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Gorilla Mansion- hold the mansion, take the prizes!

10 Jan 2022 2 minute read 0 comments aka LonelyBoy

  Gorilla Mansion The next big blockchain game? Marathon daily sessions are being held in Twitter Spaces to stealth launch the Gorilla Mansion blockchain gaming project. Forget doxxing. Join these spaces and get to know the team directly! Have your...

Where can you find 250k+ crypto degens and get paid for it? Torum SocialFi

31 Dec 2021 1 minute read 1 comment aka LonelyBoy

  I don't remember exactly how I stumbled into Torum. I know it wasnt long after joining UHive and feeling like they'd got it all completely wrong. Sure they had a token and a small community but there was nothing but bot comments and spam.   Disillu...

NFTs: Glory to the cult! NFTs + yield token + breeding + game + DAO

1 Dec 2021 2 minute read 0 comments aka LonelyBoy

Glory to the cult! Martabak Cult: polygon NFT and blockchain game project. 3200 Droids - Yield Token - Breeding - Game In Development - 'martaverse' Key stats: 0.04 wETH, minting now. Polygon blockchain. 150 assets. Yield daily $MTBK tokens. Mar...

More than just a charity token? The WHEX Crypto Ecosystem

3 Nov 2021 4 minute read 3 comments aka LonelyBoy

  Have you ever stumbled into a project by accident and then become so engrossed in it you forget how you even got there?   I started off in Whale Exploder purely by chance. I saw a post offering a million tokens for anyone not yet holding the token...

NFTs- The kids are alright!

12 Aug 2021 4 minute read 2 comments aka LonelyBoy

  NFTs- The kids are alright! aka LonelyBoy What were you doing at 13? Somewhere between still dreaming of flying like a super hero and discovering girls weren't so bad after all? My guess is it didn't involve designing and programming the first Dis...

Brand New Project: AUTOMatic- BSC reflection token that pays out in MATIC every hour!

10 Aug 2021 1 minute read 2 comments aka LonelyBoy

    Introducing AUTOMatic   BSC reflection token that pays out in Polygon MATIC every hour!   In a market seriously full of shitcoins and rugpulls led by massive marketing budgets and shilled to us by paid crypto influencers- how the hell do we fin...

Aloha- DeFi, WiFi and NFT Innovation. Is Aloha Defi a sleeping giant?

7 Aug 2021 3 minute read 0 comments aka LonelyBoy

Aloha is its own eco system that includes decentralized peer to peer WiFi, DeFi, NFTs, and a marketplace. The base concept is to monetise unused data, by allowing peer to peer use, and being paid in Aloha for it. These tokens can then be redeemed an...

The Project Merge- Farming Merge

4 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments aka LonelyBoy

  You heard the news that Merge has locked 1.5 million tokens for 12 months in a liquidity pool for farming and were like... wait? umm whut? What does that mean in English?! Entering the world of cryptocurrency can be confusing enough, and thats bef...

The benefits of listing a crypto project on RocketBot

3 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments aka LonelyBoy

Why would my crypto project list on rocket?   For many the crypto they receive on social media is their first taste of owning any. If they are intrigued then it may also be the first time they use a wallet, transfer, or even attempt to stake and far...

The Project Merge- Crypto Project

1 Aug 2021 3 minute read 1 comment aka LonelyBoy

Many of us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord have seen the plethora of crypto tipping bots, with the #rocketbot being a very prominent one. These bots allow us to easily tip, giveaway and store crypto and are a great introduction to the crypto eco sys...