Bedtime Story: Three Farmers at the Bonfire!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 12 Nov 2020

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Harvest Finance uses the newest DeFi protocols to automatically farm the highest yield available, implementing convenient ways to farm different tokens. The project comes as a solution for the complicated manual yield farming, and as a method to bring a honest source of income (#BreadForThePeople) for everyone. The generated APY's are the highest on the market and the liquidity providers are rewarded with high amounts of $FARM, Harvest Finance's native token. FARM currently position in the Market Cap Rank is 201 and the All-Time High value of $5078 was achieved on the 2nd of September. The All-time Low was recorded on the 25th of September, at $67.46. It wasn't always a smooth road for Harvest Finance, with ups and downs, hacker attacks, periods of turmoil and periods of rewarding, but at the end of the day ... this is how farming is supposed to be. 


You probably know that I am a humble farmer, a beautiful DeFI farmer with a straw in  my mouth, muddy Wellington boots and an old dungarees. I got into Harvest Finance farming back in October, when I first took part to Harvest competitions and got my first share of $FARM. In fact my dad was a farmer, as his dad was before him, and many generations before them, because working the fields was the main source  of food, wealth and income in Romania.


Fast forward to 2020, when the Harvest Finance community accepted me, treated me as one of their own, and gave me the tools to earn my bread. This is how Farmer Paul was born. Even is life in 2020 has been rough, and I currently have a lot on my plate, farming is the solution. #BreadForThePeople


Bedtime Story: Three Farmers at the bonfire

Under the cloudy night sky, the fog was settling upon the fields. The moon was rarely shining, being obscured by dark and thick clouds. On the far end of the corn fields, a majestic bonfire was burning, looking like a lighthouse that guides the lost souls to the shore.

Close to the bonfire, a lonely farmer was sitting on a log, watching the the flame dance and listening to the charcoal cracking. He was drinking wine from a bottle and eating bread. He was alerted by approaching footsteps and when he looked up, he noticed two farmers approaching. When they were close enough to see their faces, he greeted them with a nod of the head and invited them to warm up by the fire.


- Hello humble farmers, I am Jedediah but everyone calls me Jed. I will sped the night here to be able to work the fields nice and early. Come closer and  enjoy the warmth of the fire, have some bread and lets share this wine.

- Hello Jed, I am farmer Paul and my friend is farmer Chad. Both wanting to start the harvest in the dawn. Thank you for the invitation, be brought more wine, cheese and some pastries. Looks like we gonna have a feast.

The three farmers set the food on a newspaper in everyone's reach and Jedediah took two metal mugs from his bag and gave one to each guest. He filled their mugs and had a big sip from the bottle. The large bonfire was keeping them unaffected by the chills of the night, and the warm light created the perfect atmosphere for storytelling. It was agreed that each will share a story related to farming

Jedediah's story: Farming at the dawn of times

Jed cleared his throat and started a story about the humble beginnings of farming, and how working the fields created legends, heroes, kings and queens. 

The first mistake of humanity was made by Adam. The wanted to enjoy all nature's gifts without giving back. He refused to farm the fertile earth and limit his activity to watching the birds in flight, eating fruits from the Garden and avoid any agricultural task. My dear farmers, this was the real reason why Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.


Every generation since then tries to avoid Adam's mistake and worked hard to make the land bloom. The humanity learned to accept the gifts of the harvest, and the fields created many kings and queens. The fertile lands between the Tigris and Euphrates made Mesopotamia one of the greatest civilizations in the history. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt promoted mass harvest and worshiped Mother Earth and appreciated the gifts of the harvest. Same in the Ancient Greek and the Roman Empire, where the farmers were the pillars of the society.


Now my dear farmers you may also know that throughout the history when swarms of locusts razed the fields, plague and pests destroyed the harvest or when whole fields of crop burned to ashes. All those catastrophic events were the work of the Horsemen, who punished those who abused the fertile lands and ignored the harvest traditions and customs. The Horseman is real! If you hear the hoofs and laughter ... run and hide! Run ... and hide!

Chad's Story: The Horseman attack

Farmer Chad was ready to start his story when he noticed the goosebumps. He wasn't sure if this was the result of the Horseman mention or Jed's weird grin and the hollow reflection of the fire in his eyes. However he ignored the bad omen feeling and started his story.

I heard many stories about the Horseman. My father was telling me that the fields must be avoided at night, cause the Horseman rides in the dark, animating scarecrows and summoning demonic creatures. He told me to never farm after dusk cause the night is long and full of terrors. 


