Journey to One Million Satoshi

Hi everyone,

Let me start with a statement: I believe that Bitcoin is the future of the transfer of value, and nothing else comes close to it. The stage is now set.



I vaguely heard about Bitcoin in 2012-2013 through a friend. Of course, it sounded no more than a cool magic internet money at the time and, of course, I didn’t try to know anything about it. I didn’t hear about Bitcoin until mid-2017 when the greatest bull run in Bitcoin history (so far) hit. This time around, I paid more attention, read a lot about Bitcoin, and decided to buy a slice of the cake.

Admittedly, I was caught up into the speculation frenzy of that 2017 bull run. A few trades later and as 2018 brought the cryptosphere back to Earth from a very high orbit, my initial crypto investment was luckily almost intact. In the aftermath of January-February 2018 I decided to convert everything I had to Bitcoin and to simply hodl for the foreseeable future. In the past 3 years, I only increased my Bitcoin position 2 or 3 times and didn’t convert a single Satoshi to fiat currencies.

I have a decent and stable day job and I have been long-term saving (retirement, etc…) through conventional channels for years now. Only very recently I finally decided it was time to increase my Bitcoin stash on a monthly basis and practice Dollar Cost Averaging. Because I believe Bitcoin represents such an incredible long-term value proposition, better than most other traditional investment options, I am very comfortable with an horizon of 20 or even 30 years. I have not problem waiting for Bitcoin value to slowly (or not) grow to $100,000 or $1,000,000.

Against all odds, and in the face of countless nay-sayers and other Nobel prize winners, Bitcoin grew from nothing to $10,000 per coin between 2010 and 2020. I think it is very likely, if not ineluctable, that Bitcoin will grow by another x100 in the next ~20 years. Simple. With this perspective in mind, accumulating Bitcoin from faucets and other micro payments options is much more attractive.


Stacking Sats

So OK, I’m saving a small percentage of my monthly income in Bitcoin. Is there anything else I can do to Satck more Sats? With this in mind, I decided about 2 months ago to take a closer look at ways to earn small amounts of Satoshi, notably via Bitcoin faucets. This where my journey to one million Satoshi began.

Earning a few hundreds or even thousands of Satoshi per day really isn’t going to pay bills anytime soon. This could even be considered ridiculous given that, remember, I have a good day job. Why wasting my time for, maybe, $1.00 per day at best? The answer is simple: I see these Satoshi at x100 their current value. I’m regarding this endeavor as spending ~1h of daily leisure time for a $100 voucher redeemable in 20 years only. So maybe it won’t pay bills anytime soon, but I bet it will pay me a Lambo for my retirement – that’s the long-term bet I’m taking.

What does it actually look like on a daily basis? Well, I swapped some of my TV time for surveys on Cointiply. Instead of playing Hearthstone for 30 minutes per day, I click on some PTC adds and do more surveys. I make sure I have my Coinpot Multiplier rolling in the background of my computer every day. I claim my crypto faucets 10-20 times days every time I have 1 minute to kill, while drinking my coffee, waiting for the bus, in the doctor waiting room, at lunch time, etc... It is not taking me more time to do this, it has simply become a pastime, a hobby, instead of another hobby. I can’t believe I quit playing Hearthstone cold turkey after 6 years…

No doubt this is a long, daily grind with the hope of a real pay day only in a distant future. I personally enjoy that kind of slow accumulation and value appreciation. I'm sure many of us do as well.


My Journey

When I set my goal to earn One Million Satoshi, I thought it would take me 1-2 years, based on what I knew I could earn in a day. Now that I know more, have started exploring more possibilities, and have started increasing my faucet loyalty, I think that the 1,000,000 Sats milestone is more likely to be reached within 6 months. I will have to raise the barre!

In the process, I also wanted to share my journey with whoever wanted to hear/read about it, so there it is. I intend to share my thoughts, successes, failures, experiences and actual progress in my quest to one million Satoshi. I’m planning on writing a little something several times per month. I’ll write about my experience and thoughts about Bitcoin/Crypto faucets, Coinpot, Cointiply, and how I’m using it all. I have also created a Twitter account where I post thoughts, comments and updates almost daily. Feel free to follow!


Happy to answer any comments or questions.

Thanks for reading!




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