Hey Idena! I am a real boy!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 16 Oct 2020

Heya Crypto-folks! I will tell you this amazing story, about the first ever proof-of-person block-chain, and I swear that is all true! And trust me... I cannot be dishonest or my nose will keep growing until will reach the size of Ethereum gas fees!7b2b2d975674b351f20a58c8e441a927b31a72efc50c72420575bb61b853058e.jpeg

Idena is crypto for everyone, one of the most accessible blockchains in the crypto-ecosystem. Anyone who has internet connection and can prove is a real person can open a node during the global validation. Don't know how that will work for Shrek, with his bad signal in the swaps and that antique dial-up connection, but everyone else will be just fine. 


You think that the Magic Mirror was solving problems? Idena has 4535 active nodes, and each node is considered an individual person and the network is solving the biggest block-chain oracle problem, by using Proof-of-Person, an unique AI-hard Turing test. The test is similar all over the planet and eliminates the need of KYC forms and validation. The above system will bring total anonymity for Idena users.d3464d2308b5aa8dc3c75f7b2579240dee3f331f0f415aa16259423a51f21875.jpeg

The "Flip" is a glorified Captcha test mixed with a basic IQ problem to solve, by selecting a set of pictures according to some criteria. The set of images will be presented in two sequences, a logical story-line and one that will have a logical flaw. A real boy like me will have no problem using common sense to solve the test and select the right answers, while bots, monsters and even the Gingerbread Man will find it impossible. e90574860bada58192e66867c64927471926396d10d016518cd265ea85e3b81f.jpeg

Is Idena the heir of the crown?

The Idena project has royalty blood, and one day can challenge the crown. The leader doesn't need to know the people, the ruler of the kingdom must supply equal rights, decent living standards and a way to provide money for the population. As any legendary rulers, Idena offers a democratic system, fair voting, free speech, rewards and income. From dukes and counts, to farmers and smiths, everyone can mine and mint Idena. To run an ordinary node is required an ordinary computer, with 4 GB of RAM, 50 GB free disk space and an internet connection. The mined coins can be sold or exchanged on HotBit, Probit and Qtrade.


The Three Little Pigs FAQ!

Is Fair Voting better than DAO? Probably yes... because one individual will have one vote, therefore big holders will have no advantage over small holders. The Fair Voting mechanism gives voice to the people and ensures a true democratic process. 

What is Proof-Of-Person? A flip puzzle that has a logical answer.

Is Validation mandatory? Yes, validation is mandatory before activating mining on the Idena client. The two stage validation requires 5-6 folds within 2 minutes, followed by 15-25 folds within 30 minutes. Users must have the nodes synchronized before validation time, process that takes about 4 hours.

Is Idena slowing down the computer? No! The wallet has to be synchronized and open on validation day but this process doesn't use extra resources. After the validation is completed, the flipping can start.

Who created IdenaThe team structure is unknown, as the current trend for creators is to hide their profiles and backgrounds. Even if the team is anonymous, they can be contacted via Telegram.

How old is the project? Idena is a baby, having about 1 year. This is a very young age for crypto-projects and many updates are strategically placed on the roadmap

Is Idena offering rewards for holders ? Over 50,000 DNA coins are minted daily, and there are distributed in a 50/50 ratio as as mining rewards and validation reward.f12b899b1ec0f2839b75bc6d93b5103fa339ab88f344612164074fb2ae2b2ed6.jpeg

... and they lived happily ever after!

The Idena price is hovering around $0.10 but has a lot of potential, specially because the innovative Proof-of-Person. To download Idena follow the official website link, join the Telegram Channel to be invited and validate the node. Now is the time to sail the tides of change!

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