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What characterizes us as Crypto entrepreneurs at the beginning and what mistakes we should not make

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  We are characterized at first by that fever, which resembles when we are releasing something. Usually when we like something in one of the areas of our life, business, relationships or other, at the beginning it tends to generate expectation, and e...

Creator, Investor, Seller what ability I have to occupy in the crypto world

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You could say that there are three types of fundamental skills to generate true wealth and financial freedom. It is important to emphasize that all human beings are rich in the three skills that I am going to talk about, but there is always one that...

Great opportunities in our hands, I play on the team with Publish0x.

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The Crypto were born as a "liberation" to economic control imposed by the financial system to citizens and although it has suffered thousands of attacks, this instead of weakening has been strengthened and so far advances triumphantly despite the att...

Money is not everything "by looking a little more at the characteristics as the central axis of the cryptocurrencies

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Since the appearance of the bitocoin when that great recession occurred during the years 2008 to the present day, much firewood has been cut. Dozens of projects have been born and expired during this time. Some successful, others doomed to failure. S...

Blockchain and CryptoMoney, A variety of opportunities.

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  More than 20 years ago, when the internet made that great leap and became popular, the world was completely different from what it is now. At that time no one imagined that a company that sold books would become a great technological empire (Amazon...

Stages that we must take into account for A Crypto Entrepreneurship

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  More than exercising a profession or trade, a true entrepreneur is connected to what he does, does what he says, thinks what he says and takes care of what he thinks. These four characteristics are fundamental for anyone who wants to enter this new...

Really, what do we look for in the decentralization of cryptocurrencies?

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  Lately there have been some events in this crypt that lead us to reflect if we are here because we believe in the decentralization of the economy or just because we look for easy and fast money. Whether we adopt an idealist or a greedy position, bo...

Do we really believe in cryptocurrencies?

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  We must be completely convinced of what we are doing and in the world we are venturing into, believing is not about getting excited in the bullish times when everything is rosy and the outlook is up. Believe is the conviction that the crypto came t...

Let's Hunt Monsters game Blockchain in pure Pokémon Go style.

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  Tencent Games, is the developer of the popular PUBG Mobile, this time has created a really incredible game. It is an augmented reality title that combines blockchain technology. We're talking about Let's Hunt Monsters, a game that will definitely r...

Beyond the Enthusiasm and Panic of the crypto market

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  Two fundamental emotions move the market of cryptocurrencies: The enthusiasm that rises with every positive news and the panic that takes hold of investors when adverse rumors come. No matter the prognosis of the technical analysis, any unforeseen...