and went for it! With 7 or 8 consumable items on, you can easily get ~20+% additional earning boost. During my sessions, I'm usually make ~15,000-20,000 coins per hour. With the boost, I'm then make an additional 3,000-5,000 coins. That is just enough cover the cost of the 3-5 Common Pods I bought. So what makes it worth it then? By buying pods you dig a little deeper to try to find better equippable and collection items, you accumulate Cointipoints (kind of doubling your coins to spend on pods in the future), and when you use consumable items that last 10+ hours you can also enjoy a little boost later in the day or the next day.

Here is a screen shot of one of my best recent sessions. With a +31%, pilling up surveys can be very profitable.



Cointivity is a really cool feature of Cointiply that can seriously boost your survey earnings. If you're not into surveys maybe this will persuade you to give it a closer look. If you do surveys regularly, even if just a couple a day, "investing" in pods and equippable items is a must. It pays off right away and will for sure serve your bankroll very well in the long run.

Here is all I know about Cointivity and item boosts. If you have questions or comments feel free to ask!

I you're part of the Cointiply community, come and join the fun! Feel free to use my referral link:


Thanks for reading!





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