Cryptocurrencies distribute power and freedom for a fairer society in difficult times?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 21 Apr 2020


   It is an unusual fact that as the crisis has progressed in the economic world, cryptoactive technology has proven to be a shield, or at least a refuge, to protect itself from the intrusive gaze and suffocating grip of government control and surveillance systems. . In order to maintain the possibility of accessing foreign markets and healthier economies, and keeping hidden money transfers through cryptographic technologies.

   The primary objective has always been, and will continue to be, to be able to guarantee people access to goods and services in countries with failed economies and exchange controls. Cryptocurrencies have facilitated access to food and medicine anywhere in the world, as well as has served as remittances to family members in all parts of the world. Its ease of sending monetary transactions have served to finance different humanitarian causes after the financial decline that is experienced today in different social fields.

   It is undeniable that any financial system, no matter how consolidated it is, is always going to experience changes over the years, mainly because there are always certain critical situations that can make the economy turn 180 degrees quickly. The crypto assets are increasingly taking the role that corresponds to them almost than by right, although at the beginning the society did not trust much in its use, those views have changed with the passing of time and even more with the need to face the possible crises as a safe medium for all alike.

In this way and seen from this perspective, cryptoactive technology has given us the possibility to exercise the freedom and power that society needs to acquire a will without mediation or restrictions when solving any current situation.



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