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By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 1 Aug 2021

Many of us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord have seen the plethora of crypto tipping bots, with the #rocketbot being a very prominent one. These bots allow us to easily tip, giveaway and store crypto and are a great introduction to the crypto eco system. For many its their first taste of owning crypto, having a wallet, airdropping and transferring, and even staking.


For more experienced crypto peeps its a great tool for sharing and storing crypto and is the perfect promotional tool. Giveaways can be left up to the bot to decide. Airdrops can be almost any amount you want, spread over time, to selected, or multiple winners. And you can tip creators for good content, because your feeling generous, or because you want to spread the word about your project. If your feeling particularly dapper, you can 'make it rain' crypto like the BTC lambo driving pimp you always knew you were!


The RocketBot is a product of The Project Merge and #Merge is the currency that powers the eco system. But the merge project is more than just the bot and once you delve into it, and see what they have on the horizon, it starts to look more and more like an investment worthy project. Or at the very least you could compound the tips and giveaways you receive on your socials!



What is Merge?
Merge is the collaborative result of multi-functional teams and individuals who focus on providing Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by the Blockchain. With the support of the MERGE Cryptocurrency, it provides a wide range of solutions for crypto and non-crypto oriented users, teams, and companies


My introduction to The Project Merge came through receiving enough tips and giveaways on Twitter to make it worth seeing what I could do with this crypto I'd received. I was quite surprised when I checked my rocketbot balances and had a dozen #DOGE, 20+ #ABSolute, 50+ #MERGE, 40+ #BLOCKLOGIC.

Once I connected my Telegram and Discord wallets as well I had more than doubled these amounts- and connecting the wallets was super easy. I also had a bunch of crypto's to investigate to see what they were all about. This is probably one of the hidden benefits for projects that #listonrocket as it provides exposure to an audience that may later become hodlers.

Id received most of these giveaways from so I joined up to his Crypto Winners Discord where he has giveaways of up to 1k Merge per week, daily giveaways and airdrops, and I now run an NFT channel. I havnt won the 1k yet but I am steadily accumulating more Merge.

A little birdy has told me there is big NFT wallet news coming up from the merge team soon too- so keep an eye out in the discord.


Recently the team has started to make some big announcements to their followers. This week we have seen the announcement that #BSC and #TRX chain projects will be added to the project. This will also allow for trading on #PancakeSwap and #Uniswap. Owners will also be able to store their crypto in #Trust and #MetaMask wallets for the first time. For me the most exciting part is that the team have added 1.5 million tokens to a liquidity pool, locked for 12 months, and farming will soon begin.



Up until now Merge holders have been best to stake their holdings on and slowly accumulate more. Ive been doing that and have seen my wallet steadily, if slowly increase. Im starting from a pretty small pot! My long term goal is to get to 10 000 Merge and have a #masternode. This is another key plank in The Project Merge. Having a master-node doesnt require superior technical knowledge and when you decide your done, you can simply withdraw your tokens. 


My long term crypto goals are about building income streams that continue to compound over time. It takes away the roller coaster of price fluctuation stress. Farming and staking are ideal for me so the latest news from the team sees me moving from being a pure accumulator, to someone looking at investing fiat and hodling long term.


If you dont own any Merge but your interested- head into the discord channel and write #lonelyboysentme and I will tip you some to get you started. While you are there you may as well leave you wax in my NFT channel to go into an NFT Giveaway draw too!


If youd like to follow me you can find me here-





$merge #merge $SCC #FLS #listonrocket $ABS @theprojectmerge 

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