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Your future landlord is buying crypto

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 11 Aug 2022

As the digital age takes off, so too does the interest in digital currencies and their potential use cases. From mobile money to bitcoin trading, digital currencies are becoming a staple of everyday life. In fact, according to news, 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrencies. That’s a fast growth rate for a digital currency that’s still relatively new. But cryptocurrency is about to become mainstream — just wait and see how crypto becomes an integral part of people’s everyday lives. And your future landlord is hoarding them.


Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise.

In the year 2020, the number of people who used cryptocurrencies grew by a staggering 36 percent, to a total of 2.3 billion people. This growth is largely attributed to a number of important events, including the advent of new coins and the growth of online trading platforms.


Decentralized platforms are the future.

The decentralized, or distributed, platform model is ideal for solving real-time problems. For example, blockchain technology uses a decentralized, or distributed, model to achieve its main goals. Iron gate, a platform developed by venture capitalists aiming to disrupt the online trading ecosystem, is one of the most notable examples of a decentralized platform.


Decentralized identity is becoming a thing of beauty.

As the popularity of digital currency rises, the need for decentralized, or distributed, identity theft protection is also apparent. Organizations are racing to implement decentralized identity systems, in an attempt to combat the growing number of potential attacks. More and more people are forming “decentralized” or “distributed” social media accounts, and using them for everything from shopping to trading. As more businesses adopt decentralized systems, the need for centralized solutions disappears almost entirely.


Secure and private digital identities are key for digital transformation.

Digital identities are becoming more valuable as more people access the internet on a daily basis. One of the most significant benefits of digital transformation is making digital accounts and identity management more secure. According to a report, people are more likely to use a digital account if it’s associated with a trusted third party. Plus, digital identities are often tied to an individual’s work or personal history, making them easy to trace.


Mainstream adoption of crypto

It’s easy to get comfortable with the idea of using digital currencies as a store of value. You know what values are supported, and you know how to spend the money. In addition, digital currencies are often payment methods that accept American dollars as the payment source. But many people still haven’t thoroughly adjusted to using digital currencies as a store of value.



Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise. The number of people who use cryptocurrencies grows daily, and the amount of money left in all of them grows with them. This growth is due to several important events, including the advent of new cryptocurrencies and the growth of online trading platforms. Most importantly, cryptocurrency users are moving away from paper wallets to digital currencies. Now, more than ever, businesses must adopt digital credentials and digital identities. These should be done to establish a proven track record of quality service delivery, and provide customers with peace of mind when funding their goals. With the rise of decentralized digital identities, the need for centralized credentials is eliminated. As a result, the number of potential threats is greatly reduced, and the potential for security and misuse of digital credentials is greatly reduced.


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