Trilium and Alien Worlds #9 - 12 Weeks Travel for Legendary Missions

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 8 Jul 2022

Commander PVM is still exploring the Universe!  The Terran Battlecruiser Morningstar keeps gathering artifacts, maintaining peace in the Federation, warping through portals and battling rebels. The cargo bay is full with treasures, as the Alien Worlds are full of bounties.


The list of successful missions grows bigger and bigger, and PVM's reputation grows as big as the Mandalorian. What started few months ago become a perpetual sending of spacecrafts and gathering the rewards. It started humble but better missions were available as my stash of TLM doubled.


The NFT inventory expanded, as the collection of space moments were minted for eternity. The achievements of Battlecruiser Morningstar will be forever remembered on the blockchain, and all the Alien Worlds will know about the bravery of Commander PVM!


Can we have enough NFTs? No... we can always get more and more! Planetary Scouting and Courier run added 30 TLM in the treasury and 7 more NFTs. Shall we explore even further? Shall we go into the unknown parts of the Universe?


Retrieve Ledger as part of Liberation (17 TLM & 5 NFTs), Reptilian Peace as a Courier (8.5 TLM & 5 NFTs) and Recovery Mission (15.8 TLM and 5 NFTs) as another Liberation quest! Those were the missions preparing the scene for 12 weeks away in Legendary Missions. 


The Legendary Missions were added as part of the "season 2", and require 5000 TLM per spacecraft. The first one that I seen was New Start, where the brave adventurers have to set up home on a newly discovered planet. I still had my ships away so I missed this one, but please notice that the TLM reward per spacecraft was 403 tokens.

Solar Flare was available at the same time as New Start, where the adventurers must set a deflector shield against a solar flare. Even higher rewards, with 405 TLM per spacecraft sent. I wonder how much the rewards will drop once everyone will focus on 12 weeks missions?



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