Learn Web3 in 100 Days - Day 11: Front-End Framework

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 18 Apr 2022

Let’s explore the Front-End Framework.


Table of Contents

What is a Front-End Framework

Framework vs. Library

Roadmap Again


React Roadmap

Web3 Roadmap

In Conclusion



What is a Front-End Framework


One of the coolest things about learning to code is that you do not need to learn everything! There is a magic product called framework that can save your time through a coding process. It is a package that someone has developed to help you to avoid repeating the trial and error process. When the project becomes more and more complex, there is a high likelihood that someone will make the same mistake in the code and others will spend more time discovering the same mistake again and again. The framework is a template to help coders to avoid repeating mistakes and a groundwork to develop your project without starting from scratch.


Framework vs. Library


You may hear about the library. The difference between a framework and a library is that a framework is a set of templates and a library is a toolbox for you to pick and choose. If the website is a house you try to build, the framework is a blueprint of the house and a library is features of the house such as doors and windows that you can pick and choose from.


Roadmap Again


Image Credit: https://roadmap.sh/frontend


Here is a more comprehensive list of front-end topics you need to learn if you really want to dig into front-end development. Despite there being many topics, you should focus on the big picture on how to structure the website rather than digging into details about the coding. Learning the relationship between each component link to each other is more important than coding them to work. Of course, eventually, you will make it work. But learning the relationship makes it easier to understand where things go wrong and how to fix them later. It is a debugging process that is more difficult than creating a code.






There are many front-end frameworks available in the market. However, there are few that are very popular. One of the popular frameworks is React.


Image Credit: https://www.monocubed.com/blog/best-front-end-frameworks/


React Roadmap


Image Credit: https://roadmap.sh/react


React framework is actually a JavaScript library! Its dual-ability reflects in many well-known applications including Netflix, Pinterest, Meta (Facebook), Reddit, and more. Mastering such a tool is a must!


Web3 Roadmap


There are many programming languages that are similar to JavaScript and React. Web3.js and Ethers.js are also JavaScript libraries that know React can skyrocket your understanding of Web3. 


In Conclusion

You now have a full picture of the front-end framework and Web3. It is time to learn more! 


Keep learning.


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