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AELF Project - changing the world one step at the time

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 6 May 2020

I am a crypto enthusiast since 2015 and I consider up to date with cryptocurrencies news, however today was the first time I ever heard about AELF and the AELF Project. My fist search of "aelf" showed me a lot of elf pictures, folklore stories and mythology. Second search "aelf project" added one or two AELF Logos to the above seen elfs and magical creatures. From here was easier to find the AELF official website and some forums. And then... the learning process started! GAME ON!

It is said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but every single individual can learn something new every day.


What is AELF?

AELF (ELF) is a decentralized cloud computing block-chain network which supports interaction with other block-chain systems, including BTC and ETH. AELF leverages technology and a forward-looking industry perspective to progress the self-evolution and prosperity of the business world.

The main goal of the network is to solve three major issues for block-chains: limited performance, lack of resource segregation and governance work frame. The ALEF block-chain and side-chains will provide high efficiency and scalability to handle transactions/applications, high flexibility to customize  smart contracts to meet different needs and will provide adaptability to new technology. The nodes are running on cloud servers, offering speed, accessibility and reliability.

The AELF WhitePaper provides the ultimate goals of the project:

* unleashing the potential of Blockchain into numerous applications and industries

* to brake the boundary between the Blockchain community and the business world.

The AELF Token is ranked 99 by CoinMarketCap, and the current price per unit is 0.0709 $. 


Since October 2019, The AELF Enterprise is listed on Google Cloud Marketplace, making it available to millions of customers, including Paypal, HSBC, HTC and eBay. The developers can deploy their applications on AELF enterprise using Google's Compute Engine, and also provides them with supporting tutorials, smart contracts and App's.

On September 2019, AELF was invited at the Huawei Connect 2019 Conference (HC2019) at the Shanghai World Expo Convention and Exhibition Center and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. The theme of the conference was "Advanced Intelligence Provides New Heights of Intelligence".  During the conference, were discussions about a potential collaboration between AELF and Huawei, regarding a block-chain provider withing the telecommunication industry. As a result of the discussions, the AELF Enterprise 0.7.0 Beta features a complete block-chain system integrated on Huawei Cloud’s cross-chain project.  


AELF Mainnet Launch RoadMap

The launch of the Mainnet has four stages: Preparation, Preview, Launch and Stability

The preparation stage contains the release of economic and governance whitepaper, and the launch of public Testnet V1.0. The preview stage will launch the Mainnet Pilot and will determine the official launch time of the Mainnet.

In the Launch stage and after the Mainnet is running, the token can be swapped openly, with the Network aiming to acheive self-regulating autonomy in the Stability Stage

At the moment, the public testnet is easy-to-use, publicly accessible with complete functionality. It consists of a complete blockchain smart contract system, development kits, development documentations, among other features. Since launch, the network has been stable with cross-chain implementation, and the economic system has been comprehensively functional without failure. Performance in security, scalability and efficiency has been held to a high standard.

The team

Ma Haobo is the founder of AELF. He is a block-chain expert and member of Blockchain Experts' Commission of Chinese Institute of Electronics and China Computer Federation. Found him on Twitter and I am now following him and on LinkedIn I send him a connection request. Who knows when I will need his advice 

He is advised by Chen Zhuliang, MIT graduate, and Yang Yalong, PhD from Monash. Both with great experience in the field.


Conclusion and personal opinion

AELF looks to be the missing link needed by the cryptocurrencies and block-chains to become globally used by people and the AELF Project has the potential to integrate block-chain technology in day to day actions. If the cooperation with Google and Huawei will produce the desired results and will improve app creation, transactions, speed and versatility of mobile phones, the direct result will be an increased trust in block-chains. The long term result will see more block-chain technology integrated in the products and creations from big international companies and trusts. 

Hopefully by 2021, while searching AELF, more block-chains will appear than sharpshooters.



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