Trilium and Alien Worlds #10 - One Year in Space

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 20 Jan 2023

Commander PVM  from the Terran Battlecruiser Morningstar reporting for duty! My journey started over one year ago, and the ship engines never had time to cool down! The cargo is now full of alien artifacts, while warping through portals to battling rebels. My profile was added in the Federation Hall of Fame, and Maiki the Artist has the credit for interstellar pfp! 


I came back from the Peacekeepers mission and the TLM bounty was good. I received 58 Trilium and 3 NFTs. I am not sure how they will be used in the benefits of the game, or if they will trend of the marketplace ... but I keep collecting them.


I invited Maiki to the Space Hub Opening, and showed him how cool Alien World has become in the last year. I came back with 29 Trilium and another purple NFT. We had a good laugh about the Fakelien Worlds land he bought back in the early days of the game.


Just to show everyone that Commander PVM is a famous in the Metaverse, I am getting retweeted by the Alien Worlds Official ... the real one not some kind of fakelien account.


You may wonder what is a fakelien and where the word comes from? When AlienWorlds was listed on Binance and everyone hyped into the game ... there were bad actors that wanted to cheat people with fake lands and stuff. Some people bought them fast, thinking they got a bargain, and later discovered they got scammed! 

The hype died in time and the game didn't had issues with scammers for months. Maybe because we install admirals everywhere, and get NFTs for the job! 


While we expanded the Fakelien Worlds idea, I finally had enough TLM to send my battlecruiser into a legendary mission. I used 5000 Trilium to send my spacecraft to explore a big bad solar flare. Will return in 12 weeks with a bright orange NFT and hopefully a big chest of TLM.


I realized I didn't used the WAX-BSC bridge for a while, and I had a big bag of Trilium sitting idle on the account. Quickly moved the TLM on Binance Smart Chain and powered up few more missions. 


But is the game still worth playing? Depends on your spare time and priorities! For me is still cool as the tools I have are decent and one mining takes 55 minutes. I do few mines a day, whenever I remember, and I am happy with the earnings.

It's not only about Trilium, as I am farming Byron's NFTs on Magor 22:1 since the CryptomonKeys lands were abandoned. Byron keeps the land oozing with NFTs, and he always has the coolest blends! MAAAGOOOR 22:1 IS CALLING YOUUUUU!


I first used the portal on the 4th of November 2021, and five more times since then. The total TLM transferred from WAX over the last year was 1,189 tokens, and I am currently have 6000 Trilium on BSC. 


Let's take away Byron's NFTs, let's take away the Alien Worlds NFTs from missions, and there are still 4811 TLM farmed through missions. It took me one year to earn $75, but it's not an issue as it takes only few clicks every few weeks. Things got even easier with the Legendary missions, as I send the ships away for 3 months and don't have to check anything until they come back. 


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