Why don't you STAKE your VeChain (VET) coins for 10.2 % yearly return

Why don't you STAKE your VeChain (VET) coins for 10.2 % yearly return

I want you to know about few things that I found it lately and it is very impressing return it has . 
You can stake your VET coins at 10.2% Annual return . Amazing return. Why do you stake it for 3-5 % return instead of you can make 10.2 %  annually.

I will try to explain to you how you can do it .

First of all  you have to register yourself with BITRUE exchange at www.bitrue.com   and it is very easy simple . It is Singapore base exchange and  very safe . Anybody living in Asia and specially Singapore knows that Singapore Government is very careful with exchanges and BITRUE is very few ones can get a licence from the government in Singapore . 

Anyway after registration you can deposit your VET to VET account from another wallet . 


After you deposit your VET you can see it under Assets section. Then go to POWER PIGGY (STAKING) section .

You will see this page .


Then select your staking option from the list . Click details of any selected ones . If it is sold out then you have to wait until they  releases  more opening , it may take up to 12 hours waiting depending of your time .


Then enter how much you want to stake enter  and click Join. Rewards given daily and anytime you can retake your holdings and transfer to your wallet . Try different options to raise the interest rate and decide . 

It is very easy and great way to earn extra , until i found this side i was getting about 1.3 % with BINANCE Staking but now  i am up to 10.2 percent and no locking period too anytime you can unstake   and get your holdings back , 

Hope it will help . 

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CryptoCoin Predictions Series Short Term

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