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In the mood for crypto

In the mood for crypto

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Beginner airdrop hunters: Zetachain Testnet

6 Apr 2023 2 minute read 3 comments ifiwasfrank

  Among the probable airdrops coming in the crypto world, there is a particularly interesting one, which involves no financial investment on the part of us novice hunters. It is ZetaChain, a project by ZetaLabs that aims to solve the problem of the i...

in/habitants — Between the Metaverse and the physical world

10 Mar 2023 2 minute read 1 comment ifiwasfrank

In a universe dotted with potentially valuable collections, we are always on the lookout for the NFT with the most utility and that can return the most value in the long run. In/habitants is a graphic novel that speaks to the Web3 generation and nar...

SmartNodes is the validator you have been looking for

9 Mar 2023 2 minute read 3 comments ifiwasfrank

The choice of a good validator is crucial for all Cosmos users, as the risk of slashing is always just around the corner, and it happens not infrequently that the funds of delgators are cut off due to misbehavior on the part of those who are keeping...

BLUE, ORCA, and FIN: Kujira relaunches its anti-whale tools

27 Jul 2022 5 minute read 3 comments ifiwasfrank

Kujira has re-emerged from the ashes of Terra and successfully launched its new blockchain. After the network crash where Kujira was born, many loyal users, like me, feared for this promising protocol’s future. Thanks to an extraordinary team, the p...

Introduction to IBC protocol and how it works

20 Jul 2022 4 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

🇮🇹  Trovate la versione italiana a questo link.   One of the main flaws of the blockchain world is that networks hardly communicate with each other. To send a Bitcoin on Ethereum network we will need external tools like expensive bridges to wrap the...

Cosmos Airdrop Guide

17 Jul 2022 8 minute read 3 comments ifiwasfrank

Link alla versione italiana   Cosmos is one of the most promising ecosystems in the crypto landscape. There are over 20 currently active networks implemented with Cosmos SDK technology, able to communicate with each other through the IBC (Inter-Block...

Sinfonia is live: Discover the dedicated Fan Token platform launched by BitSong

14 Jul 2022 6 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

For cosmonauts who have been following Bitsong over the past few months, it was a highly anticipated event. After the success of the incentivized testnet, which enabled many users to earn a nice nest egg in BTSG, the mainnet of the portal dedicated...

Nomic brings Bitcoin to Cosmos’ DeFi: How it works, future developments and airdrop

9 Jul 2022 5 minute read 2 comments ifiwasfrank

Bitcoin is for all intents and purposes the mother of all cryptocurrencies. We have seen the emergence of wrapped or pegged versions of BTC on the major blockchains in circulation, and now, thanks to Nomic, we will have the first non-custodial and f...

Prism: A new derivativers protocol arrives on Terra [ENG – ITA]

9 Feb 2022 13 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

🇮🇹 Trovate la versione italiana dell’articolo dopo quella inglese   By definition, an optical prism is a transparent element with flat, smooth surfaces designed to refract light. This image of refraction is very useful to understand the mechanisms be...

Lots of news from Stader protocol: from Community Farming to STAKE + [ENG - ITA]

2 Feb 2022 5 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

🇮🇹 Trovate la versione italiana dell’articolo dopo quella inglese   It’s been about a month since I write about Stader Labs, the protocol that allows you to maximize rewards from the staking of LUNA. Now I return to give you a brief update on the lat...