DeFi Monthly Recap - November 2020

DeFi Monthly Recap - November 2020

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 1 Dec 2020

November 1 

✔️ Second Uniswap Proposal Also Fails to Reach Minimum Vote Threshold (Source)

November 2

✔️ Lightning Labs Launches Bitcoin Yield Feature (Source)
✔️ Dharma Allows Users to Trade on Uniswap Via Bank Account (Source)
✔️ DEX Monthly Volume Slows Down for the First Time Since April (Source)

November 3

✔️ Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research Invests $3M in Trading Platform (Source)
✔️ UMA to Launch Developer Mining Incentives (Source)

November 4

✔️ Decentralized Oracle Platform Razor Network Raises $3.7 million from Alameda Research and Others (Source)
✔️ $6.5 Million Staked as ETH 2.0 Deposit Contract Goes Live (Source)

November 5

✔️ 1inch Launches New Version of DEX (Source)
✔️ Aave and NFT Collectible Project Axie Infinity Partner in Promotional Campaign (Source)
✔️ Vitalik Deposits 3200 ETH into ETH 2.0 Staking Contract (Source)
✔️ Bug in Compound Finance Fork PercentFinance Leads to $1M Locked (Source)
✔️ Switcheo Network Raises $1.2 million in Strategic Investment Led by DeFiance Capital (Source)

November 10

✔️ Pantera Capital and Alameda Research Make Investments in Balancer (Source)

November 11

✔️ Aave V2 Hits Public Testnet (Source)

November 12

✔️ UNI Farming Won't Be Extended, Incentives End in 4 days (Source)
✔️ DeFi Protocol Akropolis Loses $2M in Flash Loan Attack (Source)
✔️ Ethereum 2.0 Deposits Now at 11% of Required Staking Amount, Deadline in 2 Weeks (Source)

November 14

✔️ DeFi Protocol Value Suffers $6M Flash Loan Attack (Source)

November 17

✔️ Vitalik Sheds Light On ETH 2.0 Development Focus, Benefits and Much More in AMA (Source)
✔️ Original Dollar (OUSD) Loses $7M Through Flash Loan Attack (Source)

November 18

✔️ Aave Introduces Two New Governance Proposals (Source)

November 19

✔️ Axie Infinity Raises $860K in Token Sale (Source)

November 21

✔️ $20M Stolen from DeFi Project Pickle Finance (Source)

November 22

✔️ Vitalik Digital Art Sells for $141K (Source)

November 23

✔️ Ethereum 2.0 Meets Staking Requirement, Launch Set for Dec. 1 (Source)

November 24

✔️ Chainlink CEO Expects Flash Attacks to Ramp Up (Source)
✔️ P2P Insurance Network Cover Protocol Executes Claim for Pickle Finance Hack (Source)

November 25 

✔️ Loopring Releases Its Long-Awaited Wallet for DeFi (Source)

November 26

✔️Yearn & Cream v2 merger (Source)

November 28

✔️ Yearn Finance and Cover Protocol Will "Work as One" Following Merger (Source)


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