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Welcome to Pooky: the future of sports prediction on blockchain

By ifiwasfrank | In the mood for crypto | 18 Sep 2023

A promising reality has emerged on Polygon for lovers of soccer and zero-risk betting. It is Pooky, a blockchain game that aims to revolutionize the world of traditional sports betting. Thanks to the collection’s NFTs, players will be able to bet on matches and earn experience points and tokens. In this article, I will try to summarize the highlights of the game and the most anticipated future developments.

A user-friendly platform, a simple game mechanism, and an NFT collection with varying attributes make Pooky one of the most appealing sports-themed play-to-earnPookyballs, the protagonists of the game and essential to start betting, with their different rarities and boosts, allow you to earn experience points useful for leveling them up and progressing in the game.

To play, you will have to predict the outcome of a match. It will not be necessary for the prediction to be 100% correct: for example, guessing the winning team and not the exact result will be enough to earn some points.

Pooky is a gaming experience accessible to everyone: users familiar with the web3 and those who have never used a crypto wallet before. Thanks to the partnership with Sequence, users without a wallet will be able to create one using their social accounts (Google, Facebook) and fund it using their debit card. Once you have created an account and connected your wallet, all that remains is to start the game.

Game modes

Basic League

Pooky is a free-to-play with in-game purchases. Upon registration you will be sent a free Basic Pookyball and a second one upon reaching level 5. With this one you will be able to participate in the predictions of all games entered in the Basic League, earn points and level up in the Basic leaderboard.

Although you won’t be able to aspire to big earnings and you won’t be able to trade them on the secondary market, with the basic Pookyballs you can start to have fun and become familiar with the game dynamics. In the future, the game will allow owners of two level 20 basic Pookyballs to combine them to get a level Common one.

PRO Mode

To gain access to all available PRO mode games and maximize possible earnings, users will have to purchase with their wallet a Pookyball on the in-game marketplace (in $MATIC) or on secondary ones such as OpenSea (also in $MATIC or in $WETH). In addition to Basic (Rooky), Pookyballs are divided into 5 rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

Periodically, the team launches public sales during which are allocated NFTs belonging to different rarities. In the first phase, the sales will continue while trying to maintain a predetermined proportion among the rarities. In the future, public sales are expected to end and it will only be possible to purchase Pookyballs through the secondary market.


Each Pookyball has several attributes, some fixed, such as rarity, club affiliation, season and pressure, others variable, such as offense and defense, home and away, and scoring. The variable attributes can be upgraded as the Pookyballs levels up through experience points. Each level achieved allows one point to be added to an attribute of your choice. Depending on rarity, NFTs will start with a certain starting point allocation (proportional to increasing rarity).

Pookyballs, depending on rarity, can reach a maximum level and thus a maximum number of attribute points. For example, for common ones, the maximum level attainable is 40 and the point limit is 90, while for legendary ones the limits are 100 and 340, respectively. Attributes are a multiplier of the score obtained in the predictions, so they can make quite a difference in the economy of the game.


At the end of each week of play, based on the position reached in the leaderboard, players can gain rewards. For the Basic League, playable without initial investment, 5 Pookyball Common, and a fixed amount of $POK (game utility token) per week are up for grabs.
The PRO ranking, which is the one that incorporates all players using Pookyball from Common rarity on up, is divided into two sub-rankings:

  • Pooky Boosted ranking: considers players’ scores considering all boosts given by Pookyball attributes. For this ranking, 90% of the P2E Reward Pool consisting of $POK and $MATIC is allocated. In the future, rewards in Poolyball, Stickers, Energy packs, and other game assets will also be awarded;
  • Pooky Basic ranking: takes into account only the base points from wagering, net of boosts. This ranking is allocated 10% of $POK and $MATIC resources from the Reward pool and, in the future, other game assets. Considering that Pookyballs all compete together regardless of rarity, this is a nice way to level the gap between whale players and noobs.

Pressure, energy, prestige

Pressure, energy, and prestige are additional elements that affect the score.


With each prediction, the pressure of our Pookyballs decreases, and from 75% and below, a penalty is applied to the score that can be as high as 70% if the pressure drops below 11%. Every Monday at 11:59 p.m. CEST the Pookyballs recover their maximum pressure. If a player wants to inflate their ball before the weekly reload, they can do so using $MATIC or $POK.


Each Pookyball will have a prestige coefficient calculated based on several parameters: season (older ones have more prestige), rarity, level, and ascension (if they come from merging two balls of lower rarity, they will have more prestige). Prestige determines the rarity, thus the value, of the Pookyball.


Energy, like pressure, is also needed to place bets and is 100% recharged once a week. Depending on the level and prestige of the Pookyballs in possession, each player will have extra energy to place more bets. In the future, it will be possible to store any excess energy in batteries to be used later or sold in the marketplace.

The future of Pooky

For such a young project, Pooky already has respectable gameplay. Strategy, luck, and a growing community ensure players’ enjoyment that goes beyond the dry thrill of betting. Moreover, Pooky’s future is dense with new features:


This is the latest feature released in the game. Stickers are NFTs that can be combined with Pookyballs to enhance them. Each ball starting with common has a defined number of slots for stickers, which increases with rarity and ranges from 4 (common) to 12 (mythic). Additional slots can be unlocked as the level of the Pookyballs increases.

In addition to aesthetic value, stickers have value in terms of prestige, which they increase even if they are not allocated in the slots. The team thus preferred to reward NFT ownership, leaving more freedom for the player to customize the Pookyball.

Like Pookballs, Stickers also have different raritiesattributes, and a maximum level they can reach. Stickers are distributed by public sale (the first starter packs are already sold out) and, with the new updates to the game, they can be combined, traded, and won in weekly competitions.

New tokenomics

Pooky’s utility token is $POK, an ERC-20 on Polygon with no capitalization, which can be used exclusively within the game, for example, to recover Pookyball pressure before the weekly refill. The $POK cannot be traded or sold, but only used for in-game progress.

In the second phase of game development, a switch to a capitalized token with a limited supply is planned. However, the team as of now reserves the right to use an already established token such as MATIC or ETH, i.e., a stablecoin.

Ascension and Pookyball Mythic

As anticipated, the maximum rarity of a Pookyball is mythic, but it will not be possible to mine NFTs of this rarity. To obtain them, players will have to pair (or ascend) two legendary NFTs of maximum level. Ascension will be the next highly anticipated update to the game, which will allow two Pookyballs of equal rarity and maximum level to be paired together to obtain a ball of higher rarity. Ascension will have a variable cost in MATIC based on many factors.

And much more…

In the future, Pooky users will have the ability to craft a whole range of items, from battery advances to store energy to cards useful in the game. Badges to celebrate particular achievements, cups to reward a series of correct achievements, Pookyball leases, and private leagues to compete with friends are just a few of the many other new features Pooky has in store for its users. Not to mention the arrival of new sports to bet on, something that will exponentially expand the pool of possible future players.

Being among the first to enter a project, even and especially in the blockchain world, brings unquestionable advantages, especially when the project in question has a viable product and a solid development plan. It’s worth of following Pooky closely: soon we may find it at the top of the most-played play-to-earn charts.

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