The story I liked the most was the one he told us in a foggy night like this one.  Not a long time ago, few nights before Halloween, the Horseman launched a malicious attack over the stable-coin fields and robed some barns full of assets. During the night, demonic pumpkins stretched the price of USDC and USDT, taking them out of proportions. The harvest was stolen as a result of the exploit of arbitrage and impermanent loss that influences the value of individual assets inside the Y pool of Curve. The Farmers Council acted quickly and locked the rest of the crops in the Main Barn and guarded the harvest until sunrise, waving torches and making enough noise to keep the Horseman away.


The next day, all the farmers gathered in at the Village Hall and looked for solutions on how those affected will be helped. The remediation plan for the affected farmers was created, and the community decided to help them with food and crops over the winter. At the Farmers Council was also decided that time-lock strategy and commit-and-reveal mechanisms will be implemented for the farmers willing to deposit their harvest in the communal barns. Doing so the farmers hard worked assets will be protected from future attacks from the Horseman.  Even if the daily activities at the farm continued, many stopped to work the fields and abandoned farming, maybe finding a job in the city. The quality and value of FARM products dropped as the Horseman burned both crops and the farmers confidence in agriculture.


My dear friend, the Horseman is vicious, lurking in the shadows. The likes to burn fields, but sometimes he protects the farmers. He is scary but his after his appearances, the communities are bounding and becoming stronger, going on with the harvest. The production must continue, cause the harvest is not much but is honest work. We must keep the farming honest, bringing bread for the people. Even if I enjoyed when my father was telling me stories about the Horseman, I personally believe that this is nothing more than a method to teach youngsters to be responsible, to help with the house choirs and to stay home at night. A ghostly horseman in 2020 ... that just folklore.


Paul's story: Modern Farming

Farmer Paul took a sip from his mug and smiled. He didn't want to admit that the Horseman story was scary. He showed his appreciation for both stories and agreed that farming was a stepping stone human progress and evolution. He poured the wine down, wiped his mouth with the sleeve and started his story.

My friends, I am a modern farmer. I enjoy both harvesting the fields and the use of technology. I admire this beautiful fields of maize and grain the same I admire yield farming. I know that a Horseman cannot stop honest farmers to work the fields, and same, hackers cannot stop Harvest Finance.


You may wonder what Harvest Finance is? My friends, is my new hobby and a source of income as well. I have FARM deposited in their pools but many other options are available, such as Wrapped Ethereum,  Wrapped Ethereum, UniSwap Pools, Curve, DAI or Tether. It ain't much but  is honest work.


When I was little my father was taking me to help him out. He was giving me small and easy tasks, so I get used with tools and the farmer lifestyle, without struggling with the real hard work. He was protecting me from the harsh adult life but teaching me the skills needed to become a husband, a father and a good citizen. Year after year, I learnt more and more, and even if I am not a 100% old school farmer, I respect the traditional ways and customs. I know that an earned loaf of bread is sweeter than stolen honey. This beliefs made me join the Harvest Finance farmers community. In there honest work is promoted and everyone can handle banter. This is the reason why few months ago I started staking FARM at an incredible APY and now my treasure chest is getting full. My barn is getting full and my honest work is rewarded. 


Farming shouldn't be a burden and the harvest should keep the table full and the family jolly. The Horseman??? Just a legend created by farmers to keep lovers away from the maize field and to stop thieves raiding the crops. 

When Farmer Paul concluded his story, Jed stood up and clapped sarcastically and his face shifted to something hideous. The clouds covered the moon and the dense fog drew nearer to the fire, looking like arms made of fog were trying to reach for the farmers. A wind gust suddenly extinguished the bonfire and the fog quickly covered any sparks and heat from then charcoal and amber. The air turned frosty and heavy as Paul and Chad started hearing horses galloping around their location. The crop started moving left and right and they could see carved pumpkins with purple flames instead of eyes. A swarm of pumpkins surrounded the farmers and behind them were huge skeletal horses and ghoulish scarecrows. And than the laughter started, a demonic laughter that made them feel in a deep sorrow, followed by a deep, old voice, that echoed across the fields. 

The Horseman is real! If you hear the hoofs and laughter ... run and hide! Run ... and hide! I am the Farmers of Souls and I feast with sorrow! 

When the moonlight managed to break from behind the clouds, the fog was gone. Two metal mugs were rolling on the ground as another gust of wind  scattered the ash from the bonfire over three empty logs.


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