Bedtime Story: Ampleforth Village

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 6 Dec 2020

Ampleforth joins Publish0x tipping system

On 25th of November, Dan Bainbridge announced the integration of Ampleforth (AMPL) for tipping and a future focus on DeFi projects. Amplefort will have the highest tip chance, at 47% and will replace Loopring (LRC). Users can withdraw the Loopring tokens before 15th of December. Any LRC left on Publish0x will be automatically swapped with Ampleforth. The Ampleforth rebasing will not occur inside the Publish0x wallets.113d0d32fddac1dbcf0fb3b483bad6da5f67853f224adb3d9370d6a81d5c39a2.jpeg

The Ampleforth meme competition was announced in the same day. The creation contest reward pool is $400 worth of AMPL, rewarding 20 submissions with $20 worth of Ampleforth. The memes must use the hashtag #AMPLMeme, and tag @Publish0x before the 7th of December. The "Ampleforth Village" will be collate my memes for the competition into a bedtime story.4b66d6ac7aab3e1286e26373779b84a1bc7dcc83f6129a5e11852a3bf2da1b9f.jpeg

On the 27th of November, the AMPLification weekend was announced, offering tips boosted by 50%. Over the weekend all tips were in Ampleforth only. Another giveaway took place, as $100 in $AMPL will be shared to users who shared a screenshot of their tip in AMPL. A special pay day for Ampleforth was set on the 1st of December and the cap was lowered from $1 to $0.50. All this news took the community by storm and the weekend was like a gold mine. After the AMPLification weekend, I withdrew 13.76 AMPL on Metamask, where the rebase started to happen. I've gotten 13.76 $AMPL from @Publish0x on Tuesday and now I have 16.01 $AMPL. That's a 16.3% increase!3d152aabae3f04e0f8d4e633eba0a9765f939789489dd010730bd1272792bea7.png

Even Borat likes Ampleforth! Is not hard to understand why! 5ded4d07b94d3ea50f577c0ea2bbc7c4503c24e7183a00b6a29e1ebff0a353f4.jpeg

Bedtime Story: Ampy Forth from Ampleforth Village

My name is Ampy Forth, the son of Aaron Forth and Anna Forth. I was born in Ampleforth village, in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The village name means "the ford where the sorrel grows" and has a population of 883. When I was born, even if the population number grew ... the value remained the same. My adulthood investments are in AMPL, to bring more value to my village. 54ae804b42e5eeb0674c7fb848c808ac5b4cd78ffb42fe400507bd9d1be677ad.jpeg

My dad, Aaron Forth, was some kind of super hero. He has working as the village constable, flexing his muscles against the bad guys, solving crimes and mysteries, and above all ... keeping the community safe from any kind of antisocial behaviour.c6fe295530f4010a6f5bf8221ef9c5e9fbaaab4f22b97b70c9ea4cbd32a1ce2e.jpeg

My mother, Anna Forth, was the pillar of the society. She was the head-teacher of the local school, founding member of the "Ampleforth Neighborhood Watch" and a Yoga instructor. One night, I heard my dad telling her that he loves how flexible she is! 76d4ef98aef1bff3b7d44730f3e61985e3e86a27e79b08881887a0d54733e3e1.jpeg

Since childhood, I had an affinity for elasticity. My favourite toys were rubber bands, which I was using to make various arts and crafts. When I grew bigger, the affinity for elasticity moved towards Ampleforth (AMPL) and made me stretch my wallets for many investments.09996cce5e2a807ab2f28a5fbe89a0cf4a16c4118b05e955377a66211516dfe4.jpeg

I remember the winter of 2019, when Santa came at the Village Hall. I asked for a dragon for Christmas but Santa said this wish is to big for such a small child. He asked me for something else, and I wished Ampleforth to be stable. This is how I become the trainer of a beautiful Black Dragon.a82d9fb196d0134deb1a546bf538949595cc60afeec77b7ab97ec3dc48f153ef.jpeg

My dream was to be like my father, a good guy that helps his community, a dream job in the army, navy or police. This is why I trained my body and mind. After years and years, I found the perfect job, running the tipping system on Publish0x5637c8baa1635ad4b401f0ad2c8aea757fdeaf64021a881db692da5562172d65.jpeg

Logan, my best friend, tells me that the job I'm doing is awesome! I know I will always have his support, rebase after rebase. 52cf554028a22162eedbd62dfade10f9f35fd8ac39f51d80ec34d38a98a9272a.jpeg

Many tried to copy my success, but most of the time the fake elasticity was disturbing. Haters gonna hate!98b46d3d4a6386b3db555c2952bcf711fa0af82715614ad307dc16dc07fdae70.jpeg

The Publish0x community adopted me and made me part of the family, and soon this bundle of joy and elasticity joined the family932ba00496fd571c2e486eb0e4f39cb7248fa4f2120e8dd5c78903927c12cfe8.jpeg

I left my village and now I am travelling the world, trying to help as many as possible. I am spreading the wealth through Publish0x and I give rewards on Twitter. But every holiday ... I am heading home! Ampleforth will always be my home... rebase after rebase.

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