Aloha- DeFi, WiFi and NFT Innovation. Is Aloha Defi a sleeping giant?

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 7 Aug 2021


Aloha is its own eco system that includes decentralized peer to peer WiFi, DeFi, NFTs, and a marketplace. The base concept is to monetise unused data, by allowing peer to peer use, and being paid in Aloha for it. These tokens can then be redeemed and used for purchasing items in the marketplace, converted to fiat, or other crypto, or staked to earn more Aloha.

When you stake Aloha you are rewarded with NFTs which hold power within the eco system and grant you voting and governance rights. 

This gamification of the #NFTs is one of Alohas unique selling points going forward.


Weve all been caught without internet connection at some point so I think we can agree there is the possibility of a big market for this. Aloha WiFi followed in the footsteps of OPP Open WiFi and it looks like the team have decided that the gamification of NFTs might be their best road forward- especially towards being a decentralized project. NFT holders will eventually hold the balance of power.

OPP and Aloha are essentially the same business, but after launching an unsuccessful ICO during crypto winter, a rethink was required. Aloha has been given the marketers overhaul and I think it looks much more 'global' than the previous incarnation. There is a consistent style and message through the branding, which is also quite unique and immediately recognisable.



In a rare bridging of the crypto and fiat worlds, CEOs Martin Regan and Phillip Legg would like to list Aloha on the stock exchange and have been seeking investment from the traditional finance world. This should reassure us a little as investors that the projects business plan has been subject to vigorous scrutiny. For now purchases can be made on Uniswap, Probit and Hotbit with a current price of around 0.02 US and an ATH of appx US 0.14c. The total supply is 100 million tokens. A return to ATH would be a very tidy return!

NFTs can only be earned by staking ALOHA tokens or by purchasing them on the secondary market. Another way of getting your hands on one is to keep an eye on their Twitter and Telegram for their giveaways and competitions (     .


AlohaDeFi was created to act as a decentralized voting system for the already operational #AlohaWifi. Owners of NFTs will be able to use it in several ways:

  • Right to purchase wifi access at Aloha wifi hotspots
  • Responsible for community development and networking within their own local areas
  • Governance of AlohaWifis main business activities such as marketing and planning with other directors, they can also approve/disapprove specific initiatives and projects. 
  • A share of fees generated on the NFT platform and the marketplace
  • VIP early access to future developments


There is a lot to like about Aloha. I personally really like the idea of holding voting rights in a fairly new startup company. Fast forward a few years to when the IOT is more common and perhaps we would be able to tap into that market by selling our wifi to AI. For me one aspect of this project I find fascinating is... could you end up with enough users to have a telco/internet company that is purely made up of shared wifi but on-sold in plans to customers under an umbrella name? A telco with no telco! Decentralized and owned and run by NFT holders! There is a huge market for that. Imagine the resale value of just the NFTs if this project achieves its goals. Another thing I like about Aloha is the persistence of the team. Despite crypto winter and a self acknowledged unsuccessful ICO they have come back better, and with a much better concept. If I can believe in the team then it brings me a lot closer to wanting to invest. It helps that they are easy to find on Youtube and on their socials, rather than an anonymous team.

There is a new season of NFTs which have just been released to stakers and they follow a Jazz pool party theme. This follows on from the last series which was a zombie apocalypse! Keep your eyes on this project. Its fairly new, pretty much unknown and has a head start on competitors because of the experience of the team leading it. They have big plans for a marketing push in the short term so now could be a good time to get in and start earning those NFTs- and then you can have your say about how they run things!



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