Thoughts about VC and PleasrDAO x BitDAO

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 6 May 2022


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BIP-8: PleasrDAO x BitDAO proposal is passed without a doubt! 🙌



As BitDAO holds one of the largest treasury in the DAO space with approximately $2B, why choose PleasrDAO but not others?


Before exploring this question, let me share some background information about PleasrDAO.


🤔 What is PleasrDAO


PleasrDAO's primary focus is on NFT collections and art collections. It is a DAO built from holding collectibles and building a community around such a mission. Well-known collectibles include the original piece of the Doge meme.



🤔 What is Venture Capital (VC) and How Does it Work


It is a way to invest in private equity without fully committing to one. So instead of owning one private equity company, you have a basket of many. Similar to ETF or Exchange-Traded Fund but in an early stage of the company growth phase.


That being said, the way to invest through VC is totally different from than regular investment strategy. 


When you buy stocks and hold them until one day, they will go up 📈. This strategy is not working in VC! Since the stock market is a mature stage of the company, there is more information for people to gather and learn from. 


From VC’s perspective, you are not betting 🎲 against the odds of winning the future.


The money you invest is not just for seeking higher returns but to help the company to grow and support its way to success as working capital. 🤝


VC buys an idea and nurtures 🌱 it for a short period. 


VC has to make sure their investment is:


1️⃣ sufficient returns to attract private equity funds

2️⃣ attractive returns to own participants

3️⃣ sufficient upside potential to validate a high-quality idea can generate high returns


A very risky investment both to beat the odds of business success and beat the market simultaneously! ✌️


To become a good VC investor, you need to be in the right 🏹 industry at a suitable timing ⏳ on the market. 


🤔 Crypto VC


Crypto VC is similar to traditional VC, except they invested in crypto relative companies or organizations. It is riskier because you will consider a layer of crypto, which is a speculative native asset.




new form of VC hybrid with the community has been introduced in the space. Combined with community-driven ideas, it supports the VC team in making a better investment judgment. 


The question is will the community drive the VC? 


🤔 Community-driven VC or VC-driven Community


Jon Allen from Mirana Ventures mentioned in his article that because of the nature of VC that legal requirements to prevent information sharing in a public forum during a deal negotiation. 


Because of the nature of VC, timing to entry is a crucial factor for the VC team to make viable decisions. 


Of course, such action does not neglect the community but helps the community grow stronger. After all, we all work toward the same goal to grow BitDAO and make every bit count 🥳.


🤔 Why PleasrDAO then?


The team from BitDAO has highlighted information about such a proposal here.


More importantly, it is a collective effort to make such a partnership work, and the community votes to pass the proposal.


Of course, this is just my opinion 😬.




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