NFTs- The kids are alright!

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 12 Aug 2021


NFTs- The kids are alright!

aka LonelyBoy

What were you doing at 13? Somewhere between still dreaming of flying like a super hero and discovering girls weren't so bad after all? My guess is it didn't involve designing and programming the first Discord mining NFTs, or building online communities to support your art. There's a lot of fud in the media about the younger generations reliance on technology but is it all bad?

From what I can tell the kids are doing more than alright and can teach us all a thing or two!

Anyone who has been following my blog will have seen me delve into some projects with massive budgets behind them. The kind of money that brings social media influencers, expensive giveaways, and full teams of pumpers.

The amazing thing is that while you can see they've spent a heap of money, they generally fail to actually engage with their audience, and win loyal fans.

What if I told you I'd found more creativity and ingenuity from a bunch of 13 and 14 year old's? The kind of smarts that build loyal communities and get real engagement. These kids could save the bigger projects a bunch of money and end up with better results!



One of the projects that caught my eye is Yeteez- Szn 1. Created by 13 year old PhilB2Cool the Yeteez series features 6 original characters, a comic book, sneakers and possibly a digital skateboard collab. Phils ability to keep offering more for   his fans is whats kept me coming back. That, and the cool Yeetez art! At 13 he has the know-how to design and mint   NFTs, but then also to realise he needs to offer more than just pics. His NFTs offer a series of   rarities with character number 6, Anon Yetee, a legendary 1/1, offering generous, regular, anonymous drops.

When you think about how many years of drops you could be getting, and imagine what Phil could be doing by the time he is a seasoned 15, 16, 17  year old (!) this could be a really good investment. Could the future see a physical shoe or skateboard collab, toys, or Yeteez used in-game in the metaverse?

The drops often feature animation, or are sometimes backed by cool hip hop beats, and are more than just a cute jpeg. Minted on the Matic network, Phils work has a floor of 0.01 ETH with the most expensive at 1 ETH.

Check out his work on OpenSea: YETEEZ KRAZY BALL (RARE TOY DROP) - YETEEZ SZN 1 | OpenSea


The Yeteez series also has a raffle ticket promo going for a major prize drawn at a party in Feb 2022

'Welcome to the YETEEZ carnival! Where the impossible starts to look super possible. Where oddities and curiosities meet and are never judged. A place where a Yetee can be a Yetee, and a Bored Ape can be a Bored Ape. What are you waiting for, you can't miss this NFT show! There are only 100 tickets minted! There will only be one winner announced at the show by the Host (KRAZY YETEE). COME ONE COME ALL!!!!!'

Phil and I have bonded over a mutual love of Dr Dres' Compton album and will be doing a giveaway together very shortly so keep an eye out on both of our Twitter accounts (

Phil definitely be much cooler than me at 13!


Cookie NFTs are a pixel art series created by another 13 year old, Ash ( What's particularly genius about Ash is his cookie NFTs are designed to be the first Discord mining NFT. By mining in the Cookie Squad discord page, holders receive a payout of up to .001 cookies per hour. These accumulated cookies can then be used to buy NFTs in their store.

Imagine an rPlanet but for Discord.



Watching the bot from concept to launch has been amazing to see. It wasn't even on the agenda when I first discovered Ash!  The bot was built from the ground up by Promad, another of the same age, and it is a small wonder he was able to do it. As well as mining for cookies with the Golden Cookie Miner NFT, you can stake NFTs for even greater rewards. The team has also recently introduced the Electric Cookie Miner which will substantially increase your cookie baking output!

There are multiple levels of genius in the cookie squad concept. The mining and staking are great in themselves, but the BOT should see them continue to grow. For example- Quick Collect jumped on board with their Wall Street Bets Punks and you can now stake their WSB Punks in the server for higher rewards.

For other artists, collabs with Cookie Squad seem a no brainer. Despite only being launched a couple of months ago, Ash has already done work with Levitated Arts, and LJPSaveSaveSave, and you will see many familiar names from the NFT world dropping by to mine for cookies. This constant interaction with the server also boosts engagement. Why not say hi while you drop by to mine, chat to some NFT artists directly, and maybe get some insider knowledge on their latest projects. There are also regular airdrops, happy hours, and giveaways to keep you active. 

This is how you build a community around your project that yields long term success. There are shillers out there that could learn a lot from these young future tycoons, I know I am!

The kids are alright! Us oldies might be more of a concern!


Join the discord here:

Buy a Golden Cookie Miner here: AtomicHub - Interface for the EOSIO AtomicAssets NFT standard

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my Yeteez Giveaway!


Thanks for reading!


ps maybe one day we will see a Yeteez and Cookie collab!

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