Reasons why even the DAPP and the Cryptomonedas progress very slowly in the Society

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 24 Jan 2020


Although the adoption of cryptocurrencies is an almost unstoppable fact, it can be seen that this is going very slowly, this is reflected in the few users who use the Dapp created by block chains such as Ethereum, Tron, Eos , Neo, Waves among the most prominent. Although a review is made to each of these applications when a lot of 4000 thousand active users is reached, which makes reference to the fact that this market is extremely young and becomes a bit cumbersome for many.

Not yet seen any Dapp that has a large number of active users, all this is also combined with many factors that are in the current population:

  • - Lack of good publicity for the user and information on the respective projects:

This is the main cause of not moving forward with rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that conferences are held on these topics, it is not even enough with this method, since most of this type of activities is carried out with a number Limited of participants to receive this information and also it is not something that is done very frequently and dynamically.

  • - Misinterpretation and distribution of information by participants in activities on cryptocurrencies:

I have heard in many cases about people who have participated in conferences and then make the attempt to explain what they learned in this activity to family, friends and acquaintances, and at the end of the day they do not capture well the information they received, where they later do a bit tedious and complicated to understand.

From this also derives another great problem that afflicts the great majority of society that is laziness! By not receiving the exact information that they should not try to make an effort to investigate and look a little more on the subject that they raised, but rather they box that information in the Vaul of memories.

  • - Greed, selfishness and bad persecution blind society:

When there is an individual who dominates a little the issue of how cryptocurrencies work and the possibilities offered by their respective Dapp, usually this remains anonymous and society rarely realizes that there is an individual who uses this new type of tools available today. Many wish to remain this way for fear of their own governments and imposed restrictions, but in many cases they are not. Human nature should be to share the information learned so that future generations can have access to better mechanisms that interact with the technological needs of modern society.

  • - What do I get, how do I earn money with this and how do I change it?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions asked by people who have no idea how these new alternatives are coming. When anyone prepares to do the charity of the day and decides to explain the operation of any dapp be game, exchange or some specific category to another individual, people do not see beyond how to earn money with these tools. As they refer to cryptocurrencies = Easy money, it is true that they are here to stay and offer new possibilities, but in the same way you have to work and invest both money and time to have good fruits on them, this places a wall for many, since They do not know their work specifically and want to have results from nothing.

That said, hopefully there is still a long way to go to really see what social changes the crypts and their blockchain projects will bring us. Even society must deepen what they really want for a future to come.


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