Statera - Welcome to the Crypto-Bazaar!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 8 Aug 2020

What is Statera?

Statera (STA) is an Ethereum-powered deflationary token pegged to an index fund, a multiple assets pool. To counter the highly volatile marketplace the index fund has the ability to auto-rebalance to maintain the weight of each asset in the pool. During the rebalance, the pool will earn passive income the linked to the volatility of the market. The Statera runs on fully autonomous smart contract, pegged to the value of four other digital cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum , Chainlink and Synthetix. The "treasure chest" making up Statera’s liquidity reside on the Balancer and Uniswap protocols, automatically re-balancing at a constant rate to be equally weighted. By contributing into the pools, users can finally invest in BTC, ETH, LINK, and SNX with reduced volatility, and increased value. The name come from the latin word "statera" which means balance, and I will continue this flash-back into the history of ancient civilizations with a journey at the Crypto-Bazaar!

Statera - Welcome to the Crypto-Bazaar!7f12e033ff657870247bb66f11999b5ee276f96168d4c8b72ddbfe55cb4db3a2.jpeg

The whole setup can be compared to an ancient spice bazaar, where traders will bring their products and goods, and swap or sell for the best price. The five assets have been chosen for their top position in the market, and for their unique set of abilities. If the price of any of the tokens will grow considerably, the balancer pool will automatically sell them and will buy the other ones, leaving place for further and continuous growth. The Bazaar will run smoothly when goods are sold and people are crowding and spending. Is in everyone's interest for the market to have fresh stocks of merchandise and for the price to go up and down, depending on supply and demand. Being an asset of wealth with deflationary pressure, the Statera makes inevitable the decrease of supply and the increase of demand, and with the pegging to the price of multiple financial products across the DeFi space, this deflation also creates a loyalty and holding incentive. 

The five assets where chosen for clear purposes and based on their unique set of skills. Bitcoin is the king of the cryptocurrencies, the first and leading cryptocurrency, currently being bought by hedge funds and leading investors everywhere, the living legend that cannot be replaced by any of the heirs. Bitcoin is the Iranian saffron, the most expensive spice which anyone thrive to have, even in small amounts. As a comparison, the saffron's price per kilo can reach up to $11,000, so being able to wrestle the current Bitcoin price.5342ebc0fb8c9a0e1e87964efc73757c0b82208a78fa2be6ddbdba97fe8960da.jpeg

Synthetix will be used for on-chain exposure to real-world currencies, commodities, stocks and indices, the leading DeFi platform that brings synthetic assets to the block-chain, allowing the trading of gold, and many more real-world assets. Synthetix can be represented by the coffee beans of the Bazaar, with many types and flavours from all over the world. ☕ ☕ 

Link is the salt, being used for countless block-chain products and to bring real world data into to crypto-ecosystem. Everyone needs it, everyone use it! 🧂 🍚 

Statera was added in the pool because of the main attribute, deflation, being the hyperdrive volume which will bring more passive income and the newest, cooler and innovative part of the Balancer. Users are paid to hold an index fund instead of paying for one, while gaining benefits from volatility. Therefore Statera is the smoked cayenne pepper, giving taste, heat and purpose. 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 

Ethereum is the asset that brings  the most passive income on Balancer, mainly because more than 50% of the top currencies are using the Ethereum block-chain to run. Ethereum will be the turmeric, as we can use it instead of saffron, but will never be saffron. You can use it for giving flavour, colour or as a medicine, but will never have the same flavour or effects as the saffron. The Ethereum will be sold, will be bought, and we will keep believing that one day it may over-throne the Bitcoin.


Statera vision and mission

The Statera Project initially started with a team small team, the Developer and two Community Managers and moved to a fully decentralized project,  controlled by the entire Statera community.  Now all of Statera’s team are community members who volunteered to assist the developments of the projects in different aspects. 

