Morning JAVA: Sunshine And Vitamin D

Morning JAVA: Sunshine And Vitamin D

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Sunshine And Vitamin D

Vitamin D Got Rid Of Rickets Disease!


Growing up as a teenager in the 80s, it was all the rage to slap on some lotion, lay on the beach or poolside and 'catch a tan'. Remember Coppertone? I think it's still around. Then came the 90s and the tone started to change. Skin cancers rose sharply. The blame was put squarely on too much sun and it was time to splash on a new sun blocking lotion, pleasantly called 'Sunscreen'.

Now, I don't disagree that too much sun is a bad idea. Just ask any seasoned farmer. You'll usually find them wearing long sleeve shirts and broad hats during mid-day if they're out in the fields. The sun can cause severe damage to our skin after prolonged exposure. Most of us have experienced a sunburn at one time or another and then lost a portion of the top of our epidermis. This is what covers our body. It is the largest organ. It protects us to a certain degree. Our clothing add an extra layer of protection.

However, avoiding sun altogether is not recommended either. Our bodies have the remarkable ability to transform sunlight into vitamin D by absorption through our skin. Before the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, few people knew about the connection between vitamin D and immune system health. Since then, more and more people are learning of vitamin D and sunshine's true benefits.

This is definitely no secret. Rickets, which causes weak, soft and fragile bones and stunted growth, was mostly eradicated in the 1940s after it was discovered those suffering from the disease, mostly infants 6 months to 3 years old, had severe vitamin D deficiencies. The introduction of fortified foods, especially milk, did the trick to get rid of the disease. Vitamin D has also shown to help with ostioporosis.

Growing up in Canada, I spend 7 months of every year indoors most of the time because of our seasonal winters. In my youth, I used to get sick often during these periods, like clockwork. I had terrible colds, flus and swollen throat. It was awful. That was then, this is now.

Since the pandemic hit, I learned of vitamin D's health benefits, especially D3. During the summer, I get plenty of sunlight but in winter, I've gotten into the habit of taking at least  one 1000 I.U. vitamin D3 pill, along with B12 (I'm getting old) and C. I've noticed that I don't get sick with colds near as often as I used to. Is it because my immune system is getting a boost from vitamin D?

I've also learned that vitamin K might help with the absorption of vitamin D into our bodies. I was happy to learn that because I love eating kale, broccoli and brussells sprouts which happen to be full of vitamin k. So, I guess eating a proper, healthy diet plays a big part in maintaining a strong immune system.

Harvard published an article in 2017, titled 'Study confirms vitamin D protects against colds and flus'. They suggest that a weekly or daily dose of vitamin D has greatest benefit for those with significant deficiency. The investigators in this study found that daily or weekly supplementation had greatest effect on those with blood levels below 10mg/dl, cutting their risk of respiratory infection by half. They also add that every participant in the study experienced beneficial effects.

Does this mean flu shots are unnecessary? You be the judge. All those shots over many decades still haven't cured anyone or prevented anyone from catching a cold or flu, which are respiratory infections. Taking even just one vitamin D pill a week has shown to ward off these infections. I suppose I'm living proof since I don't get sick so much anymore (knock on wood).

It's past mid-February now, the shortest but coldest month of the year in Canada. I'm indoors most of the time so I make sure to down a vitamin D3 pill with my lunch on an almost daily basis. Sometimes, I forget and sometimes I just feel well enough that I don't need it but I stick with the program. I've been exercising almost daily using my Nintendo Wii. Yes, I still use and it works great.

If you're stuck indoors most of the time, whether it's because of winter (or your job), a good exercise routine, healthy eating habits and vitamin D3 will help to ward off serious infection. I've placed links in the references section and I encourage you to study more on the subject of vitamin D and immune system health. We all want to feel good and better, right?


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