Morning JAVA Series Link Repository

Morning JAVA Series Link Repository

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Morning JAVA Series Link Repository


My new series, 'Morning JAVA' is officially live! This page is a link repository for all future posts.

Look for a link that reads, 'View All Morning JAVA Posts'.

Posts are categorized into monthly segments as shown below, so expect this page to grow as time rolls on. These Morning JAVA posts are meant to be enjoyed over a cup of coffee and should be relevant for reading long after they've been published.

Exact date of publishing for each post is also included for your convenience.


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May, 2024

We need a good laugh now and then!   May 6

FED holds rates , eases quantitative tightening   May 2


April, 2024

The Bitcoin Halving #4   April 14

Gold Hits Record $2,400 While Silver Over $29   April 12

Are university degrees worth it?   April 4

Gold skyrockets but look at oil too!   April 1


March, 2024

Gold does it again!   March 28

Port Of Baltimore bridge collapse just the beginning.   March 27

Cocoa futures hit record $10K.   March 26

Gold, S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit Fresh New Highs.   March 22

So I downloaded Bitcoin Core...   March 18

SpaceX successfully launches largest vehicle into orbital space.   March 15

Don Lemon's new 'X' show cancelled after disastrous Elon Musk interview   March 14

Heat pumps vs air conditioners   March 13

Gold smashes 8 records in 5 trading days!   March 8

Gold shatters records 4th day in a row   March 7

Gold breaks record three days in a row.  March 6.

Gold And Bitcoin Break Records.  March 5

The REPO market is winding down. Why you should care!   March 4

Nickel tanks while cocoa soars!   March 1


February, 2024

Happy Leap Year Day!  Feb. 29

Oops, I tipped over!  Feb. 28

Idiocracy makes you smarter.  Feb. 27

Coffee for longer life?  Feb. 26

Sunshine and Vitamin D   Feb. 23

The shortest Presidency ever!  Feb. 22

Cannabinoids - There are more than 100.   Feb. 21

$18 Hamburgers!     Feb. 19

Hiking with Kevin Nealon    Feb. 16

10% Property tax hikes    Feb. 15

A.I. My EYE!   Feb. 14

It's official. Bitcoin hits $50K!  Feb. 13, 2024 Inaugural post


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