NFTs: Glory to the cult! NFTs + yield token + breeding + game + DAO

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 1 Dec 2021


Glory to the cult!

Martabak Cult: polygon NFT and blockchain game project.

3200 Droids - Yield Token - Breeding - Game In Development - 'martaverse'

Key stats: 0.04 wETH, minting now. Polygon blockchain. 150 assets. Yield daily $MTBK tokens.

Martabak  Cult is a project from Bali, Indonesia. The NFTs feature grungy droid art and have multiple utilities, like daily token claim, DAO voting rights, and future in game use.

$MTBK, an erc20 token, is the core utility of the project. Droid owners start accumulating $MTBK immediately with returns from 10-25 per day depending on the rarity of the character. The NFT will also be summonable in the upcoming game and martaverse.

What will I use these tokens for? After the initial sellout of 3200 droids breeding will begin at a cost of 1500 $MTBK. There will be 6000 new NFTs with new assets available.

The initial mint of droids will be the C-Models and will come in three types; Shamanoids, Androids and Gynoids. In order to breed a D-Model owners will need to marry an Android and a Gynoid. Shamanoids are super rare (200), non-binary and cannot be bred. They also yield the most daily tokens per day (25). 


NFTs can also be boosted in order to yield an extra 10 $MTBK daily. New assets will be purchasable to upgrade your character. This will happen in a marketplace in the martaverse.

What is the martaverse? The cult ecosystem will centre around the 2d martaverse, a two dimensional game environment which is still in development. Here cult members will initially claim tokens, breed and chill. There are plans for a PVP mode in the martaverse arena where players can compete with each other, join mini play to earn games, and beta test new games. 

To top it off Martabak Cult nft owners are entitled to a vote in the DAO giving them a say in the future direction of the project!

Charitable ambitions? The team is setting aside $25000 to donate to Indonesian charities in education, outdoor kitchens and sustainability projects.

Charity, DeFi, blockchain gaming, tokens, breeding and really cool art. All backed by a dedicated team that have continued with the projects development after the mint has commenced. These are all the things we look for in an nft project. Will it die after mint? Is the team for real or just a hype machine? Is there a utility? Is there a future roadmap? From what I see its a tick tick tick and a glimpse at the games progress should see interest spike in the project.

Come and chat to the team in the discord or just straight up buy two and join the cult!

Check them out:






MTBK Token address:

Martabak Cult address: 

You can DM or follow me here:


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