Roadmap to Coinpot Gold Reward Level Without Deposit

Roadmap to Coinpot Gold Reward Level Without Deposit

Hi everyone!


About a month ago, I was breaking the 100,000 Coinpot Tokens (CTs) barrier and was entering the Bronze reward level. This jump gave a little, but substantial, boost to my Coinpot earnings by doubling my daily interests and receiving a 4-CT reward per faucet claim. Reaching this level came just a few days before reaching my initial goal of 1,000,000 Satoshi.

Back then, I had no intentions to climbing higher Cointpot reward levels. I didn't, and still don't, want to deposit any crypto on Coinpot, so climbing to Gold reward level was not really an objective. Then I got to 1,000,000 Satoshi, and decided shorte after to shoot for the starts with a new goal of 1,000,000,000 Satoshi!

1 billion Satoshi may seem like a lot... well, it's actually ginormous. Given my current earning pace, it would take me ~40 years to get there. In order to earn 10 BTC in any meaningful time, I need to leverage any advantage I can get. Reaching Gold reward level, if not higher, definitively feels like a mandatory step toward my new goal.


My Strategy For Gold

Going from Standard to Bronze reward level was relatively easy and fast. Basically, claiming 100 faucets every day and putting 100,000 rolls in the Multiplier will get you very close to 100,000 CTs in about a month. To reach Gold, only claiming faucets and rolling the Multiplier won't cut it. I don't want to wait for 10 months to earn the 1,000,000 CTs needed. So what can I do to accelerate the grind?

Banking on Surveys

I'm not counting on winning the lottery either, so the fastest and most reliable way to grind (on any faucet website) is to do surveys. Cointiply is a great platform for surveys. Several survey providers offer multiple options and rewards to chose from. Theorem Reach for instance, gives you a partial reward even you don't qualify for the entire survey.

Coinpot surveys on the other hand, are much trickier to complete. Coinpot doesn't actually provide surveys from the main website, you have to go through one of the affiliated faucets. I like to go through BitFun, click on the "OFFERS" tab, and then "Wannads Surveys".wo

From here, you have a several options from different survey providers. The range of rewards is rather wide, from ~1,500 to 10,000+ Satoshi. Being paid directly in Satoshi is one major difference compare to Cointiply, which pays you in coins. These coins have a direct equivalence in $ but their value in Satoshi varies with the $/BTC exchange rate. These days, with Bitcoin pumping 20-30% in 2 weeks, being paid in "coins" is less advantageous, being paid in Satoshi is more attractive.

However, there is a catch or two. There's no indication as to how long it may take you to finish any of these surveys. The Satoshi reward is, in my opinion, only poorly correlated with the length of the survey - you never really know what you are going to end up with once you click. Unlike surveys from Thorem Reach on Cointiply, you won't get partial rewards. Very often, you will be bounced from survey to survey until you qualify for one - this can take a while. If you rage-quit or disconnect in the middle of a survey you might even end up owing the survey reward! It happened to me twice, -2,000 Sats on my Coinpot BTC bankroll is no what you want to see. So now, If I'm going for a survey like these, I make sure I have at least 20 minutes ahead of me.

Now, not everything is dark. Even if it takes time to find the right survey to complete, the reward is almost always worth it. 20 minutes for ~5,000 Satoshi is actually above Cointiply survey average. At current exchange rates, that's about ~7,000-8,000 coins per 20 minutes, a great survey rate actually. It also happens at time that you find a good survey right away and rake 4,000 Satoshi in 10 minutes. I'm usually picking a survey with a reward iaround 5,000 Sats. The Yuno surveys are my favorite, they seems to be more reliable and are, maybe, a better fit for me. Some of the others, super high paying surveys don't even work, so I stick with what works.

One last thing, once the survey is done and the reward secured, Coinpot will keep the Satoshi "locked" for ~10 days, just in case they need to reverse something. It never happened to me but know that you can't transfer/use these Satoshi right away.

hold btc

All in all, I'm trying to do one of these surveys per day. At that pace, I can safely add ~30,000-50,000 Satoshi per week to my Coinpot bankroll. With Bitcoin shooting straight up these days, that's even more Coinpot Tokens I'm adding up to get closer to the Gold level.


Converting All Assets to Coinpot Tokens

Converting your cryptos to Coinpot Tokens is something I would usually not recommend. When you convert back CTs to BTC, to withdraw for instance, you'll have lost ~5% is lost in transaction fees, disguised in exchange rates. Even with 0.08% of daily interests, it take weeks, if not month to make up for the difference. But since I'm going for Gold and for the long run, I'm OK to take a little hit for higher returns in the future.

In this optic, I convert all of my crypto coins to Coinpot Tokens almost every day. These new CTs will start making interest (very small I know) right away, as Coinpot pays interest on a daily basis.


Just one little trick here to optimize every conversion, I try to make sure I'm not giving extra fractions of coins for no extra CTs. Here is an example. I have 4.34291315 Dogecoin I want to convert to CTs. If I hit the "Convert maximum amount" button, I'll get 111 CTs. What I'll try to do is removing as much Dogecoin decimals as possible and still get 111 CTs. After narrowing down the number (which takes a few seconds), I'm able to only spend 4.31733599 Dogecoin for the same 111 CTs. The remaining 0.02557716 Dogecoin remain in my Dogecoin bank until next time. That's not much off course, but done every day, for all cryptos (except Bitcoin since 1 sats is actually worth more than 1 CT), it adds up at the end of the month.



Silver For Christmas, Gold for Next Year

Once all is factored in - rolling Multiplier, claiming faucets, surveys paid in Satoshi, and converting everything to Coinpot Tokens, I'm expecting to bank ~200,000 to 250,000 CTs per month. I should reach the Silver reward level before Christmas and Gold probably by February. 

I didn't do any survey for Coinpot for two weeks to make the most of the Cointiply Halloween special, but now I'm back to at least one survey a day for Coinpot. Gold reward level, here I come!

Here are my referrals if you want to join the adventure:

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Moon BitcoinCash Faucet
Moon Litecoin Faucet
Moon Dogecoin Faucet
Moon Dash Faucet
BonusBitcoin Faucet

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section!





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