Gorilla Mansion- hold the mansion, take the prizes!

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 10 Jan 2022

  Gorilla Mansion

The next big blockchain game?

Marathon daily sessions are being held in Twitter Spaces to stealth launch the Gorilla Mansion blockchain gaming project.

Forget doxxing. Join these spaces and get to know the team directly! Have your say, ask your questions, interrogate them!

Additionally you can win Genesis Gorilla NFTs and ETH playing rock, paper, scissors!

Trust me when I say you want a GENESIS gorilla!

Twitter Spaces: The new NFT launchpad

I first came across the leader of the Gorilla Gang, James, during the epic pre-launch of Apocalyptic Apes. These Spaces were a game changer for NFT projects and showed how quickly you could build a fanbase by talking to them- rather than doing the discord grind.

They also allowed other creators time to shill. Then asked their community to follow, tag and share these projects. As the popularity of the project grew it also raised the profile of the spaces hosts, singers, contributors, and other projects. In short, a community grew quickly.

It has already become the dujour for genuine teams and projects. I see you Roo Troop, xPunks, Ethaliens and many others!

So what is Gorilla Mansion? At the moment it is just 8888 Gorilla NFTs selling for 0.012 ($50appx) on the polygon blockchain. Well that and a dev team building the game using ‘unreal engine’. That in itself was enough to get me interested! Then there is James, consistent and clear about the direction of the project even at the end of 40 hours on Spaces!

The game will be set where all the sketchy things happen, on the dark outskirts of the city. Gorillas will battle to hold the mansion in a winners take all battle for prizes.

While full details are slowly being released we already know there will be rentable apartments in the mansion, weapons and vehicles for sale, breeding, and the gorillas will be rentable avatars for new players.

The mechanics will be totally gamified for play to earn competitors and they can continue to earn a passive income 24/7.

There will also be an in game token. Players will complete missions and take risks to earn their share of the tokens.

Genesis Gorillas carry special breeding traits and are limited in number. Look out for illusive traits! There are 6 factions: Mutant, Commander, Bloodline, Apocalyptic, DNA and Cyborg. Genesis owners will be airdropped a wife and will be able to breed different traits for unique spawn.

While the game is in development owners of a genesis will be airdropped a voxel version of the NFT to use in the Sandbox metaverse.

Want to get your hands on a Gorilla Mansion NFT?

For a short time some Gorillas have been released into the AR wild, Pokemon Go style. They have been popping up in places like New York, Barcelona, Brisbane. Find one using the Arloopa app and it will be yours for free!`Dont forget to share it on your socials though! Its not everyday theres a gorilla in central park!

You can also try your hand at rock, paper, scissors!

Join in the Spaces and get to know the awesome members of the Gorilla Gang. Hi Schem! Or support James and buy one on OpenSea.

See you in the mansion!


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