More than just a charity token? The WHEX Crypto Ecosystem

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 3 Nov 2021



Have you ever stumbled into a project by accident and then become so engrossed in it you forget how you even got there?


I started off in Whale Exploder purely by chance. I saw a post offering a million tokens for anyone not yet holding the token in a wallet. This is fairly common for new projects. They need wallet holders to help them get listed. Its why airdrops are so popular for startups.


A million? How could I say no! I ventured into their Telegram and was warmly greeted by founder Peter Wake and his community. It wasnt long before I had the coins in my MM- my first milli bag! If only Id waited another couple of days as I saw people giving away a billion here and a trillion there. How many of these bloody tokens are there?! Well- quite a lot actually! And not just that, there's 6 tokens in the eco system!


Essentially the WHEXcosystem is a collection of 6 related deflationary DeFi tokens on the BSC network. These tokens are linked via Tide Pools which allow swapping up and down the chain without tokenomics. Its the tokenomics that may eventually lead to the token prices doing a 'shib' or by then we may be saying, a 'feg'.


WHEX utilises intentionally high transfer fees to discourage whale sell offs and pump and dumps. They are the core mechanics that provide for bi-weekly donations, deflationary burns and reflections to holders. 

Whale Exploder is at the top of the food chain and has the highest supply (999 Quintillion) but also the highest tokenomics at 42%. Of this 15% is sent to a charity/burn wallet, 14% reflections to holders, and 13% to whex/bnb liquidity.

The other tokens are:

SLEX- supply 500 quintillion. 24% fee. 8% to charity, 8% reflections, 8% slex/bnb liquidity

CDEX- 250 quintillion. 12% fee. 4% charity, 4% reflections, 4% cdex/bnb liquidity

ANEX- 125 quintillion. 6% fee. 2% charity, 2% reflections, 2% anex/bnb liqiuidity

KREX- 62.5 quintiliion. 3% fees, 1% charity, 1% reflections, 1% krex/bnb liquidity

CRYPTO- 31.25 quintillion- has no tokenomics


See- told you there were a lot of tokens! lol.

So whats the value I see in all of this? Other than donating to charity and enjoying watching some burns! So far a lot of what ive loved is the community that has been built in such a short time. The project is still in prelaunch for the most part, and yet has a dedicated community of thousands. The Telegram is a hive of constant activity and has a VC that goes almost 24/7. This is what got me hooked. Here I can chat with fellow crypto lovers, the founders, propose ideas, vote on key changes, and generally be first to find out any news. There are also quizzes, games and challenges to win chunks of crypto. These weekly challenges are hotly contested! Best ive managed is second! If you consider yourself pretty good at trivia you should come and join in!


The whole WHEXcosystem of coins are also available on rocketbot. This bot can be used to giveaway, tip and airdrop tokens fee free ptp. If you follow members of the community you will quickly build up a big supply of tokens in your wallet. At the moment most people are continuing to share it around and grow the presence of the project. There is also a trading group so you can swap your tokens to other crypto.


When im looking to actually put money into a new project I need to believe in the team. With so many rugpulls and shady devs around- its the key to not getting #squidgamed


In the few short months ive been in the community ive gotten to know founder Peter Wake pretty well. He is a straight up legit guy. Whether that means this project will do well and make me rich is another story. Do I believe he will do a rug- no way. Ive watched him rebuild a couple of times after fellow founders have tried to be shady. He has also been transparent to a tee. Whenever something major has happened he has been right at the coalface and leading from the front. Ive seen the project branded as a scam and get on the front foot to prove its not. I still watch as an ex dev tries to dump his holdings whenever the price rises. Through it all Peter is there fighting back and negotiating his next move. I dont fear that he will be move on to another project and leave this one to whither. Every week there is a new innovation to get the project moving and continuing its development.


The latest development has seen Peter start the Elite 42 squads. Each token has been given its own leader, and team, to promote and grow the token. Team members are paid a quadrillion a week and the prizes for the top teams are extremely generous. The top team wins 250 quad and an NFT that will reward the winners bulk tokens for life! These rewards may change by the time you read this but knowing Peter im sure they will continue to be very generous. If youd like to join then just get started in the community, learn a bit about the project and maybe you can join one of the elite squads.


Im on Team COD. The best team- of course!

I know- your thinking- but these arnt worth anything and with so many tokens they never will be. Maybe. Or maybe if you hold and keep stacking, the deflationary forces will fall in your favour. Its human nature that others will lose patience and burn their tokens through fees- all this will continue to grow your stack through reflections.


Why not collect what you can for free for a while through the community giveaways on twitter, discord and telegram? Join in on some quizzes and weekly prizes and see if, like me, you get hooked on the community! Maybe then youll see the value in investing some of your cash into this awesome little eco system and helping it grow.


For transperancy- I have invested a little in this project. Approx $150 mainly as I believe in Peter and the hard work he is putting in. I am considering investing about the same again soon. There are huge bonuses for buying now. CDEX is giving 15 quadrillion to the top buyer who uses the code 'DEE' this week. You can buy a KREX NFT that will payout huge bonuses for life. 

For reference 1 Quintillion = 1 BNB


If youd like a bunch of CDEX to get you started give me a message on twitter @shadymalgill or leave your twitter handle in the comments and I'll tip you some 

Get all the CDEX info here:



Thanks for reading!

You can find me @shadymalgill on Twitter 




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