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StocksFC: The stock market of football players

By ifiwasfrank | In the mood for crypto | 19 Oct 2023

Among sports-themed blockchain games, there’s one that stands out for its bold attempt to merge the world of football with the dynamics of stock markets. It is StocksFc, a gaming platform where you can buy and sell shares related to soccer players and their performance and earn Ethereum rewards.

Scouting for promising young players, buying established talent, and creating your dream team is every soccer fan’s dream. Being able to do this while earning rewards and generating monetizable capital gains is the mission of StocksFC. Thanks to the many opportunities offered by blockchain, the platform has managed to create a sustainable rewards ecosystem and an efficient economy for its users.

The currency used in the game both for buying and selling players and for paying rewards, is Ethereum. The game, after a break-in period, was officially launched in May 2023 and has been distributing rewards since August.

Registration and deposit

Signing up for the game is very simple. Just create an account through your email or through a social account (Google, for example). To start, users have to deposit a few dollars in ETH to the game wallet. The user has two options:

  • Deposit using a debit/credit card through Ramp. Broker fees, which vary depending on the payment circuit, and network fees will be charged;
  • Deposit ETH directly through any compatible wallet (such as MetaMask). In this case, a 1% fee will be charged on the amount deposited, plus transaction fees for sending the funds. This transaction can only be done through the Ethereum network, and not through any of its layers2.


Once ETHs have been deposited, it will be possible to start creating one’s Portfolio. Users will have the opportunity to purchase player stocks through two tools:

  • IPO (Initial Player Offerings): whenever a new player is added to the platform, users have the opportunity to buy his shares at a fixed launch price for a set period. One hundred thousand shares are offered for sale for each player. Any unsold stocks are burned to create scarcity and cannot be used for a second IPO.

  • Transfer Market: users can buy all player stocks in the game at the market price. Through the orderbook, it’s possible to place buy/sell orders at a limit price, that is, by setting the price at which you want to buy, or sell/buy the player directly at the current market price. Orders placed at market price will be triggered immediately, while limit orders will be triggered only if the price of the stock reaches the price set by the user in the order.


With their roster of players, users have the opportunity to monetize by trying to resell stocks at an higher price than the purchase price through the Transfer Market. But that’s not all. StocksFC has developed a reward system based on player performance:

  • Team of the Week: at the end of each week of play, the owners of the shares of the 11 best players of the day will be rewarded in proportion to the shares owned.

  • Team of the Month: are rewarded the share holders of the best 11 players of the month in proportion to the shares owned. The players’ score is calculated by combining all the scores obtained in different weeks
  • Team of the season: are rewarded the share holders of the best 11 players of the season, in proportion to the shares owned (for the current one, the deadline is July 14, 2024).

  • Inplay rewards: each player who, during the game week, scores a goal, makes an assist, or a key-action receives points. Inplay rewards are distributed to players who earn points (and, consequently, to the owners of their shares) in proportion to the points they earn. A player can only earn points for Inplay rewards for the first five weeks during which they are in our possession. You can check the eligibility of our players in the “My Rewards” section. In the picture you will find a table regarding the allocation of points.

A player’s total number of available stocks is a key factor: since the rewards generated are divided by the total number of shares, the fewer shares in circulation, the greater the rewards.

Finally, the limit to earn Inplay rewards for only five weeks ensures more vibrancy in the market. Once the opportunity to get these rewards has ended, the user can strategically choose to sell the player stocks to buy new ones.


StocksFC is built to provide users with a sustainable economic system that can guarantee the distribution of rewards over time, regardless of the number of players and cryptocurrency market conditions.

StocksFC’s economy is primarily fueled by three components: proceeds from sales during IPOs, fees from transactions on the Transfer Market, and Ethereum staking.

  • Initial Player Offerings generate revenue that are sent, through smart contracts, to four separate wallets earmarked for: rewards, buybacks, staking, and development. Five percent of initial sales are allocated to create buyback orders, needed to create a permanent minimum floor price for each player. Any stocks sold through buybacks are burned, decreasing the player’s total supply of shares.

  • Transactions on the Transfer Market also contribute to the scarcity of stocks: when a user buys stocks through the orderbook, one percent is deducted from the order amount to be burned. The value of stocks in StocksFC is given by the relationship between supply and demand: the higher the demand, the higher the value, and vice versa. Commissions generated from market trades are allocated to wallets earmarked for rewards, staking, and development.

  • The team allocates 10 percent of the revenues generated by the platform to Ethereum staking and, with the returns from the latter, it funds part of the ETH rewards distributed to players. As the staking position grows, the yield will increase, thus potential earnings for users. Since the team is committed to never remove funds from the staking wallet, the ecosystem will be progressively less dependent on IPO proceeds and fees generated by the Transfer Market, ensuring a permanent and sustainable income for reward funding.

Market cap and future implementations

Thanks to high-level partnerships (Ramp, Coinbase, BitGo) and a clear and defined roadmapStocksFC’s future looks more than promising. The platform’s market cap, which represents the aggregate value of all StocksFC shares, has steadily grown in recent months, from just over 170ETH in early August to over 700 in mid-October, with nearly eight hundred thousand shares outstanding with an average price above $1.50 (as of the day of publication).

Awaiting the inclusion of new leagues and players and the launch of the mobile app, scheduled for the new year, StocksFC aims to be a reference for soccer and blockchain gaming fans. Thanks to the unique game dynamics, users have the opportunity to implement different strategies according to their risk appetite and investment ability.

For more information, consult the whitepaper.


Start your adventure on StocksFC now!




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