Brand New Project: AUTOMatic- BSC reflection token that pays out in MATIC every hour!

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 10 Aug 2021




Introducing AUTOMatic


BSC reflection token that pays out in Polygon MATIC every hour!


In a market seriously full of shitcoins and rugpulls led by massive marketing budgets and shilled to us by paid crypto influencers- how the hell do we find the decent projects? If you do figure it out please let me know! Some of the biggest names, with massive engagement and huge audiences, just seem to push one crappy meme coin after another, while quality projects wither and fade away.


Pioneered by and popularised by #BabyCake, 'reflection' tokens are among the hottest things on the market right now, with $CAKE and $DOGE reflection projects almost at saturation point. BabyCake has a current market cap of 100 million so that demonstrates the potential for this project to tap into- and investor appetite is still growing.


Essentially most of the contracts for these projects will include a 'static reward system' and AUTOMatic is no different. What I really love about this token is you are rewarded for just holding it in your wallet- and it pays out every 60 minutes! Let the power of compounding growth take it from there! No losing money in transfer fees! 


AUTOMatic have taken some of the popular parts of meme coins but paired them with a reward token that is quality- rather than another meme coin. By pairing with $MATIC there is the chance $AUTOMs price fluctuations may fall in line with that project as well, which is looking like a major positive. There's still the sizeable marketing budget to try and build a large community, and great memes, but this time there's a touch of real quality about the project.


On a very positive note the team are active on their socials and are quick to ban any shillers on their pages. The team claims their developer has a strong background in Solidity, but you can ask them yourself in the second Telegram voice chat, on 11/8. I think its great they are presenting themselves for questioning so early on- we are still at the whitelist for pre-launch phase! Theres not even a contract address yet!

On the note of contract addresses- please be very careful of fake projects. This one has already had one fake replica which the team were quick to point out. There is no address yet!


The presale will begin 24hrs after whitelisting ends.


There is a link to the whitelist for the prelaunch here: be quick as it ends shortly.



Token supply: 100 000 000 000

Soft cap- 100 BNB

Hard cap- 200 BNB

Fees 15%

10% redistributed to $AUTOM holders

3% allocated in $MATIC tokens to develop the community

2% added to PancakeSwap liquidity pool to aid price stability



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