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The best KYC free exchange for cryptocurrencies directly to your local currency from Latin America.

7 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment derwin25

  This year 2020 there have been quite a few unusual events, due to the current pandemic that to this day still plagues society. Under this premise, many people have had to adopt new measures to work remotely or seek to solve part of the monetary exp...

Cryptocurrencies distribute power and freedom for a fairer society in difficult times?

21 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments derwin25

     It is an unusual fact that as the crisis has progressed in the economic world, cryptoactive technology has proven to be a shield, or at least a refuge, to protect itself from the intrusive gaze and suffocating grip of government control and surv...

Blockchain games and social networks closer to massification.

19 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments derwin25

  In recent weeks, a significant increase has been seen as new users are joining more Blockchain games and social networks with the appearance of COVID-19. Which begs a question, were they created exactly for this type of global aggravation? With the...

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin and the Allcoins are projected into the future as our Economic wildcards?

17 Apr 2020 1 minute read 1 comment derwin25

     There is no doubt that when you have no other option or nothing to lose, you end up taking options that you simply do not know. And it is that while many people around the world criticized or distrusted Bitcoin and Allcoins, for being currencies...

Is It Possible to Make Money to Survive in Quarantine Times with Cryptocurrencies and their DAPPS?

17 Apr 2020 3 minute read 3 comments derwin25

     In such difficult times of quarantine, almost all in different social strata, specifically the lower and middle class, we have been forced to reinvent ourselves certain strategies to maintain our income and avoid falling into despair that is bro...

Frustration and Despair: Chinese Government Accelerates Its Blockchain Bet and Gain Ground in the World Economy.

16 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments derwin25

     It is not surprising that all the Events that have occurred in recent days regarding the economy, especially in Blockchain development, will have so much relevance in the weakened structure of society, plagued by the current pandemic that overwh...

Determination and giving our best leads us to overcome any political, social and economic crisis in the world.

20 Mar 2020 2 minute read 1 comment derwin25

Today Everyone is alarmed and shocked by the pandemic that is currently affecting us all equally, be they rich, poor, of any race and belief. The measures used by government entities to cut the roots of this new virus were quite severe, which brought...

Reasons why even the DAPP and the Cryptomonedas progress very slowly in the Society

24 Jan 2020 2 minute read 2 comments derwin25

  Although the adoption of cryptocurrencies is an almost unstoppable fact, it can be seen that this is going very slowly, this is reflected in the few users who use the Dapp created by block chains such as Ethereum, Tron, Eos , Neo, Waves among the m...

Reasons why Prospectors is one of the BestDApp in the Blockchain today?

15 Dec 2019 2 minute read 5 comments derwin25

  Today there is a large number of Cryptocurrencies in an innovative struggle to determine which is the best in terms of Smart Contracts and Dapp of the moment. In my opinion All Dapp are of great importance for the development and maturity of these...

Bitcoin is increasingly winning the battle against the dollar, could we expect this confrontation to end?

14 Nov 2019 1 minute read 0 comments derwin25

  No doubt Bitcoin has fought a feros battle all these years against the traditional fiat system, but is it possible that the traditional conception of the financial system will have its days counted ?: The world undoubtedly every day is heading towa...


Cat Garden: New App to Earn Doge and Cat Coin!

1 Aug 2020 andy_mandy

02 August 2020
Greetings thanks for the contribution you have to try it and take a look. This game is somewhat similar to Merge cat where the player is rewarded with Soul coin it belongs to the ethereum blockchain, I recommend that app that is quite good and you can get a good reward for playing it.

Reasons why Prospectors is one of the BestDApp in the Blockchain today?

15 Dec 2019 derwin25

16 December 2019
greetings fellow thanks for participating in my post. Nothing to do with that kind of scam business. the only inconvenience that can be achieved in this dapp is the CPU problem that exists in the EOS chain, but for this a quick viable solution is to migrate to the WAX chain if the user does not want to wait until EOS solves the CPU problem , which is not something that has no solution at this time, there are still other dapp where you can rent enough CPU to perform any transaction. Prospectors is one of the most solid blockchain games today, of course, like all Dapp of any blockchain, there are details that must be solved, so every day they are updated to be the best of the best. For these next days I will also carry out a well-explained game guide and for its part how to make the necessary change to almost any local currency if the user requires it.

Reasons why Prospectors is one of the BestDApp in the Blockchain today?

15 Dec 2019 derwin25

15 December 2019
Greetings, Thanks to the entire Publish0x team for making and allowing everyone to participate in this type of contest that supports and provides the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about projects and information about this trend, which is becoming much more present in the world.

PubliQ: New Blockchain Social Platform that rewards its bloggers and social communicators for their contributions.

19 Oct 2019 derwin25

19 October 2019
I have tried it for 3 days and it is very good, it is very profitable to do blogger in it, it still needs to perfect some things, but every great project starts shortly.


18 Oct 2019 Crypto Beeporter!

18 October 2019
Excellent contribution, it is good to know about other projects that are interesting. | 1300 USD Prize Pool | Writing Contest

29 Sep 2019

30 September 2019
Very good initiative, these competitions help to start the adoption of cryptocurrencies in those who wish to participate in these new trends that are here to stay.

Are cryptocurrencies the best solution to send and receive money?

