Trilium and Alien Worlds #8 - Galaxy Exploration

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 23 May 2022

You know me! Control Tower... Control Tower... Commander PVM from the Terran Battlecruiser Morningstar requesting a landing bay! You know the drill ... You know I am back from missions... asking permission for landing! 


The AW journey started one year ago, and the  Binance listing nearly ruined the game. When the Binance Planet Missions were added, the game slowly recovered. Mining on Alien World is still rewarding, using the bridge every few weeks. 


I don't think Trilium ($TLM) will ever reach a new ATH but at least is keeping a constant value. I will keep using the two-ways bridge that allows free flow of TLM to and from BSC to transfer whenever I gathered 100 TLM from WAX mining.


The missions are still fun, still challenging... and the rewards are still decent. Sent the ships in perpetual missions, using all TLM with maximized efficiency. The reward from Courier Run, a common one week mission, was 9.2 TLM and to grey NFTs.


The reward depends on how many ships are sent in each mission, as every participant receives a set share from the pot. I received 5.15 TLM with 5 ships sent on Supply Request, and 18.9 WAS plus 2 rare NFTs on Recovery Mission.


Few weeks later I got 28 TLM on the same mission, as less participants signed for this 2 weeks challenge. Waiting is the only thing left to do once the ships are sent away.


After weeks and weeks of novice missions, it was time to embark into my first Epic journey. A strange wormhole has been found, and spaceships have to investigate. Purple NFT and considerably more TLM rewards.


The only issue was the fee, 1000 TLM required to be staked for 4 weeks. I didn't had enough so I hit the market on Pancake Swap. Just 0.072 BNB were enough to reach the much needed amount.


I signed the Morningstar Battlecruiser for exploration, keeping in mind that the ship must keep outside of the Zero Horizon. Few minutes left and the reward was 141 TLM per spaceship. I will see you all in 4 weeks. 


Patience is a virtue, and 4 weeks are 28 days! The mission was a success, and the spacecraft came back with 63 TLM in the cargo bay and a shiny purple NFT. 


Checked the Mission Centre for few days but no good missions were available. I had to send 37 ships in one week Courier Run so the TLM don't stay idle.


Quick mission and a small bag of TLM added in the Treasury. Planetary Scouting again, and 24.8 TLM earned in 2 weeks. Slowly the stash grew bigger but no Epic missions were available. Kept grinding Trilium from other short missions, waiting patiently for another wormhole 



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