The best KYC free exchange for cryptocurrencies directly to your local currency from Latin America.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 7 Aug 2020


This year 2020 there have been quite a few unusual events, due to the current pandemic that to this day still plagues society. Under this premise, many people have had to adopt new measures to work remotely or seek to solve part of the monetary expenses that the social impact of COVID-19 has brought them day by day.

Knowing this, there are many options that have been presented to us as a society today to earn some money that allows us, to put it in words, to fill that monetary gap in our lives. One of these options with great possibilities are cryptocurrencies that are increasingly gaining more ground in the economic sphere.

The adoption of this technology is increasingly felt in the Latino community. Whether it is out of necessity, fashion or its simple usability, it has become the gold of our era. Furthermore, many are the users of this community who seek to obtain cryptocurrencies, but when they have them in their hands they do not know where to use them or there are no businesses that accept them directly, that is where they could change this "Digital Gold" to the fiduciary money of their country.


If you are part of the Latino Community this exchange can help you:


There is an exchange called Orinoco Exchange that can mainly benefit Users from countries such as: Mexico, Peru, Panama, Venezuela and USA.


It allows us to exchange cryptocurrencies like; NECTAR (which is typical of this platform and which also allows us to act as a wallet in dollars without any problem), STEEM, SBD, BTC, EOS, HBD, HIVE, also offers Cryptocurrency exchanges for fiat money such as; VES, PAB, USD, PEN, PUSD, MXN.

As a last update, it also offers balance recharge services to the following platforms; AMAZON, NETFLIX, ZELLE, GOOGLE, MOBILE PAYMENT.

It is intuitive to use and does not require cumbersome KYC, you just have to add your respective personal data to the platform to be able to carry out your respective transactions, their service is impeccable in less than 30 min you have carried out any operation. It also has customer service immediately by DISCORD, TELEGRAM, FACEBOOK. It is an excellent option for you Latin Companion that today you have been so affected by all the events that overwhelm us.

If you want to renew your used Exchange or try Orinoco this is one of the best there is, Send and receive money from your relatives through this platform. This contribution is for those Latin Brothers from the great PUBLISHOX community.
"Orinoco Transactions at the speed of the Colibri"





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