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This is my first post and i'm going to write about my favourite form of gymnastics, calisthenics.

First of all, we must mention what constitutes calisthenics. This form of gymnastics is based on bodyweighted exersices and aims at the comprehensive  and uniform training of the body as well as the ability to control most of its muscle groups. At advanced levels calisthenics exercises can also be performed with extra weight.

Furthermore, to do calisthenics there are no expensive equipment required since all you need is a pull-up bar and a pair of parallel bars which can be found at many public parks. You can work out even in your home using only the floor, a chair or a sofa! 

The most important thing in calisthenics is your self-concentration while performing the relevant exercises. This way you will be able to achieve the maximum results too.  

Except of the body benefits, calisthenics can help you in your social life by making new acquaintances which might be useful in improving your technique. And of course as the ancient Greeks used to say "mind is healthy when the body is healthy" calisthenics training is an excellent way to happiness and a mental well-being. 

Try in your free time this type of exercise and you won't regret it!



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