Morning JAVA: Cannabinoids - There Are More Than 100

Morning JAVA: Cannabinoids - There Are More Than 100

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Morning JAVA: Cannabidiols or CBD's...

More than 100 CBD's have been isolated from the cannabis plant!


Yesterday morning, I came across an article pertaining to a case study of a woman in the Toronto area suffering from multiple issues for several years, undergoing CBD therapy with amazing results. This poor woman was suffering so much, having taken all sorts of drugs and pills over the years. Instead of progressing, she got worse. Finally, as a last ditch effort, she was put on the CBD trial but before I go further on that, let's delve further into CBD's.

CBD's can be extracted from both the Cannabis (marijuana) plant and its close cousin, the Hemp plant. The most well known CBD, THC or tetrahydracannabinol, the substance that gives you that 'high' feeling, is extracted from the marijuana plant. Hemp on the other hand, has a very low concentration of THC, to the point where there's almost nothing there but the rest of the CBD's are there to extract.

The health benefits for CBD's are quickly mounting against any detrimental health effects. It has been hypothesized that THC and CBD may speed up the healing of wounds, including rashes and other skin issues. CBD oils applied topically to patients with epidermolysis bullosa, characterized by blistering,  sped up the healing process, decreased blistering and less pain overall. CBD's have been shown to have therapeutic effects treating psoriasis. CBD's also appear to help with pressure injuries and sleep disturbances.

Going back to this poor woman who underwent CBD treatment, she was 37 years old at the time treatment started. Before that, she suffered from multiminicore disease, scoliosis and epilepsy. 10 years prior, she had suffered a stroke and was left wheelchair bound and on a prescription that included gabapentin, zopiclone, progesterone, aspirin and vitamins, D, B2 and C. After leaning into her wheelchair for some 5 years, she also developed a pressure injury (PI) near her right rib cage. The constant pain would cause her to wake up several times throughout the night, severely affecting her sleep.

Upon starting the trial, she was given three different CBD's to be taken orally. Within just 2 weeks, rapid improvement was noted with reduced pain, swelling and redness in the PI. After 2 months, the PI injury had almost completely healed. The main reason she went on this treatment was to somehow alleviate the pain caused by the PI so she could get a good night's sleep. After the CDB treatment, she reported she was sleeping much better without the pain and anxiety.

Can you imagine? After years of painful suffering, she was almost completely cured of pain caused by the PI. I'm not saying she was cured by CBD's , yet the evidence sure points to that effect. She did try a new type of bandage at the same time she started the CBD trial but it's kind of obvious CBD's had something to do with it.

This case study seems to suggest medical cannabinoids or at least, certain cannabinoids can stimulate healing by decreasing pain, thereby allowing for a good night's sleep. When we sleep, our bodies recharge. If we're constantly waking up at night, it must surely affect us adversely. published an article last December suggesting that CBD's may be good for weight loss and they too mentioned that pain and anxiety could be alleviated as well as depression. MedicalNewsToday suggests there is evidence that CBD oil is good for the treatment of acne.

CBDs, for so long painted as pariahs are proving to be of great help to so many people with its health benefits, especially for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain. So far, any side effects appear to be minimal. Of course, always exercise caution when trying any new medication and follow directions and to please do your own research.

See the link in the references section to learn more about the case study from Toronto.


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