The benefits of listing a crypto project on RocketBot

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 3 Aug 2021


Why would my crypto project list on rocket?


For many the crypto they receive on social media is their first taste of owning any. If they are intrigued then it may also be the first time they use a wallet, transfer, or even attempt to stake and farm. For crypto projects its a great chance to accrue 'fans' who decide to purchase more of the project they've just discovered. Having their token used for airdrops, giveaways, tips, and 'rain' also puts the project in front of a lot of eyeballs across Discord, Telegram and Twitter.


RocketBot bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and social media. For crypto users its a great tool for storing and sharing crypto. Giveaways can be left up to the bot to decide. Airdrops can be almost any amount you want, spread over time, to selected, or multiple winners. And you can tip creators for good content, because your feeling generous, or because you want to spread the word about your project. 


In order to receive the crypto on a Twitter offer, users are notified by rocketbot to retweet, like and comment on the post. This sharing sees the post receive a lot more engagement than regular posts do. And engagement is a key metric. Whether the post is about your project or not, each user will retweet it to their followers, who will then see which crypto is being offered. A project could offer some of their tokens to influencers to give out through the bot, or control the giveaways themselves. Smart operators would build a strong community of followers who could all band together to promote a project using the rocketbot and really smash the Lunar Crush ratings.


Users can also easily link their wallet across Telegram, Discord and Twitter and access instant deposits and withdrawals.

Already listed on the bot are well known projects like #BTC, #LTC and #DOGE but there are many more like #Absolute, #PIVX, #BlockLogic and the native #MERGE which have benefited from their exposure across social channels. Setting up is easy and low cost with upfront payment options, or an option to deposit tokens, which can be withdrawn later on.

If you would like me to put you in contact with The Project Merge and RocketBot teams, please get in contact. You can find me here or at any of the places below. If youd like any help as a promo partner let me know too!


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The RocketBot is a product of The Project Merge and #Merge is the currency that powers the eco system. But the merge project is more than just the bot.


Read more about The Project Merge here:

$merge #merge $SCC #FLS #listonrocket $ABS @theprojectmerge 


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