Week 21 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 8 Jan 2022

A productive week. I added a mini journey section to this weekly update, the BFG I get now is insanity for the time being, and EC is still far gone. Let's welcome Pipeflare to the team and bid our goodbyes to SHIB, may you burn down. 

This is the week 21 update with the stats from 05-01-2022.

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Week 21 crypto earnings:
Crypto in USD: ~$20.55


Crypto breakdown:

I decided to sell my SHIB for BTC, and now I'm rid of 1 more currency (which I didn't really like to begin with, so it's a win-win for me). Speaking of Bitcoin, it's 'crashing' hard, at least compared to the all-time high we just experienced a few months ago. I don't mind this however, in fact, now is the time to get to work. Accumulating while the rates are down is one of the best things I feel I can do for the portfolio right now, and seeing how my portfolio's value has been dropping week after week, I'm glad I can finally do something about it big time. Of course, I don't expect this BTC price to last forever, in fact, this is a common phenomenon throughout the existence of Bitcoin. What goes up must come down and vice versa, as they say. The thing is, the BTC rate takes the majority of other coins down as well so I'm sure the total of the portfolio will be far below the floor level for some time now. This is not a cause for worry or panic, this is an opportunity to grow significantly (at least when we're speaking from the level of faucets) and while higher rates look nice and shiny on the portfolio total dollar value, what matters is the quantity of coins. Measuring the in-token value is much more beneficial to my psyche in times of low $ value. Betfury did make up for the prices of the boxes soon enough, getting 200+ tokens in a week isn't so bad considering the effort I exert towards the platform is minimal. Out of last week's goals, I made it with 1/3 officially which doesn't seem so great, but DUTCHY was only 1000 away, and BTC less than 5000 satoshis. 

Further thoughts on BTC: Don't be worried, and don't sell low because most likely you will regret it in a few months. Things are only as valuable as they are perceived to be, and therefore, in my mind, there won't be a day of BTC being worthless as long as there's a community behind it supporting it. When BTC is low, mining will become more popular, driving the BTC price up. When BTC is high, mining will quiet down, driving the price down. 


This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $3.47
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.068
  • Challenge.gives: $0.811
  • Earnapp: $1.42
  • Usercrowd: $0.20
Non-crypto = ~$5.96


Week 21 total earnings: ~$26.51


Crypto Idle Miner update: I moved from Diamond league, div. 32 to div. 29. My current HORA balance is around 12000. 

Rollercoin update: I'm playing a few games a day, trying to finish at least one of the daily games to give me some XP towards the season pass. The current price for me is this:


ExpressCrypto update: Still unavailable, though they did add a small update on the situation on the 4th, which gives me yet another reason to believe what's going on is just maintenance.

Mini journeys

As I mentioned in last week's post, I started using Biswap mainly as an experiment on smart contracts, farms, etc. to familiarize myself with the whole concept. However, I really enjoy making these weekly updates so far, and since EC's situation is still unresolved, I decided to look for new things in the meantime and chose to create a separate section for 2 mini journeys. For now, I won't be adding these tokens in the crypto section above, but I'll add them to the total still (portfolio allocation and the % at the end).

Biswap - Week 1 (start date 30-12-2021)


+0.0819 BSW (the $ value dropped I know, but it'll go up at some point again)

Pipeflare - Week 0 (start date 05-01-2022)

I've heard about Pipeflare for a long time now but never had an account there prior to this. Since this is my first time bringing the site up, I might as well do a small intro... Pipeflare is a faucet-like website where ZEC, MATIC, and their own token 1FLR can be claimed every day + there's a daily streak bonus. What makes Pipeflare special is its Play-to-earn section where everyone can find 1FLR token drops, and the games are actually really fun to play as well. Out of their games, I like Space Shooter, Stack Breaker and BeatBox the best, and I'm pretty good at them already (making the leaderboards should be an easy feat). Staking can be done from 500 1FLR (~$0.44 USD), and you automatically enroll in their airdrops once you meet their conditions.

The reason why I started looking into Pipeflare is because of MATIC to be fully honest. The mobile game I started on last month, Crazy Defense Heroes, requires MATIC as a gas fee for claiming their $TOWER tokens daily (which will be paid to players' accs after a few weeks, I'm yet to receive last month's amount so that's why it's not listed anywhere yet). I got some MATIC (around 0.5) last month since they're switching from Ethereum network to Polygon, and they airdropped a tiny fraction to the new players to cover the month's fees until some morons decided to abuse the devs' kindness and claim crazy amounts of MATIC by creating multiple accounts. Now, since my MATIC is about to run out, I'm preparing in advance by collecting a small amount before I need to buy MATIC, and Pipeflare seemed handy to me for this purpose. I found out it's much more than that, and I really like the platform. Back to Pipeflare...

I'm starting from 0, but these are the stats after the first day:

0 ⟹ 0.00001048 (+0.00001048)

0 ⟹ 0.00058806 (+0.00058806)

0 ⟹ 151.79 (+151.79)

I'll be adding the weekly stats from here on, tracking daily stats is too much of a hassle for me. 

CMC for the week 21 crypto (doesn't include TXT or DUTCHY)


As well as the portfolio allocation


Hey, the BTC share went below 90%, that's pretty nice!

The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Earn 0.00035000 BTC
  • Reach 85 SPACE total
  • Reach 55 DOGE total


The long-term goals I have:
  • Reach 0.20 BTC (for $1.25 daily staking reward)
  • Reach 1 LTC
  • Reach 100 SPACE (for 100% APY) - 20 SPACE TO GO!
  • Reach 100 mil DUTCHY (for 25% APY)
  • Reach 2500 FUN (for some extra rewards on Freebitco.in)
  • Reach 2100 BFG (for $0.10 daily reward)


  • Reach 4600 RDD (for 2 RDD daily reward) - ON HOLD FOR NOW
  • Reach 5215 TRX (for 1 TRX daily reward) - ON HOLD FOR NOW


Progress to 10 000$:


14% reached


With $25 a week, reaching $10k from here would take:
343 weeks or 6 years and 31 weeks

Some time ago I made a post listing all the current websites I use, which is updated to always reflect the current situation. If you're curious, you can check them out HERE! 

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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Dimes, Dollars & Dreams

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