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New features and crazy challenge on Pooky

By ifiwasfrank | In the mood for crypto | 16 Nov 2023

After introducing the blockchain game dedicated to zero-risk sports betting in a previous article, we are back to talking about Pooky and it’s new fresh features.

Brief recap

Pooky, a play-to-earn recently launched on blockchain Polygon, allows its users to bet on the results of matches from major international soccer leagues and tournaments and win rewards in NFT and cryptocurrencies. Anyone can sign up and receive a free Pookyball Basic (Rooky), which is necessary to start betting.

You get points not only in case of an exact score, but also by guessing the winning team or the number of goals scored (under/over 2.5). The attributes of the ball will influence the score obtained on the day, thus the overall ranking. The higher you climb in the standings, the more likely you are to receive rewards in MATIC, POK (non-capitalized in-game currency), and, in the future, game assets. Points earned over the weeks of play allow the Pookyball to level up and improve its attributes.

Users who intend to invest in the game have the opportunity, through the internal marketplace or secondary ones (such as Opensea), to purchase Pookyballs of different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary), with higher stats and advancement possibilities than Rooky, and participate in tournaments in Pro mode. Pookyballs from Common upwards can be equipped with Stickers, NFTs that can customize and enhance ball statistics.

For an in-depth discussion of gameplay, rewards, and tokenomics, I refer you to my previous article on Pooky.

New features

The team keeps working to expand and improve the game experience for users, and the newly released features are proof of that. After the introduction of Stickers, two new features were recently introduced: ascension and the ability to reallocate points related to Pookyball attributes.


Are you not satisfied with the initial distribution of your Pookyball’s attributes? Have you decided to change strategy, and to do so you would need, for example, to reinforce the bonus given to away wins? Here is the feature you have been waiting for. Starting today, by paying a variable amount of MATIC, you will be able to redistribute the variable attributes assigned initially and by the user with level-ups to your Pookyballs.

This feature is not available for Rookies, only from rarity Common and up. The cost of the operation is variable and is conditioned by the rarity and level reached by the Pookyball. Find the detail in the mirror shown.


Perhaps the most anticipated feature for Pooky players. Finally, from today it’s possible to merge two Pookyballs of the same rarity, fusing them into one of a higher level. With ascension, we will see the appearance of the first Mythic balls, which cannot be mined and can only be obtained by merging two Legendary ones. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to further customize their game strategy and maximize rewards.

Having an ascended Pookyball grants a competitive advantage during the game weeks (rarer balls have more attributes and can reach a higher maximum level) as well as granting access to new upgrades that can earn us more points and thus rewards. To perform the ascension will require:

  • Select two Pookyballs of the same rarity;

  • Choose whether to keep the appearance of the first selected ball or generate a new skin;

  • Define the assignment of new attributes;

  • Pay the associated fee in MATIC (details in the mirror below).

Beat Pooky and win $10,000

If you are a careful bettor, with a little luck you might succeed in the feat worth a stellar jackpot. Correctly predicting the results of all matches in a single day is not easy, but not impossible. On the other hand, it costs nothing to try with Pooky.

To participate in the Beat Pooky Challenge you simply have to bet on Pro Leagues games as you do weekly. The first person to correctly predict all the scores from a day’s games wins the $10,000 prize pool! If multiple players reach the goal on the same day, the prize pool is divided equally among the winners.

If free leagues are starting to get to you and you were already thinking about buying a Pookyball to move up to the PRO level, this challenge may be just the right incentive. Find the full rules and more information on the Pooky blog.


Sign up for Pooky and start playing now!


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