Trillium and Alien Worlds #5 - The Hype is gone ... the suffering gameplay survived

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 10 Oct 2021

Commander PVM from the Terran Battlecruiser Morningstar reporting to duty! The conflicts on Magor 22:1 are far for being over, as more fallen soldiers are morphing into brain-eating zombies. We must dig more and more until we find the source of decay and destroy it (or collect it)!


Mining on Magor 22:1 rewarded many brave adventurers with carts of Trilium and with unique NFTs from Byron's zombieworlds collection. I set the Battlecruiser on defensive mode and mined in there for months and this is the army of zombies I gathered up to date. NFT Breaking News now... as you will hear it here first ... a beautiful zickle garden is being built on Magor so keep digging and keep collecting the new collection!


I sold some of my best tools when the Alien Worlds hype started, few days after the Binance listing. I made a small fortune from trading mining tools by using the peak of the hype in my advantage and made 2365 WAX in profit, over 600 USD. 


I still kept a set of top tools and with the current set up I maintained the mining ratio close to 1 TLM per attempt, which is every 3 hours and 39 minutes. I changed to the Neri Active Volcano to increase my chances for AW NFTs drops, but I didn't mined one in the last 6 months and user claiming them is such a stupid idea. 


Even after the price surge I kept mining and mining. To increase efficiency I set an alarm every 3 hours and 40 minutes as a reminder to mine again. Until one day when my account was marked as a bot!!! I know that people think I am a robot because I am efficient and always online but this has gone too far now! I opened a ticket, which took 8 days to be answered and another 48 hours for the mining power to come back to normal. Lost 10 days of mining because of their stupidity, 10 days that for me translates as about 80 TLM. It's not about the money but about the system ... because it happened again a week later and again I was mining 0.0001 TLM and lost another week to be cleared again. In a world full of bots the AW system ignores the autominers and blocks real people. 


The summer continued with an endless period of errors while logging in, while mining or when claiming ... which made me lose the last gram of interest I had in the game. The gameplay turned into a real hustle and the game experience is as attractive as a two headed frog with 10 nipples. I kept mining but I stopped the reminder, because I don't care anymore. I still mine because I hope the game will hype again once they will add the PvP and the tools and weapons will surge in value. 


I cashed out in May, selling all my Trilium ($TLM) for $1000 worth of $WAXP. Why I done that? Mainly because the bridge was broken and I still believe that WAX will keep a growing trend.


From a game that looked as fresh as a mint mouthwash, Alien Worlds turned into a rotten mushroom. The game is full of errors, slow mining, boring and repetitive game play and absolutely no improvement in 2021. I now have days when I don't claim just because I lost my interest and I have low expectations that the game will trend again. My current TLM stash is 300 tokens and I feel that now is not a good time to sell ... maybe a good time to sell will never come again!


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