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VeChain Prediction price

10 Mar 2019 CEDCryptoCoin $0.04 (21.7086 HYDRO)

VeChain pump ?   I would like to offer an interesting option. as I see it for the appreciation of my finances Vechain - will now have a pump in the near days Long time consolidation and waiting to break 130 sats resistence.Targets : 140 , 150 , 160 s...

SAFE HAVEN is listed on Oceanex! This is big!!!

18 Dec 2018 Ayobami99 $1.08 (635.1909 HYDRO)

Wow! Safe Haven Nailed It I couldn’t believe my eyes that a project which I wrote an article for barely nine months ago when it was launch is making waves today. I know it must have been some nine long months for a startup witnessing the 2018 bearish...

OceanEx will be one of the best new Crypto exchanges!

2 weeks ago CryptoFallen $0.03 (18.3796 HYDRO)

When I'm telling you they will be big like Binance as the CEO of OceanEx was the Advisor of Binance & Vechain, I mean it, upto you, if you want to use my referral or not, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Plair’s got Talent Part 2

7 Mar 2019 CryptoFallen $0.04 (24.2162 HYDRO)

I’ve completed my Plairs got Talent Part 2, anyone else done theres? 😊 if you can smash them likes in twitter, it’d be greatly appreciated!

Vechain Power

10 Feb 2019 CryptoFallen $0.03 (15.9430 HYDRO)

One of my favourite projects going around atm is Vechain, although the whole crypto space is going through a bear market at the moment it is great to see that Vechain is consistanly tackling many issues within supplychain management. On top of that,...

My reason to invest in VeChain (VET)

6 Feb 2019 Claudio $0.19 (110.6459 HYDRO)

Hey :) I bought today 150k VET and i want to explain why. Maybe someone will do own research after reading this.   VeChain exist since 2015 and the vision is to build a blockchain based secure markets for informations and products. It‘s based on the...

OceanEx Round Table, OCE given for constructive suggestions!

3 weeks ago CryptoFallen $0.02 (14.4291 HYDRO) Join us in the OceanEx telegram: for your input and let’s think of a strategy!