The Statera team aspire to put “cryptocurrency in every portfolio”, striving to be in line with the ethos of cryptocurrency, dreaming at a world where wealth building strategies that were once only accessible to affluent individuals become available to everyone, transferring the power over our financial systems back to the people. Statera was created to give power to the people, the revolutionary investment tool that will bring more people into digital assets, helping to maintain their privacy, security, power, and autonomy. Statera is a modern Prometheus, and as the Greek Titan defiled the gods by stealing the fire and giving it to the humanity, the Statera Project aims to break free the financial system, and share it with the world. The aim of this global and immutable deflationary asset is to spread like... wildfire!

In their mission to share the "fire", the Statera Project aims to provide every investor with the tools and ways to invest in digital assets. By decreasing the volatility and increasing the positive price pressure, Statera will lower the barrier for initial investments in more advance investments tools. As a community-focused and community-driven asset, the Statera is decentralized down to the last cell. e701fd653285a012f28940f43dfa13a70856cdb0420c73346923e7a665613147.jpeg

How Statera works?

The STA price runs close to $0.06, half from the All-time-high achieved on the 5th of June, at $0.1488. However, but still miles away from the May's All-time-low, when the price was just $0.00000154. The project started with 101 million tokens, and the current supply is at 89 million STA.

The Statera (STA) will have a higher supply in the moment of the purchase, and the longer is being hold, the lower the supply will go. As the investor continues to hold, the decreasing supply continues to put positive price pressure on their holdings. The deflation of STA also creates a secondary deflation of sorts across the other tokens it is held with, reducing the whole supply of the asset pool, and thanks to the Bitcoin pairing and the 1% burn rate per transaction, will create the opportunity for deflationary play and purchase of Bitcoin. 

The Statera (STA) will keep safely re-balance against the other tokens, by wrapping in ERC-20 Delta Token so the deflation doesn't take place in the Balancer Pools, moving the deflation on Uniswap. The four pegged cryptocurrencies are leaders in their sectors, and the forecast is extremely positive for the next bull run. Being linked with STA, their price will be reflected in the STA price. Therefore if they will gain value, the index will sell them and buy Delta, or if they lose value, the index will then sell Delta to buy them. 

Statera was recently listed on CoinMarketCap, another step on STA's journey to become the hardest asset in the crypto world and the Statera Token can be easily tracked on Etherscan, with detalied profile summary, overview, updates and transactions/transfers history.dff15bbc9ee7fc04ca62bf0c96002918b5f544c0c5399756f3bb90d2732bec45.png

The Statera Ecosystem

The current ecosystem consists of three pools but more funds can be added in Uniswap, or on the Balancer Pools. All pools interact to create more volume, arbitrage, efficient markets, and deflation across the system. The Phoenix Fund is the secure deflationary index fund of 40/30/10/10/10 STA Delta/wETH/wBTC/LINK/SNX.

  • The Statera (STA) will be used in all of the products, and the more they are used, the value will be added to STA – Holding this token allows a holder to benefit from the price action of our whole ecosystem. STA will be used in all of our products. The more our products are used and the more successful they are, the more STA will rise in value.
  • The STA Delta Token is an ERC 20 standard token which is 50/50 STA/ETH. This will earn the user fees, and can be traded or used to add to Phoenix Fund. 
  • The STA Delta Liquidity Token is an ERC 20 standard token which is 75/25 ETH/STA. This will earn the user fees and is a bigger bet on ETH., with no current plans to make it tradable. It cannot be used to add to Phoenix Fund, but it could be added to another index fund.636e0dacca274273700b10eeb602238d85dd199d29d7a58947683066d777177f.jpeg

The Token Pool (on Uniswap) is interlinked, keeping everything connected in self feeding cycles that reduce volatility and increase upward price pressure. Statera Pool, Delta Pool, and the Balancer Pool all start with Statera. The whole system both feeds, and is fed by Statera. 

Being a growing ecosystem, Statera needs to become a powerful brand in the crypto space, therefore brand awareness may follow on YouTube, and some partnerships as well. This will be backed by organic marketing, with high quality articles, videos and financial reports. Non-traditional marketing may be used by Statera, as being a being Deflationary Index Fund gives a wider appeal than traditional cryptocurrencies.

