Drawing the curtain on 2020's Publish0x Writing Competitions

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Dec 2020

How can we label 2020? Such a strange year, hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and many other calamities. Considering those, the past year can be considered a write-off, but when I think about my introduction to Publish0x and to the writing competitions, 2020 was a real success! Gordon Ramsey said that he never take the foot off the gas because you are as good as your last plate! I implemented this mindset into my writing.02402928ba369557891d0707d9d159bac0dae1caadc0efc9ee0e8abd6217e392.jpeg

One of my motivational quote is "Work until you don't need to present yourself!" and I think that I reached this level on Publish0x. It wasn't easy, or without effort, as "blood, sweat and tears" were added in the creative process. Many hours researching about subjects I had no clue they existed were something quite usual at the beginning but looking behind, it all worth it! The community and Publish0x team had their role, as I could always find support and guidance.a35fc639dd53d79e3c4c26bd6df24267771c3f0d625b414c1f9121d5fb1763fd.jpeg

From March to December, I participated in every single competition, and I can say I didn't fail to deliver. I've got a prize in all 12 competitions, maintaining a winning streak that makes me feel good about my writing skills. This will be the last time when you see this trademark trophy cabinet, as it will be scrapped for 2021, and I will start fresh.16b2c6c4d24823327529f1939874783bd27d3c91a459b8d79d3ec08a98fa1b6f.jpeg

1. It all started with the Aelf Project, where "Aelf Project - changing the world one step at the time" was awarded with the 9th place and $10 DAI. The article covered how Aelf aims to unleash the potential of Blockchain into numerous applications and industries, and how plans to break the boundary between the Blockchain community and the business world. This is how Aelf has become one of my "soul" projects.

2. Publish0x 100K was a mass-celebration when the platform reached 100,000 registered users. I listed my favourite authors, promoted the event on twitter, and bagged a $5 DAI prize.

3. Injective Protocol and how will create unbreakable DEXs was the most popular Twitter post, and a $20 DAI reward was the prize.

4. Atomic Wallet - remaking the world, remaking ourselves! was my entry for this competition, where I received a $5 DAI Twitter prize. Later on Igor contacted me to inform me that Atomic will share AWC tokens with the participants, and I received 40 AWC tokens soon after. Since then, I had an ugly fight with Atomic Wallet, but recently we are trying to make things work. Those 40 AWC tokens were treated with care and compassion and now they grew to 160 AWC.

5. The Statera competition represents my first real prize, as Welcome to the Crypto-Bazzar was a hit. Second place and $31 Ethereum were a nice treat for my hard work. I must admit that the topic was out of my comfort zone and was quite difficult to assimilate so much information about this Ethereum-powered deflationary token pegged to an index fund. 7f12e033ff657870247bb66f11999b5ee276f96168d4c8b72ddbfe55cb4db3a2.jpeg

6. The Aelf Hacker Bounty had no entry limit so I had an entry about the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) and the Bedtime Story about the Aelf Prince that was aided in wisdom and diplomacy by the Supreme Wizard, who was using his magic CCTP to defend the castle from any invaders. The Aelf Prince, the Supreme Wizard and Thieves Guild won the 1st place while the other post was placed 5th. The reward for both articles summed 1906 ELF.  290d5633a12508f83eee7faa73427f6f42769b5a7b420f203b823d1c991bbf1d.jpeg

7. Third place and $30 Ethereum with DEXToken, DEXG and the Infinity Gauntlet, an article about Flowchain's DEXToken protocol. DEXToken successfully implemented the The Universal Price Model in their Speculative AMM, making DEXG staking very rewarding for Decentralized Exchange and Token Swap Exchange.05e987aec69fcfecd862c5a7e1aeb5e71a50ef3c047f6041b065868c60a9270e.jpeg

8. ChangeNow : magical exchange without making an account was a post which I enjoyed writing, as being a new subject. The $5 DAI prize was gladly accepted.

9. Top prize again, with Hey Idena! I am a real boy! If you don't know what's Idena, let me tell you that this one is using Proof-of-Person, an unique AI-hard Turing test. The test is similar all over the planet and eliminates the need of KYC forms and validation.7b2b2d975674b351f20a58c8e441a927b31a72efc50c72420575bb61b853058e.jpeg

10. Another Soul Project, Harvest Finance, and another Bedtime Story! The Three Farmers at the Bonfire was a Harvest Finance inspired scary story, when the moon was rarely shining, being obscured by dark and thick clouds. it happens on the far end of the corn fields, where a majestic bonfire was burning, looking like a lighthouse that guides the lost souls to the shore. a631bb17f716de4848674e0f33188f741e07bbc8d935d3d41077281e8dbc9934.jpeg

11. Ampleforth joined Publish0x, and a series of events followed. The AMPLMeme competition rewarded $20 AMPL to the winners. The Bedtime Story format was appreciated therefore Ampleforth Village followed this pattern. Is the story of Ampy Forth, son of Anna Forth and Aaron Forth, born in Ampleforth Village. Spoiler Alert! He is planning his come-back!76d4ef98aef1bff3b7d44730f3e61985e3e86a27e79b08881887a0d54733e3e1.jpeg

12. The last competition of 2020 marked the top prize, the jewel of the crown! Trading Platforms Street Fighter: Bityard is beating the competition  won the 1st price and $100 reward. This prize is so special because it was an official Publis0x writing competition, with 65 entries, and I managed to write the best article! What a way to finish 2020! dc094f7fad97c0da8e49a9c7dd6a31a01b49ab191df3b23c2366a29878790e88.jpeg

Meanwhile, ELI5AMPL writing competition was announced, with the topic forking into "Explain it Like I'm 5 years old" and the more complex AMPLAnalyst. Let's start 2021 in style. Dear friends (and competitors), sharpen you pencils, wipe out the keyboard as the game is ON!c6fe295530f4010a6f5bf8221ef9c5e9fbaaab4f22b97b70c9ea4cbd32a1ce2e.jpeg


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