27 Aug 2019 derwin25

27 August 2019
Greetings friend, very good analysis to the Post. It is very true that when sending any cryptocurrency, it should generally be exchanged for another that has a lower commission rate to make the transfer of funds to local money easier, but it all depends on which cryptocurrency sends the money to receive. For my case I always use Dogecoin or Verge to carry out these transactions because the commissions are very low, I have relatives outside my country and they always send me money in these Crypto. In my locality send money via Western Union, paypal, payeer or any of these platforms the commission is almost always 3% to 5% and it is not said if it is sent by the traditional way by bank transfer. For example, if they send me $ 100 transferred by dogecoin, they only have to pay between 5 and 10 commission doges, which would be equivalent to approximately $ 0.0131, that is, they should send $ 100.0131 so that they would reach me $ 100 and to make the change to my currency Local usually where I do the conversion is 1% commission and I would have $ 99 left. This same formula applied to the amount Sent by any other shipping method, would leave me between 93 and 96 $ net of shipping. Of course it is not so much but I think that every dollar saved is much better than a dollar lost in fee. Of course the Cryptomonedas are still on trial and there is still a long way to go, but I believe that in adoption there is the key to having a full benefit of their maximum potential as a system to send and receive money anywhere.

What's going on? Bitcoin falls and now is in USD $ 9380

17 Jul 2019 derwin25

18 July 2019
Greetings colleague, thank you for devoting a bit of your time to read my post. I also think the same Bitcoin could fall a bit more before taking a big leap, it is something like a spring can shrink to the limits but it is always stretched even more when it is released, this is the market that offers so many opportunities as small and large investors

What's going on? Bitcoin falls and now is in USD $ 9380

17 Jul 2019 derwin25

18 July 2019
Greetings colleague, thank you for devoting a bit of your time to read my post. I also think the same Bitcoin could fall a bit more before taking a big leap, it is something like a spring can shrink to the limits but it is always stretched even more when it is released, this is the market that offers so many opportunities as small and large investors.

10 blockchain games that you did not know

2 Jul 2019 derwin25

18 July 2019
Greetings friend, thanks for participating in my post, Crypto Wars is highly recommended because you do not need to invest money to start playing it, It is quite dynamic and interactive with the tournaments they do.

Beyond the Enthusiasm and Panic of the crypto market

18 Jul 2019 derwin25

18 July 2019
Very true friend, in spite of the difficulties that arise in this market, we must continue with foot of lead always watching the future what will come. and as I said before, there are always unforeseen events, both good and bad, that break any paradigm that this, this is it.

Libra project is paralyzed until the regulators are satisfied.

17 Jul 2019 derwin25

17 July 2019
Greetings friend, from what I see in the current market, this project will have a great impact in the future. The fear that there is in the community that we do not know if it would agree so much that it saw light, it is not known for certain if it was the audience that did yesterday to pound but it affected the market and if we see it from that point, we can already observe the weight that will have this digital asset in the market.

Libra project is paralyzed until the regulators are satisfied.

17 Jul 2019 derwin25

17 July 2019
Greetings Colleagues, thank you for participating in my post. Libra I understand will be a stablecoin that will go hand in hand 1 to 1 with the dollar, If this project is really a serious project we will see it quoting in marketcap or some other similar website, if this digital asset is not quoted there if it is of concern this because it would become exactly like the failed project of the president of venezuela with his call "Petro" that his blockchain does not appear nor quotes anywhere. Of course this must be seen as it unfolds when it goes on the market, in my particular I will not invest money in it because I also think that there are better bets to invest and this is also the subject of privacy, if they have not been able to protect the data of user much less your money. But if it is very true that if facebook monetizes and proposes to future monetize your platform giving rewards for uploading content, it could become a very good way to earn money without the need to invest anything.

Find a paid job with Cryptocurrencies using Workingforbitcoins

12 Jul 2019 derwin25

12 July 2019
I think that little by little the system and how we generate income will be changing according to how these new trends are advancing.

Because and how I get to Holding CryptoMoney such as TRX, BTT, Kin, HOT and doge.

6 Jul 2019 derwin25

07 July 2019
Saludos amigo, muchas gracias por leer y ver mi articulo. Siempre que realizo cada publicación primero hago el borrador en español y luego lo paso al ingles, esta vez publique tarde antes de dormir y no me fije ese detalle siempre ingreso bastante tarde en las noches, muchas gracias por ayudarme a corregir ese errorsillo jejejeje

Rare cryptocoins that you should know exist.

25 Jun 2019 derwin25

26 June 2019
Greetings friends. There are many projects on cryptocurrencies that are very promising and have a lot of future potential and generate large revenues, but there will always be those enthusiasts who at least want to have a small place in the history of the blockchain. Certainly many of these projects with bizarre or quirky ideas will be forgotten but the people who invested some of their time in developing them will have the satisfaction that they made known at least one idea to contribute to this great community that we integrate all those who have hopes in a new decentralized world with great opportunities for all.

Dragon Castle: Beat The Dragon, Earn The Dividend

16 Jun 2019 egamersio

17 June 2019
Greetings good information, I like very much the games to the old battle school in turn. This new Rpg titles look very promising.

Introducing Enterprise Solution Team ($HYDRO)

17 Jun 2019 User__________

17 June 2019
Good contribution for the community of enthusiasts, projects like these show once again that this new financial technology encourages and includes anyone who wants to do their bit for a better future.

Why should we adopt Cryptomoney as daily use in our lives?

17 Jun 2019 derwin25

17 June 2019
I like that premise, Cryptocurrency is banking the unbanked, I totally agree with that friend.

Why should we adopt Cryptomoney as daily use in our lives?

17 Jun 2019 derwin25

17 June 2019
Greetings, this is a friend are great advantages that this new economy offers us, even though it is going slowly at some point without realizing we will be in a totally globalized economy thanks to the Cryptomonedas.

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