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By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 30 Apr 2022


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Another curated list for today 😉. Crypto has been a trend since 2009, the creation of Bitcoin. It was about a getting rich quick scheme, but it slowly becomes a way to build your communities. Am I right 😅? Or are we still chasing the money 💸?


✍️ Today’s topic is Crypto-enabled Communities


Let’s start from a16z. 


NFT Community

“Fantasy Hollywood” — Crypto and Community-Owned Characters | by Cuy Sheffield   


Building a community is like a game. The game's currency is the “character” designed inside of the game. It used to be a closed-loop world without a community interaction. However, DAO and NFT break the loop and make it open to everyone. Those characters can be incentivized through NFT or tokenomic. The community can also create their character IP with stories around them.


The article highlights the lower costs barriers to build such communities but remains questions about how governance can carry out without questionable results. 


It is an excellent read 👍!


The Idea of Crypto Community in General


Here is a general overview of how crypto turns companies into communities.


Crypto Turns Companies Into Communities | by Nick Hotz


What if companies decentralized? Companies become community-owned rather than owned by a few. It is decentralized capitalism - community-owned capitalism. 



DIY Your Crypto Community


Crypto Community Building Tips & Strategies | by Jeffrey Maganis


Here is a road map on how you can put together a crypto community. In addition, there are some very tips and tricks to manage communities through Discord and Telegram.


The golden thumb is to choose a safe place with good community management strategies.



Communities’ Banking


Bitcoin Banking for Communities: Lessons Learned from Bitcoin Beach | by Andrew


The idea of community banking is to support the local community differently. I hope this movement is to benefit society without creating a cult 😂. 


The Dark Side 


The Crypto Community Is a Mess | by Alex Klos


A war of clowns 🎪? One side views crypto as useless and evil. The other side views crypto as hope and replacement. Which sides do you pick?


But why do you need to pick a side? Pick what is best to fit your lifestyle 🙏. 



Academic Thoughts


Value drivers of blockchain technology: A case study of blockchain-enabled online community | by Yujie Zheng and WaiFong Boh


The paper found a positive value for a community in adopting blockchain, but there are also challenges. Mainly due to scaling the community, everything can go wrong from here 😬. 



Blockchain for smart communities: Applications, challenges and opportunities | by Shubhani Aggarwal, Rajat Chaudhary, Gagangeet Singh Aujla, Neeraj Kumar, Kim-Kwang, Raymond Choo, Albert Y. Zomaya


This paper shows a possible blockchain community that runs similar to nodes like Bitcoin as a potential future application for crypto to implement in society.



Constructing Trustworthy and Safe Communities on a Blockchain-Enabled Social Credits System | by Ronghua Xu, Xuheng Lin, Qi Dong, Yu Chen


BLESS, or Blockchain-Enabled Social Credit System, is on the rise. It is an answer to a surveillance state which uses Artificial Intelligence to control people. It is a system to promote trust rather than monitor trust.



Creator Economy


Creators, Communities, and Crypto | by Fred Ehrsam


Advertising is a lubricated business for few. But crypto can do such advertising business to serve everyone who wants to become a creator. 


This conversation is very inspirational 🙌. 




The Future Of Loyalty Marketing Is Crypto Enabled | by Anjali Kapoor


Another excellent idea about Decentralized Marketing is to help creators to promote everything they created. 



Ownership Economy


The Ownership Economy: Crypto & The Next Frontier of Consumer Software | by Jesse Walden


The article points out that the protocol innovation disrupts the traditional way of the economy with centralized management into an open-ended platform economy 🚪.


Future of Work


Social Tokens and the Future of Work | by Bankless DAO


A social token movement will resolve problems companies traditionally created—a new way to foster trust.


Africa Movement


The most exciting applications of cryptocurrency & blockchain in the African context | by Emeka Ajene


It is exciting to see how other countries use blockchain technology. For example, Africa mainly focuses on blockchain payment infrastructure to build communities around the product 🏧.


Reddit is thinking



110 - The Internet Reset | Alexis Ohanian | by Bankless DAO


If you are still not convincing communities building through crypto, listen to what the Co-Founder of Reddit is trying to accomplish in Web3 😉. 


That is it for today!


Have you got new ideas about crypto? Wants your articles to include in the lists?


Let me know  and follow me 🙏 at xuanling11.

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