Is It Possible to Make Money to Survive in Quarantine Times with Cryptocurrencies and their DAPPS?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 17 Apr 2020


   In such difficult times of quarantine, almost all in different social strata, specifically the lower and middle class, we have been forced to reinvent ourselves certain strategies to maintain our income and avoid falling into despair that is brought by not having that fixed capital income that they generate. the physical jobs of today.

   Today, many people have chosen to investigate the applications or DAPPs of different blockchains, such as EOS, TRON and ETHEREUM, some have taken refuge in gaming DAPPS, social networks, gambling, among other categories, but always looking for a common goal, Generate income to cover expenses, whether daily or long-term. Earning extra money is a fundamental key to maintain our lifestyle.

   But a question arises that many people are still asking, is it possible to generate money through these possible options or are all these people just wasting their time?

   The answer is simply "YES" without a doubt you can Earn income with cryptocurrencies and their DAPPs in any category. This situation will be temporary, but it is essential to make decisions such as reviewing and cutting expenses as far as possible and very important not to lose sight of the opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer us today.

These are some options to be reviewed and make money online with cryptocurrencies and their dapps:


Affiliate systems




Affiliate or referral system works more or less similar on many sites. The idea is that you can earn money on the Internet by offering others a registration link that automatically makes you earn a percentage of commissions for that person's earnings.

This exchange is giving its users $ 5 for registration and verification of the KYC also you receive $ 2 for each referral you have and complete your KYC.

Likewise, binance has a referral system, it grants a certain percentage of commission for each transaction that their referrals make and of course they are verified.


Surfing the internet




- In this case I could recommend Brave Browser, a search engine that basically rewards you for browsing. Its system allows you to configure the browser's wallet to receive rewards with its Basic Attention Token (BAT). The more you use your Brave browser, the more opportunity you have to receive more BAT tokens in your wallet when Brave makes the monthly distribution of these to users who use their browser.

- Another very good option in this category is the PRESEARCH extension that is installed in your preferred browser and allows us to earn tokens (PRE) simply by using it as the default search engine.


Earn extra income for publishing content


   There are really good people in the world to craft and manifest their writing and visual content jobs, but even though there are many platforms to upload content and earn cryptocurrencies, many have yet to find the most profitable way to monetize their content. These are some options that are like a finger ring for those who like this way of earning extra money.


PublishOx, Steemit, Minds, Sapien, Karma, Murmur, Lumeos, Dtube.




Extra income through blockchain games


The video game industry and blockchain technology have been in the digital world for several years now to enter the crypto market, a fact that has become a great opportunity for all of us who are quarantined by the covid- 19. In this way, many people in the world would be earning money online while complying with quarantine or social distancing, recommended by the World Health Organization.

If you have a vocation for video games or just want to try a new horizon Test your skills with these games:


Prospectors - Eos Blockchain



Crypto Sword and Magic - Eos Blockchain



EOS Knights - Eos Blockchain



EOS Dynasty - Eos Blockchain



  Candy Pop Duel - Eos Blockchain  



CryptoKitties - Ethereum Blockchain



Chibi fighthers - Ethereum Blockchain



My crypto heroes - Ethereum Blockchain



"These are very good options that give excellent results to get money out of time and make the most of all this free time that each and every one of us has today, if even with these recommendations you want to continue looking for more options of your choice visit where You will find a wide repertoire of dapps that could be useful for you".

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