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What happened to EOS Blockchain?

16 Jun 2023 2 minute read 1 comment derwin25

  I want an analysis about the EOS cryptocurrency EOS is a blockchain-based decentralized operating system designed to support commercial-scale decentralized applications. Its goal is to provide developers with tools to build easy-to-use and efficien...

A truth that unites us and teaches us about Bitcoin.

20 Dec 2020 1 minute read 0 comments derwin25

  It is a fact that the growing demand and the financial crisis in the world has accelerated the adoption of Bitcoin in the world. Well, it has gained more than 170% in the price that it reflects today and in 2020, which has exceeded its old historic...

The best KYC free exchange for cryptocurrencies directly to your local currency from Latin America.

7 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment derwin25

  This year 2020 there have been quite a few unusual events, due to the current pandemic that to this day still plagues society. Under this premise, many people have had to adopt new measures to work remotely or seek to solve part of the monetary exp...

Cryptocurrencies distribute power and freedom for a fairer society in difficult times?

21 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments derwin25

     It is an unusual fact that as the crisis has progressed in the economic world, cryptoactive technology has proven to be a shield, or at least a refuge, to protect itself from the intrusive gaze and suffocating grip of government control and surv...

Blockchain games and social networks closer to massification.

19 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments derwin25

  In recent weeks, a significant increase has been seen as new users are joining more Blockchain games and social networks with the appearance of COVID-19. Which begs a question, were they created exactly for this type of global aggravation? With the...

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin and the Allcoins are projected into the future as our Economic wildcards?

17 Apr 2020 1 minute read 1 comment derwin25

     There is no doubt that when you have no other option or nothing to lose, you end up taking options that you simply do not know. And it is that while many people around the world criticized or distrusted Bitcoin and Allcoins, for being currencies...

Is It Possible to Make Money to Survive in Quarantine Times with Cryptocurrencies and their DAPPS?

17 Apr 2020 3 minute read 3 comments derwin25

     In such difficult times of quarantine, almost all in different social strata, specifically the lower and middle class, we have been forced to reinvent ourselves certain strategies to maintain our income and avoid falling into despair that is bro...

Frustration and Despair: Chinese Government Accelerates Its Blockchain Bet and Gain Ground in the World Economy.

16 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments derwin25

     It is not surprising that all the Events that have occurred in recent days regarding the economy, especially in Blockchain development, will have so much relevance in the weakened structure of society, plagued by the current pandemic that overwh...

Determination and giving our best leads us to overcome any political, social and economic crisis in the world.

20 Mar 2020 2 minute read 1 comment derwin25

Today Everyone is alarmed and shocked by the pandemic that is currently affecting us all equally, be they rich, poor, of any race and belief. The measures used by government entities to cut the roots of this new virus were quite severe, which brought...

Reasons why even the DAPP and the Cryptomonedas progress very slowly in the Society

24 Jan 2020 2 minute read 2 comments derwin25

  Although the adoption of cryptocurrencies is an almost unstoppable fact, it can be seen that this is going very slowly, this is reflected in the few users who use the Dapp created by block chains such as Ethereum, Tron, Eos , Neo, Waves among the m...