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Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency and technological platform created by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum, in 2015. It is a decentralized platform that will be capable of running financial applications currently being used by everyday individuals and businesses. It was designed to tackle the problem of scaling that Ethereum currently faces.

The key feature of Cardano is the sheer amount of due diligence and care that goes into building the project considering that it is watched over by 3 organizations: The Cardano Foundation, the non-profit regulated entity; IOHK, a research and development firm created by Hoskinson to build financial services using blockchain; and Emurgo, a Japanese company that develops and incubates commercial ventures who want to revolutionize their industry using blockchain.

Cardano is also described as an evolution of blockchain into the third generation. The first generation blockchain was Bitcoin, allowing the secure and direct transfer of value between two parties. The second was Ethereum, allowing smart contracts to be run on top of the blockchain. However, these two generations presented many problems such as scalability and sustainability. Cardano is a third generation blockchain that intends to solve the problems of scalability, interoperability and sustainability.

ADA is the cryptocurrency behind the entire Cardano project and is the unit of transfer on the network. The entire project is special because it is built on scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research thus creating High Assurance Code - a higher quality of code compared with non-peer-reviewed code. The Cardano team do not follow a roadmap, instead they follow a set of principles and philosophies that everybody must adhere to. This may create high confidence code, however, this also creates an issue of very long development periods.

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What surprise does CARDANO prepare us for the next few days?

6 minutes ago 1 minute read 0 comments Castillo12

ADA  On February 3, cardano forked and successfully integrated Mary's update into the testnet, transforming the blockchain into an Ethereum-like multi-set network. This event appears to be one of the reasons for ADA's impressive 475% year-to-date...

Inevitable World Summit! Get Your Tickets Now!

2 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments R23

I wanted to let everyone here know about this speaker series that is coming up this weekend! Here is a bit about what is happening at the Inevitable World Summit! Website Description: The largest mashup of leading decentralized technologists with a...

How will the correction in Bitcoin affect Altcoins?

5 hours ago 3 minute read 0 comments jaseen

The anticipated correction after Bitcoin's steep rises for months came with a tough selling pressure. Whether this move of Bitcoin is a sharp correction after the sharp rises or the uptrend is replaced by a downtrend, it is watched with unease among...

Cardano (ADA) price shows strength above 100-Simple Moving Average

7 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments AshkyKharoo

The recent Bitcoin price pull-down has impacted many altcoins erasing multi-Billion of gains from the market. Most of the altcoins broke their key-support levels except ADA.Cardano (ADA) declined to as low as $0.81 but quickly recovered to successful...

Is it the right time to buy Bitcoin?

23 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptofab

Bitcoin correction was expected. It is a healthy correction. If it had happened later, it would have been worse. Now that the correction has happened, most of the investors have taken long positions again. The next bull run might start in a few days...

ETH Fees Too High and Lookin' for an Alternative? Make Sure You Know These Things!

23 Feb 2021 11 minute read 1 comment Michael @ CryptoEQ

Yes, ETH fees are pricing out many users. And far be it from some person on the internet to tell you which blockchain to use BUT it is always important to know the trade-offs involved. So here are a few "ETH killers" and some of the downsides to thei...

Cardano (ADA) Drops At $0.30 Now What Next ???

23 Feb 2021 1 minute read 1 comment moon333

  Click here to create an account on Binance, the best place to buy or sell ADA   For exact buy and sell targets for this trade, and other harmonic trading signals you can join:  //////////////////////////////////////...

Gene Simmons is a Cardano FOOL - for all the wrong reasons! THINK SATS baby Sats!! Stock splits don't make a good stock...

22 Feb 2021 3 minute read 12 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey members of the crypto army - we love ya!  Thanks for changing the world one fiat fleeing coin at a time!! We love Gene and Ace Freely et al always !  KISS targeted our inner 13 year olds forever.  We tore a stomach muscle laughing so hard at live...

Cardano, and why staking is better than you at first might think

22 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Hotline

Cardano (ADA) is a so called third generation crypto, which currently is on the rise. Just like with every other coin, it's value increased heavily in the past months. For every big question in the field currently, they have a solution planned. The b...

Project Catalyst Fund3 Proposal - Aregato - ADA ebook marketplace - Reviews

22 Feb 2021 10 minute read 1 comment Cryptotexty

Fund3 of Project Catalyst is moving to the voting phase (currently there is voter registration, if you have 3000 ADA or more - you can register and vote for proposals). This idea of the creation of the alternative to Amazon Kindle is my long-term ide...