The success of the Balancer Pool

The concept and the result of the Balancer Pool outperformed all  traditional financial products and many DeFi projects. The project started with 101 million tokens, of which about 4% were kept in the developer wallet. The majority of STA is now held by Uniswap Liquidity Pool, while the second most is held by a large investor who bought more than the amount in the developer wallet. The third bulk amount of STA is held in the developer wallet.

The Balancer Pool is outpacing more projects daily, and the Uniswap Pool constantly returns 10% daily interest. All the Statera pools overall are returning between 0.10% to 0.50%+ daily interest yield, which holding constant for a year would produce 38% to 600%+ APY. With such a high annual yield, investments in the index fund are looking amazing, as  it looks as the best place to HODL cryptocurrencies. 

Statera's June financial report showed the success of the Balancer Pool, with 9% returns the first half of the month, and doubling up for the whole month will reach approximately 18%. In the same time, the Uniswap pool returned approximately 25% in June, due to the price surge to $0.15 and than back to the $0.01 value. As the crypto-community people start to realize the  huge benefits of holding their SNX, LINK, BTC, or ETH in STA pools, the demand will automatically rise, helping the Index Fund to gain more liquidity and more volume. d0ab9541f194b8e4a35c8b61f2e65109ee5ac1a038357577df674efff3769365.jpeg

Watch your gold! Pickpockets, rogues and thieves are crawling in the shadows!

It is an unwritten rule to watch your pouch or gold bag while venturing in crowded places, and keep aware of sneaky rogues and thieves. The Statera Bazaar was the victim of a smart hit and run hack attack back in June. Alibaba and the 40 thieves took advantage  of the deflationary nature of Statera, and by repetitive back-and-forth transactions between WETH and STA, they depleted the STA treasure chest in the pool. As a fair merchant, the Pool followed the protocol for being low on STA and refilled the chest, but for a huge price. 

The users were shocked by the hack and the gossip that the Statera team was involved spread around. The rumors were quickly proven wrong, as the Statera bounced back, improved the security and refunded the stolen money to the customers. The aftermaths of the hack made the price drop but the quick measures made Statera rise from the ashes and regain the customer's confidence. 536719b1427714d3d446903e92423aeeff9ce560cafb5fc249b98dc5b77f73aa.jpeg

To be or not to be ... in the Statera team?

9 reasons to say Yes!

  • 18% returns on Balancer Token drops and over 16% returns in fees in one month. 
  • Recognition of the brand, as Statera is quickly becoming a proven and trusted name in the liquidity pool and investment space.
  • Simplicity as STA provides a single token that instantly gives the user access to the price action of Link, BTC, ETH, SNX, STA, and any future asset it is linked to.
  • Deflationary power that increases arbitrage, volume, and by extension liquidity
  • HODL Rewards as the users, who get in early at a high supply, will benefit from the positive price pressure as supply goes lower.
  • Decentralized investments, as the developer holds less than 4% of the original supply and can not change the contract,
  • First Mover Advantage and an unique selling point, as Statera is the first of its kind, which comes with all the advantages to being a first mover.
  • Reduced Index Volatility and positive price pressure as a result of the Balancer pool, market cap size, ecosystem, and deflationary mechanics.
  • Statera and Index synergy which allows investors to pool STA instead of selling.

5 reasons to say No!

  • The loneliness of the First Mover Advantage, as a result of market needs and wants and no real competition.
  • Lack of engagement from the community as a result of the fully decentralized model.
  • Platform failure, however less probable as Statera can be migrated to any successful platform.
  • Lack of funding in the long run
  • The crypto-winter, and a long cryptocurrency bear market, as Statera is indexed to the market and needs bull runs to generate profit.00485409a51ec9fdbabce5e98d1d87c698a43773503fc55b8d4874fb54b10978.jpeg

You want to join the "Traders Guild"?

The Statera Bazaar offers two investment options, the Phoenix Fund or in the simpler option, the Delta Token (50%STA, 50% ETC). To join the "Traders Guild" you will need to join the Balancer Pool or the Uniswap Pool.

