Determination and giving our best leads us to overcome any political, social and economic crisis in the world.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 20 Mar 2020

Today Everyone is alarmed and shocked by the pandemic that is currently affecting us all equally, be they rich, poor, of any race and belief.

The measures used by government entities to cut the roots of this new virus were quite severe, which brought about a quarantine throughout the planet. In the great nations Many people out of fear and uncertainty saw the need to make exaggerated and selfish purchases at the same time, without thinking about the others, this caused the scarcity of products. And therefore supermarkets with no merchandise to offer.

And what about the most vulnerable countries like Venezuela that was already submerged in a mega economic crisis, we will ask ourselves ?.

If it is very true that in Venezuela a large part of the population lives practically from day to day, those who do not work do not eat during the day, a stark and sad reality that cannot be hidden. So how is a Venezuelan doing with these days of quarantine if his rhythm of life is the order of the day?

Much of this population are still illiterate with respect to the new economic trends that present a lifesaver in this case, but nevertheless there are people who do the best they can and do their best to achieve a common goal for any Venezuelan the what it is to have to sustain oneself comfortably and help others even when their country falls apart.

This new pandemic of COVID-19 is added to the serious economic situation, thus generating a scenario of little hope for all.

What would be a viable option for anyone in this situation?, Many comment on how this situation is being solved if it is not working and for any Venezuelan the possibility of having had something saved to make some kind of last minute purchase is almost nil?

Well, as mentioned above, giving the best of each person is overcoming any crisis in the world, behind this great problem that afflicts us today, there is a great moral for everyone. Which indicates that we must have much more confidence in all the possibilities that emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies are offering us.

Even in spite of whatever condition the market is in, we can always count on stable and profitable income for situations like these and many others that may arise, even when much of the world is paralyzed and the stock markets fall due to the crisis, Those who have the knowledge about this new market can work and operate in peace from the comfort of their home.

It is not superfluous to say that with the overcoming of this scenario that was only observed in science fiction movies, the world wakes up to a new way of seeing the world economy, because with these events we have been able to observe the fragility of all the infrastructure they have all the nations of the world.

"Will, determination or simple strength alone will not help you overcome what you are fighting for. Never lose hope, Storms make people stronger and never last forever."



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