Trilium (TLM) and the Alien Invasion: Episode 2 - The Broken Teleport

Trilium (TLM) and the Alien Invasion: Episode 2 - The Broken Teleport

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 28 Apr 2021

The chain of events couldn't been stopped! It started when Trilium was discovered on Binance Launchpool! Everyone farmed and farmed, and many sold the Trilium for a good price. Even more people sold it for a decent price, as maintained between $0.55 and $0.45 for few days. More about how profitable was the Binance Launchpool on Trilium (TLM) and the Alien Worlds Invasion: Episode 1 - The Binance Battleship

The most important announcement in the galaxy was the one promoting the TLM Teleporter, and the opportunity to send Trilium from WAX to Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum chains. I was quite slow with the reaction and unstaked the Trilium on Saturday night. Had to wait 48 hours to become available in my balance.


The bridge was down for hours, as the launch was overwhelmed with transactions. I managed to log into the Bridge nearly 8 hours after it went live and my plan was to sell all the Trillium I farmed and staked on Planet Neri. The bridge was also available as a gateway between WAX and Ethereum but that looked too expensive.


Logged in both the WAX wallet and the Binance Smart-Chain Wallet, completing the fields for a 2414.52 Trillium (TLM) transfer to Metamask. And than.. Error... user started a new transaction. NO... I DID NOT!


Tried to complete the transfer both on mobile and desktop but the same error was popping-out. I kept mining Trilium while trying to sort out the issue. I added 16 more TLM in the back, and tried to send again.


After the initial fail, with numerous tries and the same "user started a new transaction" error,  I tried again and believed that this time will work. False hope again as the loading screen remained black.


Waited for hours again ... and had a same error again and again. The transaction request was broken and could not transfer the farmed Trilium on Metamask. Error after error and a day was gone, while the TLM price dropped from $0.71 to $0.55. I was losing money and this fancy bridge was broken.


I kept mining on Planet Neri and the stash of TLM grew bigger, but because of the power shield that covered the planet, I couldn't teleport it to the Smart Chain. The only thing I know for certain, is that Alien Worlds broken the WAX ecosystem for days, and even now we have to do extra confirmations that quickly turned annoying.

And hour by hour, day by day, the price was losing value. My personal opinion is that will drop down to $0.05 because that's the real value of TLM as a gaming token. I lost so much potential gains because of the broken bridge, and the value going downhill, I decided to sell all the Trilium for WAX. But this is a story for another day.



Trilium was discovered on Binance Launchpool!

Trilium (TLM) and the Alien Worlds Invasion: Episode 1 - The Binance Battleship

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