To access the Phoenix Fund and add funds in the Balancer Pool you must link a Portis account or scan the WalletConnect QR code. This can be done by clicking the "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner.b71301baaa27f921980b69b3a969c935fa759e10739f5610f08927a38eb512e1.pngI created a Portis account for this which took me less then one minute. Once linked with the Balancer Pool, your wallet address will replace the "Connect Wallet" button and Shared/Private Pools become visible. The main page will show the user liquidity.c0180a20a1c4ed75e5a6da7e2c00ff77b8fcc050326575eba24359729228ee3e.pngTo add Liquidity, a proxy must be set up and the estimated network fee was $14, a considerable amount of money. After the Proxy is set up, liquidity can be moved from the Portis account to the Balancer Pool.99df1b5aab4115e85b298216582abc5bfe7aa347d4e9414891fba6dfb1e1170b.pngFor Statera Token and the Uniswap Pool, a similar process must be completed, however more methods are available for linking to Uniswap, as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and Fortmatic being added to WalletConnect and Portis. a1a1f96576e357f584d3f2746c2dade9b63bf6a26fa3b790e893e7e196764581.pngI used the Portis account to link with Uniswap, and the whole process took about 5 minutes to start the initialization, and another 10 to link the accounts as the process failed few times and had to be re-started.9949db4189ff08a188aaf6590586962f3b88087206191ad287f05886f8622f54.pngAs a personal opinion, the whole account linked with another account process is quite complicated, and if Statera is targeting globalization, a more user-friendly system must be developed.

Publish0x AMA with the Statera Team

Publish0x hosted the AMA with Statera Project , between 13-15 of July. Many members of the community contributed with outstanding questions, and the Statera team stepped up to the challenge and gave brilliant answers. 

I asked: Knowing that no project is 100% safe from panic selling and that the strength of the pool is given by the amount of tokens contained in it, how is Statera planning to avoid scenarios where pools are getting depleted? How pools will be boosted when they will get under the desired threshold and will lose the ability to create a strong price and demand?

Statera answered: Index Funds are where we are showing the benefits of sound monetary policy (deflation) but they are not the last place. We foresee Statera bringing deflation to multiple products and becoming a deflationary asset in and of itself. As far as being included in pools, if the value proposition and returns continue the question is, “Do you want a pool that returns more because of the volume that Statera brings or not?” The results speak for themselves, we have already seen four more pools be made with Delta in them that had no connection to the core team. So A. we think people will vote with their wallet and continue using Delta in their pools B. we plan on spreading the use case and value proposition above and beyond just use in pools. Also as the project grows, if things like a Development Fund or similar tool is created, the community could vote to use those funds to keep all liquidity pools at a certain threshold to support the ecosystem, but that is something for the future.


I found the answer to many questions in the whitepapers, and here are some the highlights of shuffling through them:

  • The STA Token can be injected or implemented into any financial instrument or digital asset ecosystem, having the ability to inject top monetary policy into any financial instrument in the world. This unique characteristic makes the STA token a rising star in the financial world.
  • All Statera implemented products are forced to align to the market pressure, creating good economics and creating health economic choices.
  • High above market annual yield, forecasted between 30% and 40%, making the index fund the most profitable option to HODL cryptocurrencies.
  • The usage of utility pools will make the value grow. If Statera becomes a global instrument, used in many financial instruments, can become the first and only "immutable deflationary currency". 
  • The Statera roadmap is planning across DeFi, establishment as a currency, establishing a development fund, and many more ways to enhance the ecosystem. 

Conclusion and personal thoughts

Statera - Anno Domini MMXX

The world financial market had to be re-built and Statera concept has come at the perfect moment. Inflation and the devaluing of assets is burning the wealth but Statera will help this wealth to reborn like the Phoenix, being designed from the ground and ashes of the system, to hold and create value.  The information within the Whitepaper shows a clear vision , and a well-established plan on how Statera can become a "global immutable deflationary currency". The recent success is just the the beginning, a small step towards the ultimate goal: to be crowned the King of DeFi, cryptocurrency investing, index funds, and all other financial instruments. 


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